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The most important opinions are the ones that most people cannot see. They are blind to these opinions most commonly because they fear their implications, or are afraid to even peer down the path that leads to such dangerous ideas. Those whose opinions provoke no fear can boldly state them anywhere. Luckily for the important opinions, ANUS is a forum for banned and feared ideas.

Vijay Prozak ^

Oncology (1/31/10)
Intransigence (9/10/08)
The Small World (9/5/08)
Cheer the Fail (8/26/08)
Things That Are Burned, And Things That Are Living (7/21/08)
Face Value (7/13/08)
Forgiveness (4/27/08)
Gleeful (3/5/08)
Fantasy (1/25/08)
Society Blames Others For Its Illness (11/08/07)
Blackwater (10/6/07)
A History of Greatness (10/11/07)
The Big Silence (10/11/07)
Taken for Granted Finnish Flag Brazilian-Portuguese flag
Unreal (10/11/07)
The Shrug (10/11/07)
Pathological (10/11/07)
Pariah (10/11/07)
Bullfight (10/11/07)
Imprisonment (10/11/07)
To Reign in Hell Croatian Flag (10/11/06)
Depression Brazilian-Portuguese flag (9/1/06)
Arbitrary (9/1/06)
Act Croatian Flag Brazilian-Portuguese Flag (8/31/06)
Extremism Finnish Flag Croatian Flag Polish Flag (8/30/06)
Mr. Meek Israeli Flag Finnish Flag (8/30/06)
The First World War (8/27/06)
Creating the African Superman Croatian Flag German Flag Brazilian-Portuguese Flag (8/17/06)
Cult of the Individual Brazilian-Portuguese Flag Croatian FlagSlovak Flag (8/6/06)
Environmentalism Contra Democracy Brazilian-Portuguese FlagSlovak Flag (8/2/06)
Israel Israeli Flag Brazilian-Portuguese Flag Swedish Flag Finnish Flag Croatian Flag (8/1/06)
Stereotypes Brazilian-Portuguese Flag Croatian Flag (5/2/06)
Putting Race in Context (9/26/05)
Television Swedish Flag Finnish Flag Slovak Flag Jordan Flag (5/3/06)
2006 (7/14/06)
Method (6/19/06)
Sex (6/9/06)
Traps (5/30/06)
White Power German Flag (5/29/06)
Trends Croatian Flag (5/28/06)
Microcosm (5/27/06)
Iconoclasm Croatian Flag (5/25/06)
Pyramid (5/23/06)
Souls (5/16/06)
Overcivilizing (5/13/06)
Retreat (5/6/06)
Winner Takes All Israeli Flag (5/2/06)
Squirrels (6/18/06)
Aphorisms (4/7/06)
Serf's Up! (4/22/06)
Open Your Eyes Croatian Flag Brazilian-Portuguese flag (3/23/06)
A Bumper Crop of Stupid (3/23/06)
Hidden Reality (3/23/06)
Elites and Masses Croatian Flag (3/23/06)
Cynicism Norwegian Flag Croatian Flag (3/23/06)
Animosity (10/28/05)
Abstraction or Reality? (3/23/06)
The Sleepwalkers Swedish Flag Croatian Flag (3/3/05)
Patriotism or Nationalism? French Flag (3/3/05)
Surviving Multiculturalism (1/11/05)
Lifestyle (2/17/05)
Fascism Swedish Flag Brazilian Portuguese flag Finnish Flag (1/4/05)
Cultural Revival Norwegian Flag (3/23/06)
Conservatism Passing Its Orbit (2/5/05)
Beyond the Absolute Croatian Flag (3/23/06)
Futility Croatian Flag (3/5/06)
Perfection Croatian Flag (3/5/06)
Concept Medley (3/4/06)
Sincerity (3/1/06)
Activism Israeli Flag Finnish Flag Croatian Flag (2/22/06)
Hostage (2/12/06)
On Viciousness (2/9/06)
Future (1/5/06)
Self-Righteous (12/31/05)
People of Earth (12/30/05)
Egoism (12/27/05)
Preconceptions Croatian Flag (12/19/05)
Externality (12/17/05)
Computer-Mediated Communication Swedish Flag Brazilian-Portuguese flag (12/17/05)
Aztlan Brazilian-Portuguese flag Croatian Flag (12/16/05)
Nature is a Bug-Wrecking Factory (12/14/05)
Anti-Evolution (12/13/05)
Conversation Finnish Flag Croatian Flag (12/12/05)
Cops (12/9/05)
2008 (12/8/05)
Inward (12/6/05)
Toward the Superman (12/1/05)
Flywheel (1/4/06)
Quality Croatian Flag (11/17/05)
Spirit (11/15/05)
Bleak Finnish Flag (11/9/05)
Voodoo Doll (11/5/05)
Definitions (11/2/05)
Learning to Fly (10/28/05)
Nightmusic (10/23/05)
The Internet People Brazilian-Portuguese flag Croatian FlagSlovak Flag (10/19/05)
Ambuscade (9/28/05)
Clearing the Modern Mind (19/25/05)
The Eternal Circle Croatian Flag (9/19/05)
Buying an Identity (9/7/05)
Video Games Swedish Flag Finnish Flag Brazilian-Portuguese Flag Israeli Flag (9/6/05)
Racial Marxism (9/3/05)
The Internet (9/1/05)
Crowdism (8/31/05)
Retribution (8/22/05)
Pacifism Croatian Flag (8/10/05)
Undermen (8/5/05)
Obtuse (7/28/05)
Low Biological Quality of Humankind Norwegian Flag Swedish Flag Icelandic FlagSlovak Flag (7/20/05)
Postmorality (7/18/05)
Progress versus Getting it Right (7/17/05)
