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Oration of Disorder

The Oration of Disorder was a death metal, black metal, heavy metal, speed metal and grindcore radio show every Friday night from 8-10 PM. For six years of continuous weekly broadcast the Oration of Disorder brought the intense brutality of underground death and black metal metal in the style of underground radio: chaotic, violent, and fervently honest. Hosted by veteran metal DJ Spinoza Ray Prozak, the Oration of Disorder features the best black metal, death metal, crossover metal, speed metal, thrash and grindcore that he can find regardless of chronology.

Coverage Area

Coverage Area for the Oration of Disorder

The Oration of Disorder can be heard in the following communities: Montclair, Pasadena, Upland, Fontana, San Bernardino, San Dimas, Glendora, Covina, Monrovia, Asuza.

About the Show

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