About T.U.C.

The Undiscovered Country was formed an intoxicated spring night in 1992 by college sophomores L.B. Noire and S.R. Prozak, who had figured out that using an electronic medium, even one as primitive as the VAXen of the time, was more cost-effective and less environmentally-destructive than any other form of publishing. Thus they built a mailing list in trusty VMS mail, and set about editing the uber text-file. However, T.U.C.'s origins lie further in the past than that...

During the late 1980s both Noire and Prozak were living temporarily on the outskirts of Houston, Tx, while plotting their next attempts at infiltration of mainstream society. During mass drug-taking and meditation, they encountered the concept of a "distributed network" -- a coordination of data scattered chaotically but unified through broadcast means. They envisioned it as a field of plants, who spread information without needing delineated plans and/or static tools to help them.

This "research" led to trouble with the law, so both Prozak and Noire bucked town in favor of the Austin beat, with Noire residing thereabouts today and his comrade forging farther west. However, they could never forget the vision of connected minds, perhaps even minds connected by the same obscure and puzzling influences that drugs left in the minds of the user. Their obsession lead to first the inception of the project in 1992, and then its subsequent resurrection after a year's absence in 1996.


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