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a bleak outlook on existence thanks to destruction of long-term futures by judeo-christianity Spirits of darkness, we summon the swarming nightfall to hold back the horizon of time, invert the symbols of obedience, dethrone the Elect and enact vast bloodshed upon the human species...

This collection of scriptum diaboli casts the concept of philosophical evil over the blinded human tribe. Judeo-Christianity has controlled public discourse on spirituality in the West for over 2,000 years. The usurper eschews "good" and "evil" but promotes the so-called "evil spiritualism" of an elder god.

The order of evil posits a more complex reality than Christianity, and consequently develops a more independent, naturalistic and chaotic philosophy. The response of Christianity and other forms of control is fear and recrimination. The Altar of Blasphemy reveals the heartbeat of heresy, but it is only your will that can give birth to your own demon.






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