Rip the sacred flesh
Sodomize the holy asshole
Drink the red blood of the mother of earth
Masturbation on the dead body of christ
The king of Jews is dead
and so are the lies
Vomit on the host of Heaven
Masturbate on the throne of God
Break the seals of angels
Drink the sweet blood of Christ
Taste the flesh of the priest
Sodomize holy nuns
The king of Jews is a liar
The Heavens will burn
Dethrone the son of God
God is dead
Holyness is gone
Purity is gone
Prayers are burned
Covered in black shit
Rape the holy ghost
Unclean birth of Jesus Christ
Heaven will fall
fuck the church
fuck Christ
fuck the Virgin
fuck the gods of Heaven
fuck the name of Jesus

We are in the age of illusion.

Our modern technologies and supernatural religions have allowed us to impose a new world order onto nature, one which works in the short-term but is incoherent in the long term.

We pollute, homogenize all cultures, crush the individual spirit and force everyone except the super-rich into compartmentalized jobs.

mock Him productions disturbs this order with humor, terror, flaming, shock, trolling and taboo-penetrating blasphemy via the world wide web.

Our view is that by accepting nothingness, through nihilism, we can see what is of actual value and uphold it, bypassing the denial and illusion of this age.

This "focus on the real world" view is anathema and taboo in today's society. If you think you can follow our trip, join us.

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