This human world is a pressure cage. We believe in diversity of skin and not of mind. Tendency toward homogeneity: If we all act the same, we have a community, this body of bodies made to think the same.

Relevance to our selves is inapplicable; they want us to think their way. New ideas are shut down; jobs reward repetition and conformity. The suggested social norm is quiet, don't ask questions, make your money and go home. Whatever you do, you are alone: fear being alone. This is an order that believes in nothing more than more order.

We demonstrate that we are not part of this order, part of this lie in a greater lie of a vicious society. We drop not just about, but away. To us the chaos that afflicts them is nature reclaiming mental ground. All of life is ideas, and our ideas point away from this lockstep entropy.

the Knights of the Extropic Order of Insurrection