politics is the science of motivating other people to do what you want them to.

it's necessary, in my view, because not all people can figure out what's going on, and all of us grow and have different perspectives as we age, hopefully getting more accurate over the years

thus there is no perfect system of ruling, but a series of approximations

if one simplifies government, it's more likely to get that right, but really government isn't the root of politics, is it?

it's convincing other people you're harmless. that you care. that you're a good leader.

the simplest form of politics is watching a crowd trying to figure out what to do with the last seat on the bus.

The young executive in a suit is glad he got there earlier, and thinks not again of it.

The old executive wonders what it's like to care.

The attractive college girl wants to give up her seat, but she's too stoned and would be paranoid. She has to go to her drama class in a half hour.

An old woman wonders why everyone is so full of themselves they can't see a pregnant woman boarding the bus.

Someone up front wishes no luck on the pregnant woman - she's white, not of her race.

A plumber in back would give up his seat, but he's fifteen rows past where she needs to be.

The young man with the idealistic job in bringing computer networks to the poor is working on his laptop and can't be disturbed.

A female middle manager wonders what she'll do if she gives up her seat, has to stand and is pinched.

Finally, some guy with an average job nods awake and realizes he'll look like a hero if he gives up his seat.

At that moment, a sleek cosmopolitan swings out of his chair and offers it with a flourish.

Through diesel clouds the bus surges onward. In a corner of an abandoned building, two rats fight over a mate.