WikiPedia Bans ANUS in Fear

Supposed Internet "encyclopedia" WikiPedia demonstrates the problem with all populist visions: social pressures quickly outweigh getting a task done. As soon as someone entered an ANUS page, and it was linked to the GNAA, the WikiPedians, who have been beaten up before by the GNAA for failing to recognize the importance of trolling, began scheming to remove it. They invented justifications, fabricated "evidence" and eventually, fell to screaming threats and insults at those who opposed them. In the process, they revealed their general mentality as being that of a clubhouse, and showed that they don't care a wit for being an "encyclopedia," but for being a source of power for WikiPedia contributors. This shows how individualists can be authority abusers as bad as the worst cop or high school principal, and in fact are even worse, because they act as a herd and are more vindictive as they base their self-esteem on having the power of, say, deletion. We laughed, we trolled, and left a coda to remind us all that WikiPedia is just like elections in high school government: a popularity contest among those who have no other avenue, such as creating something, of succeeding.

Update: it turns out that the staff of have been conspiring to Wikibomb ANUS, and Wikipedia fell for it. See deletion requests 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

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