Feral Croatian Flag Norwegian Flag Brazilian-Portuguese Flag (7/15/05)
Nihilism as Holy Grail Brazilian-Portuguese Flag Croatian Flag (7/14/05)
Domination by Mediocrity Finnish Flag German Flag Croatian Flag (7/12/05)
What I Desire (7/5/05)
Distractions vs Solutions (7/2/05)
Impeachment Now (6/29/05)
Nordicism vs Pan-Aryanism, and Preservationism (6/29/05)
Television Swedish Flag Finnish Flag Croatian Flag Israeli Flag (6/28/05)
Gay Pride Parade (6/26/05)
Animosity, Racial and Otherwise (6/26/05)
Arbeit Macht Frei Swedish Flag Slovak Flag Croatian Flag German Flag (6/25/05)
Cicada Killers and Christ (6/24/05)
Frustration with Politics (6/22/05)
Apple Computer, Inc. at Stalingrad (6/19/05)
God Says Swedish Flag Hungarian Flag (6/7/05)
What's It Worth? (6/3/05)
How to Become Your Parents Israeli Flag Croatian Flag Norwegian Flag Slovak Flag(6/2/05)
Radical Traditionalism and Nihilism Swedish Flag Finnish Flag Croatian Flag Polish Flag (6/1/05)
The Basic Error Israeli Flag (5/24/05)
The Conquering (5/27/05)
Intangible Swedish Flag Finnish Flag (5/25/05)
The Danger of Racism and Anti-Semitism Israeli Flag (5/18/05)
Irony (5/14/05)
Sociopathy (5/1/05)
Superlatives (4/15/05)
Experience (4/12/05)
Groupthink (4/6/05)
Modernity (4/6/05)
One World (3/9/05)
Elections and Futures (2/20/05)
A Socratic Dialogue Swedish Flag Finnish Flag Brazilian-Portuguese Flag German Flag Croatian Flag Norwegian Flag Polish Flag Czech FlagSpanish Flag Israeli Flag Slovak Flag(2/23/05)
Misanthropy Croatian Flag (2/9/05)
Activism (2/9/05)
Cultural Revival Israeli Flag (2/7/05)
What You Have Lost Croatian Flag (2/7/05)
Spiritually Healthy Attitudes Toward Dissidence Spanish Flag (1/31/05)
The Crowd and Mathematics (1/24/05)
Dysfunctionality Russian Flag (1/21/05)
Passage Israeli flag (1/17/05)
Slavery Brazilian-Portuguese flag.gif Croatian Flag (1/13/05)
Green (1/13/05)
Separating Cause and Effect (1/11/05)
On Personality and Cult of Personality (1/11/05)
Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen (1/10/05)
The World as Will and Representations (1/9/05)
The (expletive deleted) Internet (1/6/05)
Oh, Global Warming Swedish Flag Finnish Flag (1/5/05)
About these columns (1/3/05)
Populism (1/1/05)
Is the end near? (1/1/05)
Anti-Semitism (12/30/04)
Society Fails It (12/30/04)
This World is becoming -- High School (12/28/04)
Utopia is a day in hell (12/27/04)
Don't despair just because it's Christmas Swedish Flag Slovak Flag Finnish Flag Brazilian-Portuguese flag French flag Croatian Flag Hungarian Flag (12/24/04)
Why Civilization Requires Selfishness Brazilian-Portuguese flag (12/22/04)
Why Not All Europeans Are of Mixed-Race (12/22/04)
Letters: Spirituality, Warfare, Racism (12/21/04)
Race: Race is Important, Racism is Not Spanish Flag Brazilian-Portuguese flag (1/11/05)
Most People Must Die (12/8/04)
Between Extremes (12/21/04)
Bars, Pubs and Coffeehouses (12/19/04)
Men Among the Compost (12/20/04)
Christianity and Buddhism are the Same Sickness German Flag Dutch Flag (12/19/04)
Nihilism Greek Flag Swedish Flag Finnish flag Brazilian Portuguese flag Slovak flag Croatian Flag German flag (12/15/04)
Trees (12/12/04)
Fiddling While Rome Burns (12/10/04)
Interpretation vs Objective Reality in Art (12/9/04)
What about Homosexuality? Russian Flag Brazilian-Portuguese Flag (12/7/04)
Metal Cult, or Metal Christ? (12/2/04)
The Great Rock 'n Roll Swindle Polish Flag (11/30/04)
Nobody Wants Your Apocalyptic Hate Cult Swedish Flag Brazilian-Portuguese flag (11/28/04)
Caste German Flag Swedish Flag Brazilian-Portuguese Flag.gif Finnish Flag (11/28/04)
Guess who's coming to dinner? Swedish Flag (11/25/04)
Are you a misanthrope? Russian Flag Brazilian-Portuguese Flag French Flag (11/12/04)
Why I am not a "White" Nationalist or neo-Nazi Brazilian-Portuguese Flag (11/16/04)
How does a nihilist live? Swedish Flag Polish Flag Spanish Flag Brazilian-Portuguese Flag French Flag Croatian Flag German Flag Icelandic Flag (11/14/04)
The election (11/4/04)
But why did you name it ANUS? French Flag (11/3/04)
Lying and Sweden Swedish Flag Brazilian-Portuguese Flag Finnish Flag Israeli Flag (10/15/04)
Isolation Croatian Flag Brazilian-Portuguese flag (8/15/04)
Schizophrenia (8/12/04)
Macs are garbage (7/23/04)
Internet: brain disease?Slovak Flag (7/22/04)
Prozakhistan (8/2/04)

