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Hello, and welcome to Wikipedia. As you are a new user, I'm asking you to refrain from personal attacks in the future, even those meant in jest. I hope your enjoy working here. Khanartist 02:04, 2005 Jan 17 (UTC)

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Don't attack my website and works...

...and maybe you'll be surprised, but it's pathetic of you to cry foul for something you started first. Is this why everything on the Internet turns into mental disease of a low-level type? LOL Prozak 02:07, 17 Jan 2005 (UTC)

  • I'm not accusing you of attacking me, but of attacking User:Fvw. Of course, you've attacked me just now. I'll give you a third chance before informing an admin. Happy editing. Khanartist 02:11, 2005 Jan 17 (UTC)
    • My point: you attacked me for responding with sarcasm to an attack on my website. Inform an admin if you wish; my actions are defensible, yours are not. Prozak 02:16, 17 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Personal attacks

This is your last warning, if you continue to make personal attacks you will be blocked. --fvw* 02:32, 2005 Jan 17 (UTC)

    • You attacked first, and now you're throwing your "authority" around with no cause. Who moderates the moderators? Note also that your post was factually incorrect, and a personal attack on me, thus provoked said response. Time for you to face your hypocrisy. Prozak 02:36, 17 Jan 2005 (UTC)
      • Other moderators moderate the moderators. One of these moderators is about to block you, for the puerile addition you made just now to fvw's page. Do grow up. -- Hoary 03:01, 2005 Jan 17 (UTC)
        • You didn't link said addition, so we only have your word that it's "puerile," which suggests insecurity on your part. Prozak 03:11, 17 Jan 2005 (UTC)
  • Puerile. ( Khanartist 03:23, 2005 Jan 17 (UTC)
    • "You need more sodomy in your life... I recommend this site ( and this site ( because a loose arse makes for good neighbors ;)" is a recommendation that he visit the sites he has made comments against, and is a friendly comment. That is not "puerile," but your determination to show your "authority" is. Who are you trying to convince? LOL Prozak 03:26, 17 Jan 2005 (UTC)

I believe everyone should be free from authoritarians

Sensible authority requires no questioning. Destructive authority, such as that based around self-esteem issues, is kind of gross. The latter kind is what we're seeing here from "WikiPedians" who should know better; however, I've now experienced enough volunteer organizations to recognize this behavior. It's the low self-esteem individual trying to assert him or herself through "authority."

Look at the threats above, then the lack of action, then finally the wimpy comebacks and moralization. What is this Puritan shit? Grow up -- indeed.

LOL Social Pretense LOL

Oops, the bullies went away. Spoke too soon; they went here [ here ]

It's amazing how people get self-righteous, and try to limit us all for their own fear. And really, that's all it is: fear. And if anything kills all good things in life, it's fear.