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Unholy invert the cross and mock the judeo-christian lord jehovah

The Church of Virus
Devoted to following the ways of information transmission, the insidious usurper of VIRUS being the primary agent of dis-control.
Christian Rock: Blessing or Blasphemy?
From the Suffer or Satire Dept., the "Other Side" goes off about what rock they think is Satanic. We have better recommendations: here.
Jesus Christ Wanted Poster
Post a few of these in post offices near you.
Freethought Temple of Satire
Profligate distribution of memetic counter-strikes against the ludicrousness of Christinanity, with parodic intent and sardonic wrath.
Les Litanies de Satan
Charles Baudelaire's poems to the dark lord, sort of goofy but illustrative of certain aspects of evil.
Dark Lair of Infinite EVIL
Links about evil with reviews and editorial commentary. Cool page by a Slayer fan.
An investigation into spirituality without Judeo-Christian influence.
Nag Hammadi Library
Texts from upper Egypt reflecting the values of a pre-Christian middle eastern paganism.
Religious History of "Satan"
A religious tolerance group describes the historical roots and revisions of Satan.
Satan, the Author of Evil
Biblical citations tracing a brief memography of Satan.
The Purging Talon
A website devoted to Satanic usurpation of mainstream Western religions, with totalitarian imagery.
In praise of Lucifer
An exploration of the religious symbolism behind Satanism.
A group devoted to ridding the genocide of all Christians from this earth. Extreme!
The Judeo-Christian Holocaust
This group wants to get all three religions as soon as possible.
Satanic Philosophy
Research into symbolism, theology and background of Satanism.
Freedom From Religion Foundation
Some of the few sane ones... we'll set them aside when the time for jihad against all light, goodness, purity, hope and love has come!
Encyclopedia Mythica
Open your historical view to the worlds outside of the disease of Judeo-Christianity. For the elite only!
The Skeptic's Dictionary
Sowing doubt is the work of SATAN, and we carry on in his image!
Symbols and signs of cults at war.
So You've Decided to Be Evil
Humorous telling of the descent into poserdom.
The Satanic Clip Art Repository (SCAR)
Graphics and icons to help destroy the dogma of Christ!
Anti-Christian Clip Art
Invert the cross, burn the bible, paste onto web page.
Temple of Eternal Night
Vampiric ideology/occultism.






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