kontinual ^

Noise (11/12/09)

Alexis ^

Wizard of Oz
The Language of Beauty Croatian Flag
What is Art? Croatian Flag Norwegian Flag
Steppenwolf German Flag Croatian Flag
The Philosophy of Gilgamesh
On the subject of religion French Flag
Infoterrorism French Flag
Live as you learn
Make it rain
The tradition of Fascism
The Child Within
Altruism Finnish Flag Norwegian Flag
Nietzsche and our moronic world
Leadership and Nihilism German Flag
Social Boundaries
Yesterday German Flag
To live is to die French Flag German Flag Brazilian-Portuguese Flag Croatian Flag Polish FlagSlovak Flag
Zionism or Racism? Israeli Flag German Flag
Odalism German Flag Finnish Flag
One For All - All For One French Flag Brazilian-Portuguese Flag
Under Guidance By Stars Croatian Flag
Friendship Brazilian-Portuguese Flag
Ginnungagap German Flag
Freedom of Choice Croatian Flag
Inequality Croatian Flag Polish Flag
Fixation Croatian Flag


The Fate of Mankind
Romanticism and Realism to the Nihilist
A Narration of Transcendence French Flag
The Great Mental Revolution
Lovecraft and Nihilism Brazilian-Portuguese Flag

Ensittare ^

Losing ground French Flag German Flag
The Significance of Myth
Gifts from the Void German Flag


Business Aristocracy
On the Maxim "You Only Live Once" and Responsibility
Individualism and Subjectivity Polish Flag
Self-Gratification, Global Destruction

Frostwood ^

The Physical Culture
The Modern Job Norwegian Flag

Guest Writers

Sustainability v. Environmentalism by Cladrastis
Sympathy is Lethal by J.C. Sturk
On The Nature Of Love by Thomas Hamuz
Reason, whither takest thou us? by Andreas Schiffer
How Pluralism Fails by Y. Omtendok
Probabilistic logic over Deductive logic in Human Nature by H. Hueber
Trouble in paradise by Roger Benning
Nihilist Faith Croatian Flag by H. Hueber
Domesticated by Erich "Hrothgar" Fritz
Our Great Freedom German Flag by Erich "Hrothgar" Fritz
Estrangement Croatian Flag by Charles Haines
Theism and Atheism by Marlon Carnegie
The Death of All Beethovens by Hannibal Barnes
Happiness by Hannibal Barnes
The Selfish Misconception by George Twithouse
On Life and Existentialism by George Twithouse
Freedom is Impossible by George Twithouse
Philosophy of Entropy Norwegian Flag by Lemmonliekki
Golden Mean by D. Raugdur
The Bleating Giant by Stephen Withers
The Return German Flag by D. Raugdur
Absolute law by F.N. Hütter
The World Around Us by K. Halapuniak
Boredom, depression and purpose by F.N. Hütter
Will-O'-the-Wisp of a Wanton Age by Val Blue
The Leeching End by Nick Carraway
Apolitical by Steven Hansen
transmissions from a softer world by Nick Carraway
Metaphor in the Time After Harvest by Nick Carraway
The Doctrine of Life by Val Blue
Nihilism and purpose by Victoria McMagnus
Religion German Flag by Steven Hansen
Metaphysical intelligence German Flag by F.N. Hütter
Trial and Error Swedish Flag by Sean Peripates