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I believe in tragedies

Our modern mindset is unable to understand that ideology has a purpose, and is not an individual adornment for the sake of making us seem wittier. In arguments, it is not uncommon to find two individuals volleying verbal abuse at one-another as if they were at war; each attempting to assert their perspective over their opponent.

Oftentimes these arguments are quietly left unfinished by a stamp of subjectivity, allowing both sides of the issue to feel as if they are correct in their assumptions. Thinking logically about this method of avoiding conflict, it becomes clear that accepting differences of opinion means nothing ever gets resolved.

We have become increasingly obsessed with individualism, explained as a source of empowerment (which is merely a polite way of saying that the concept is meant to provide security for the ego). Individualism forces acceptance of all variants in life, asserting that each one is valid because it is unique to a person. This gives that person an excuse to continue in the manner of living that they have without their actions being judged or criticized, even if they are insane (but legal). The only time these actions are questioned is if they affect the lives of other people in the short-term.

Anyone who is capable of critical thinking realizes the fallacy in this ideal. Critical thinking is the ability that not only recognizes the effects of a direct action, but the factors that lead to that action. A basic understanding of these factors reveals an invisible, web-like system of causes and effects which dictate the events that happen in everyone's lives. Only an idiot would claim that actions are completely random and are not subject to outside influences. An even greater idiot would claim that these actions bear no effect on subsequent actions and events.

If every action is subject to outside influences, and withholds even more factors that will influence future actions, what can be concluded from the process of cause and effect? The answer may be uncomfortable to many. Lifestyle choices create effects which may not manifest themselves in the short-term. In contrast, our individual adornments are designed strictly for the short-term and are meaningless in the long-term.

Think of it as a parent speaking sternly to their child. A selfish child when denied access to a toy will say "You can't tell me what to do!" This is similar to the reaction of many when told that they in fact cannot think in whatever way pleases them the most. The child, if left up to its own devices, will pick a world that is solipsistic: it will deny reality and pay attention only to its own desires and not understand when it cannot have them.

Therein lies the spirit of the metaphysical world. Those who are awakened to it learn to seek beauty in darkness, to understand the mechanics of predation, to find reward in the tradition of their forbearers. They understand that every idea is open to many possibilities which must be carefully examined before being accepted. They also understand that this opens their eyes to an infinite realm of decisions, for any idea can bear a fruitful result.

For this reason, those who understand this concept favor objectivity. Instead of shooting the wolf on sight, they attempt to understand what caused the wolf to invade their territory. Instead of condemning violence as completely unacceptable, they examine the specific instance where it is used and judge its use completely upon what effects it had. These gifted individuals are viewed as arrogant, cold, and emotionless by society because they tell others that the harsh reality is they cannot do whatever pleases them immediately.

Their viewpoint transcends the fear our abstract minds feel at being centered in a material body. To understand the true purpose of joy, instead of merely equating it with inconsequential distraction; to understand the value of death, and to embrace it as a meaningful portion of life: for centuries great epics and entire mythologies have been created to interpret this realm beyond sight; explaining why ancient beliefs were not dogmatic but suggestive. They were merely a representation of something that holds no name.

The entire world is in tune with this harmonious connection, and all of the world's many aspects play a role in its continuation. You can escape it by running into the technological monoliths of humanity, but these railings against the natural chain of events are only temporary. They will be torn down as their potential is taken to its ultimate conclusion; one in which a denial of any of nature's aspects is a right to suicide.

The individuals who accept reality as a series of causes and effects escape the neurosis of this time. The understand that the purpose of ideology is to find the best way to accept both the constructive and destructive in life, and so discover a greater love for our short existence. By escaping fear, and adapting emotionally to their world, they become the most spiritually and emotionally aware people on the entire planet.

June 30, 2009