gnosis is the belief system which believes good and evil serve a central force, a continuity force.

good is order, and evil is chaos.

there is no greater meaning than that, and no purity. god is a pantheistic essence that is described by the word god, with no greater holiness.

(in this, gnosticism represents a middle eastern distillation of vedantic beliefs)

in gnostic belief, chaos existed in a primordial pre-chaos state, where there was no order to be contrast for chaos, thus it was not chaos but it was not ordered; it was pure will, but unfocused will, because focus did not yet exist. at some point, a coherent iota of thought occurred, and thus began the chain of reaction to make the first atom.

in life, evil reduces good, and good reduces evil; they are like the breathing of a giant machine, or beast, which is the powerplant for life itself.

there is no progressive worldview, in which humanity is constantly getting better at something. we may have more technology, or more "rights," but there is no absolute goal toward which we aim, a utopia, from which we are getting inspiration and toward which we go, every day inching forward in improvement.

the world is perfect as it is, including its impermanence.

in gnosticism, all of life including order and chaos are means to the end, which is the maintenance of the continuity of life, something which encompasses all things and cannot be described in any single entity such as "order" or chaos.