If you want to talk about something unhealthier than drug addiction, entertainment might be it.

It's an entirely passive thing: you sit and watch, or listen, or "interact" by exchanging one line text messages and URLs.

Its existence implies that life itself has no meaning, therefore a fantasy world designed to keep you occupied for hours at a time is necessary so that you don't notice your life passing by.

For a culture that spends so much time obsessed with the imminence (and preeminence) of death, modern western civilization sure seems to like shutting everyone up in boxy rooms with sofas and glowing screens so they can waste time and thus, somehow, magically forget about their own mortality.

In passivity, you are harmless. You won't challenge the status quo, and you won't rock the boat. You'll be laughing, happy, amused, until it's time for sleep. Then you go to bed and awake the next day.

And go back to your job.