when you shine a light between the reflections of two things harmonizing to the same frequency, small disparities in rhythm may be observed.

these occur because of the relative difference in rhythm received between observer and harmonic points.

this isn't to endorse relativity, a sick combination of morality and pretense.

but this is to point out the following, in logical syllogism:

1. Lissajous patterns are beautiful.
2. They are part of the doppler effect, by which objects demonstrate their relativity in the distortion of rhythm. It is fundamental to understanding our world.
3. What we can observe, relatively, of our world is in part quite beautiful; since we only harmonize to the vibration we know relative to the source, life is indeed beautiful.

Please act accordingly.

in fact, some might say the lissajous patterns resemble light as observed from the bottom of a pool in twilight in summer.