This site exists for informational purposes only. In no way are any orders, mandates, instructions, or references to specific events or time being dictated to you. This is information for you to read, consider, and then make your own conclusions about how well you understand it and how much you agree.

mock Him productions provides this so that you may understand your existence at a higher level, even if your conclusions are to reject all of this. Like the devil's advocates we always are, we just ask the nasty questions.

If you find this material disturbing, here is a quick antithesis [ here ]. We ask that you leave the site and discuss it with a professional before attempting to view it further. This is for our mutual protection in preservation of your mental stability. The last thing we want to do is cause someone heart failure.

Several people have reported extreme physiological responses from viewing the material at this site. We recommend that people with heavy backgrounds in Christianity or Judaism consider carefully the implications of material designed to offend all that you find holy.

We thank you for your cooperation in this important manner.

sodomize god

A statement on our humane objectives

In the time when the human form and the preference of the individual are at their greatest strength in history, it is necessary in order to have a job, do business or have sex/drugs, that one one at some point declare humane and humanistic sentiments or beliefs.

There has never been a sign on this website that says "We accept secular Judeo-Christianity."

Before the modern plague of politics as a game played with social symbols while reality takes a different course, there were no guarantees or social opposition to the course of nature. Thus there was no need for religions like Christianity or Judaism until there was a need to motivate people to conform so they could serve the development of technology, or the post-modern state.

These dystopic consequences are predicted by the Judeo-Christianity heritage of literature reflected apocalyptic circumstances. Self-fulfilling predictions can also cause abrupt termination.

It is our view that behind the facade of Judeo-Christian industrial society is a deep despair and helplessness at the growing devolution of the situation. It is possible the only surviving humans will be those who get off this planet and thus will have bountiful new natural resources to exploit.

We have no humanist or humanitarian (secular moralist) objectives.

The Altar of Unholy Blasphemy does not support any form of humanism, and we hope that most of you are soon dead. There are too many humans, and too much trained ignorance to escape some form of totalitarianism. Our suggestion is that we enact an evil totalitarian regime that murders most of its less-useful citizens and forces the rest to be productive on penalty of death by enema. If you are upset and offended, good! It's as close as most of you get to exercise.

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