cancer eats at us from within

it is a failure of organization, or, if you're feeling sensitive, a different organization
it has rights too, and its own point of view
it probably makes art and has political causes
uniqueness, value as an individual
set your cancer free!

in life, you either make something happen (plant a field, write a book, create a symphony, invent a technology, write a computer program, build a house, clean a sewer) or the default happens: in the absence of will to change, or a different plan, things self-maintain.

the important thing about self-maintenance is that it must target the most basic functions first, so that if a catastrophic failure occurs, the most vital things are taken care of if possible. it gives the whole the best chance of survival.

think about this: you cannot force yourself to stop breathing. even if all higher brain functions go away, you will keep breathing and excreting

similarly, a world without direction reverts to its basic tendencies. think apes hitting each other with sticks. this isn't that i abhor violence - i don't - it's just that apes hitting each other with sticks have no goals, thus their lives are means to no end.

the mind with no direction is a cancer
similarly, the society with no direction is
the family with no direction grows too large,
and starves itself when it has eaten everything.