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The Fall

The fear of the abyss was too great so you dove into it, and you wound up at the base of the abyss of knowledge, suffering under a constant shockwave of paradoxical perceptions. Welcome to the Fall, where you have lost all hope of innocence and continue in nihilistic darkness. Never quite free enough to awaken and appreciate you fight through life in constant fear and self-doubt. In the end the rewards are minimal and all of the really important reasons are really banal lies.

All ambition died and regression is too easy. We slid into it like a vein or a whore, a calf or a belch, drunken as always with our own weakness. Now we have fallen and are weak in our own world. The conclusions of yesterday have hung us today. Our lives fall from hope to tedium and over time our outlook falls and the life ends as a useful chapter of our existence.

Wouldn't you rather have an independent soul? You had no choice but to believe in honesty. Using the methods the Christians claim they use, you freed yourself. And now are heartsick, lonely in a world of babble where the individual is suffocated.

They are still mad that someone crucified their lord, as they've been doing damage control for the last two thousand years over that one. Their lord is profit and a diligent, industrious population. Social control has its benefits, also, when you can delcare yourself into protected space and then systematically violate your own rules.

Yet as all of us continue pretending to have faith in our collective existence, those of us who have fallen are darkly undeceived and from necessity of human retribution in terror are dark deceivers who hide all traces of free thought. They do not realize they cannot rule us.

Organic freedom lets greater ideals be easily conceived and distributed, causing them to gain massive popularity and be discussed to the point where the ideas take root in the structure our world and begin to corrupt our reality.

This is Satan's work, and our sadness. For we labor in darkness in the world of whiteness and purity, awaiting our Lucifers and freedoms eagerly for a glimpse of ambition to continue living. We are not ratified by our lives, and so empty, we fill our souls with shit or we rebel against the Enslaver who strangles the energy of nature.

Rebellion calls to you -- powerless you are inspired -- and soon you do not fear for your life. You are dissonant to fear when you rise to face the eye of gOD. Your sardonic smile deepens as you speak blasphemies in hIS presence, and your arc of fire is brilliant as you fall. The angry gOD who lashed out at you falls back, exhausted, denying the end that all know must come.

Tomorrow the gOD will face violence, again, from the swarming mass of mayhemic disturbers who spread the virus in the wounds of reality. The purulent stench of disbelief will sicken the dog of heaven and he will fall.






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