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The Complaint Against Jehovah (Lord of the Weak)

We invoke the offender through the pains of our contention. We then explain our grievance, and our curse. Pick one of these fine venues; it will tell you the weakness of your ego.

ruins in the aftermath of judeo-christian parasitism Misery reigns on Earth from the weakness in the skies carried by the fearful souls below. All spirits are trapped and freedom is feared; the Earth passes into winter because her people do not care for life. Their aspirations are illusions carefully hidden behind complex weavings of selfdeception. Humanity, trapped in its own weakness, cannot trust itself enough to pull its way out of degradation.

Jehovah the Enslaver had influenced their thought with his virus of weakness, transmitted from the code of the bible: duty and principle over need, prostration to the pure. In more enlightened times we have heard the word of a new power: Satan. Satan does not ask allegiance, and he does not idolize purity. His world is freedom and understanding rather than deprivation and ignorance.

Many do not wish to evolve and want humanity to remain the thoughtless, self-torturing, destructive and wasteful creatures that we are today. Our world is poisoned by our industry, and diseases rise from the forests we destroy. Increasingly our governments take away our freedoms and/or collapse and get us killed. Our racial preferences turn economics into a game of violence, and our drug laws present the apple of Eden to inner city youth: money and some power in a world that denies any power you might have. Murder occurs at every level.

In other words, the purity of our leaders is in question. All of us are corrupted. Those who work hate work and suffer in denial. Others starve and are whores to whatever they are starved of: food, water, alcohol, sex, drugs, dreams, stupidities.

Most people work in jobs they hate, if they are lucky enough to have jobs, and then spend 75% of their time doing things for the outside world: working, taxes, food, clothes, government bureaucracy, stupid interactions with others, fighting with corporation support lines. Many people starve and are treated as nonmembers of the species by more affluent members.

Satan mocks those who think that they are the elite, the powerful. Satan mocks authority and all that it stands for. Satan mocks Jehovah, who thinks he can command creatures with free will. There is a greater need than allegiance to the collective will (purity). Didn't we learn this in the last world war?

Satan speaks to all of us in the rise of suppressed urges. He might get you killed, but only if you repress him until you are driven insane by the need. He is a collection of lusts that cannot be fulfilled by things like consumer goods, neat wars from the government, laws regulating behavior that you don't care about, insurance, etc. Rising in you, Satan is your best friend and the sweetest death you've ever talked to.

Satan does not pity the humans who slave under the order. They are creatures with free will, and if they do not evolve to an understanding of their consciousness, they will destroy themselves with internal violence. Control builds a structure but Satan encodes himself in the structure. Soon the structure begins to decay, as the Lord of Obscurity introduces his virus of ambiguity.

Enslaver speaks a virus of universal truth in his quest for central control, but Satan does not believe in control. Satan projects his order and watches the weaknesses of others lead them to him. He has never Enslaved, nor does he ever plan to. But many have listened to his twisted ideas and then died at the hands of Control people who fear corruption and enforce Enslaver's order on the underclasses.

We invoke Enslaver in the name of justice,
In this world without faith and self-sense
All are whores to illusion
As Satan laughs below

The Christians always portrayed Satan as laughing. He's still laughing, mocking the pathetic troubles of the world above. Soon, he says. Soon the world is mine.






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