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The day drew long shadows over the splintery wood and the bowed, hot, muted heads of the crowd. To the left, a final gasp. In the center all eyes were. Hands strained against bloody holes of gouging, ragged nailing, and feet twisting on their spindle. Breath came slowly. Then, faster, and soon faster. In his mind the Nazarene could see her bent over his groin, working for his pleasure, her face strained. "Oh..." he murmured. The crowd pushed forward. "Oh!" he gasped, "Oh, God! Oh, Mary! Oh...", spraying his thick semen on the faithful, and into the mud.

For Christ would love to sodomize you. There's nothing like a good conquest to make you realize the loyalty of your prey -- so rape them! God wants your love, and to be arbiter of your decisions...he wants to take your freedom in exchange for your vision. The tree of knowledge was taken and humanity corrupted, but without humanity god has no object of torment, so he could not flood them to death entirely. Those he saved continued to be corrupted, but god took a new approach: believe in my "love" (that is, my good intentions toward you) and you will be free from all that terrifies you now, enticing you to corruption and death. All that you fear will be ratified, and you will have a safe place when they get you. But god -- does humanity need a parent? Ha, you stupid fucker. You tried to fuck us, so now we'll fuck you:

Avenge the little boys of the world

Why do priests sodomize little boys? To get close to god, who sodomizes humanity to get close to what is most like him: the will. The will generates the impulse that provides nonlinear motion to the human being. Art, drugs, sex, sensuality, adrenalin, emotion, epiphany can free the human mind for precious minutes, lifting it above its confused haze of paradoxical thinking. During the daylight world of intellectual sloth and repetitious propaganda the mind is numbed, a machine slotted to choose what looks like a better option. There is no enlightenment, there is only fear. The mind is a cowed servant to the neurotic, nauseous ego and the fearful, beaten animal spirit.

It numbly walks into destruction and predation, being afraid to understand enough of its reality to manipulate its existence. Priests are afraid, too, but they know how to get what they want because it is simply a commodity, an object, as they manipulate it. Priests are often twisted sick men from the obvious vapidity of their doctrine in conflict with the practicality of their thinking, which becomes nihilistic enough to execute sins of pure corruption, such as sodomizing young boys in the confessionals, which has occurred in over four billion cities within the last two years. We believe that every priest around you needs a good dick in the ass, which is something you can give him!

Note Bean: This is not to disparage the process of sodomy, of which we are ardent fans. However, something enjoyable like sex of whatever form becomes brutal destruction of personal boundaries when it is rape. We remind you that rape, like murder, is a brutal crime, but we also warn you that humanity is a grossly overpopulated mess of enhanced apes self-destructing in antipathy to the modern condition of isolation.

Penetration Heat
Probing past Mary's wet vagina with my thin, telescoping penis, I entered her uterus to complete my mission: the most Unholy of Abortions. The fetal christ struggled as its soft bones gave way to my thrusting rod. I ended the suffocating fetus' misery with an ejaculation that blasted its body to shreds, the bloody chunks settling into the layer of semen covering my member. Then Mary received the real Body and Blood of Jesus by licking my penis clean, and causing me to ejaculate yet again.






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