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Heavy Metal MP3 Sharing FAQ

  • Heavy Metal MP3 Sharing FAQ

    Covers how to trade metal mp3s on IRC, DC++, through your browser and NNTP. Etiquette and good trading practices inluded. A good way to get started downloading and trading full album underground heavy metal (death metal, black metal, grindcore, doom metal, speed metal) mp3s.

Heavy Metal MP3 Sharing Download Through Browser

DC++ Hub: Neoclassical (Heavy Metal, Ambient, Classical, Folk) Full Album Mp3 Trading Hub

MP3 Full Album Underground Metal File Sharing Through IRC

  • Using IRC

    IRC is a chat network which permits file sharing via DCC sends and receives. If you don't mind putting up with the inflated egos people get when they achieve "power" as an operator on an IRC channel, you can find a lot of classic heavy metal, black metal, death metal and doom metal on these channels:

    Channels for Discussing Metal


    Channels for Trading Metal MP3s


Recommended Software

  • Recommended Software for MP3 Traders
    • CDex 1 copies sound files from your compact discs and converts them into MP3 (or WAV, if you want to edit them). Suggested setting for filenames: %1 - %2\%1-%2 - %7. %4 (see Options/Settings/Encoder).
    • Audiograbber 1 is another powerful CD-ripper.
    • FLAC 1 is a lossless format into which you can encode CDs, for a 30-60% savings.
    • Audacity 1 is an open-source free audio editor that can help you trim away irritating intros, piece together files, or even make postmodern art out of the simplest punk tune.
    • CD Burner XP 1 is an open source Nero clone that will help you burn FLACs to CD.
    • Foobar2000 1 is a free audio player that handles MP3s and FLACs easily.
    • MP3ext 1 helps you enter and read information encoded in the identification tags of an MP3 file; this is usually stuff like artist, title, origin, and genre.

Our Mission and Stance on Copyrighted MP3s

  • Mission

    Our mission is to spread the best of underground metal and to bury the worst. We call this musical natural selection.

  • Natural Selection

    We upload music so you can pick only the best to buy. This starves bad musicians and bad labels, letting only the strong survive, which in turn strengthens metal music and the metal subculture.

  • Stance on Copyright

    It is not our goal to help the piracy of mainstream music. In underground metal, where 1000 CDs sold is a big seller, the biggest thread is listeners not getting to hear the music they might want to buy. We do not tolerate mainstream uploads and we do not support MP3 trading at high rates; our goal is to get listeners a chance to listen to music so they don't buy crap and weaken the genre.

Have fun and don't get AIDS!

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