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From: "DAve B" <>
Subject: (No Subject)

a monkey that wrote in to the website I have just read the 'metal rant' about Chuck Schuldiner on your website. I must say that I am quite disgusted and appalled, but somehow not surprised. While I do find your reviews to be original and quite comprehensive, I always had a feeling that everyone at the Hessian Society were nothing but a bunch of small minded, easily lead automatons. To say that ANY sort of ideology or philosophy is unwelcome into the art of metal makes you no better than the Christians that both you and I cannot tolerate. While I despise the Christian faith, I do not say what others should and should not believe. To say that Christianity does not belong in death metal makes you much more blasphemous to the metal code of ethics than Chuck ever was. Never more will I return to you website of ill-repute, and I will discourage all metal fans and listeners to avoid you page AT ALL COSTS. Have a nice death, facists.


And we care about missing out on one more pissed-off armchair surfer why?

From: non avail <>
Subject: The Metal FAQ

a monkey that wrote in to the website I'm kind of interested in seeing when you and your associates were given the publishing rights to say what metal is and isnt. I'm intrigued. Considering the fact that most people that listen or play metal have a complete 180 of opinion of what you say it is or would think your wrong in some ways. Please, tell me, becuase the last time I listened to some early 80s metal, I wasnt hearing all this Hitler loving and general hatred and misinformation.

I also enjoy that you call everything you disagree with propagandic and ignorant, but you say you are about being free willed and spirited.

Whoever wrote this is like the purest example of why people talk shit about anyone who listens to metal. Please, grow up. And the whole thing, I guess you are trying to say you are a closet homo, which is ok, but I doubt your friends would appreciate it over at the Stormfront forum.

Yawn... one more guy who knows what he doesn't like, but has no idea what he likes. You get points for tastefully avoiding the cliché "You must be faggots" and for failing to understand the FAQ at all. You can win redemption if you point out one place where the FAQ claims 80s metal has anything to do with postliberal politics, but you won't be able to, since that part of the FAQ is about black metal... one subgenre out of at least five. Please go back to your pathetic existence and your overlooked USBM band ;)

From: drew <>
Subject: your site is brilliant, but...

i've quite enjoyed your site for a year or so now, the ideas expressed seem very logical, well thought out, and i find myself in complete agreement with almost everything expressed.
i have one question that has continue to nag at me for a long while.
why the insistence on praising/following "satan"? if you throw out the entire judeo/chirstian sham, then surely you throw out the idea of "satan", no? it just seems inconsistent to me.
by believing in such a being you are using the same tactics the fucking christians do(albeit to scare them by embracing what they fear), and in doing so giving them creedence and justification.
the realization that the entire judeo/christian movement is nothing more than a way to control people and thought, and is complete and utter bullshit and a scam that should be completely erased from the earth, seems to me at least, to completely nullify the idea of "satan"
i could be missing something though. if so, i'd like to be set straight on all this.

Thanks for writing inward. As in many artistic genres, our site uses Satan and other images from the past as metaphor. For a good idea of what Satan might represent, check out a copy of Blake's "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell," the Nag Hammadi texts, or Milton's "Paradise Lost."

Subject: Texas secession

a monkey that wrote in to the website You guys don't seem to be having much luck with your Texas secession ideas do you? Maybe you need to realize that you're nothing but a lunatic fringe and nobody gives a damn

Except people like you, who get upset and can't help themselves, so they write in to be abused.

From: "Guido Heijnens" <>
Cc: "DESIGN-MARCO" <>, <>
Subject: on Chuck Schuldiner...

a monkey that wrote in to the website Hey pathetic guys...

Unbelievable you speak about Chuck like this, what is your age, 12 years old or what ???
Believe me, I am not christian at all, but even if Chuck was, who are you to speak these things about a well respected, wonderfull Metal musician ?
Let Chuck's music do the speaking....
People like you are the christians in this world with your moralistic bullshit.
If you are trully that "evil" and "satanic" then you would know that everyone should free and able do chase happiness in their own personal way.
Maybe the name of your website says it, yes, what else could I expect from people with this name...maybe you are what comes out of an anus...shit !

Guido Heijnens
Hammerheart Records

Yeah, we care what the biggest ripoff label in metal thinks!

It's very "Christian" of you to assume that each individual should do what they want, despite consquences. What if Chuck had "wanted" to dump toxic waste in the river Thames? But it's good you wrote his mother to stop her from hurting.

And what was Chuck's contribution again? I think Sepultura, Bathory, Sodom, Celtic Frost, Possessed, Master and Morbid Angel all beat him to the punch with their first death metal albums.

From: kelechi darl <>

a monkey that wrote in to the website LOOK I MUST LET YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT A BEING, SINCE

Hysterical disorganized ranting always makes me want to change religion.

From: "Selim Lemouchi" <>
Subject: My 2 cents

Dear mister Prozak,

My name is Selim Lemouchi, I am a 22 year musician from Holland.
I am not really shure I've got the right person for this but I have got a couple of questions about, that is if you're willing to spare some of you're time for me.

I have been reading a lot of the reviews on the site, mostly the black metal section, and I've been seeing a lot of what could be easily described as pro-nazi rhetoric.

my question is are the people at anus who are in my opinion very smart and educated writers, also of facist/nazist persuasion?

Are music, heritage and politics a trinity by which anus reviews the bands?

I ask this because a band like Graveland which, in my opinion, is nothing more than a 3rd rate bandwagon Nazi black metal band, are up there with emperor and ildjarn as house recomendation.

I know that there are a lot of fascist and deeply chauvinist BM bands/artists out there (Burzum/Impaled Nazarene/Necromantia) but I personally just like the music and the overall atmosphere, and as long as the nazist ideas are not presented in the lyrical content I don't mind the personall beliefs of the individuals in the bands.

Furthermore when I read the Hessian studies (where does hessian come from? "Rudolf Hess"???) I sense a broad anti-leftist vibe, would you care to explain these things?

I am not trying to put anus in a bad light but I am simplly curious about these things.

I Always thought black metal was about the freedom to think/do what you will, and not caring to much about the social implications, for me that includes judging people on account of their actions and not their heritage.

Thanks for your time!!!

selim lemouchi


I would like to close on a positive note; namely the fact that in all my quests for good BM documentation there has never been a site/book/whatever that has given this much in depth research into the conceptual, musical and historical merits of the genre. although far from complete anus gives the best possible overview for my favourite music

so please keep on the good work!!!

This question seems to come up a lot, which makes sense given its predominance in the world media. George Bush calls Saddam Hussein an "evil fascist" and we all run to crush him, because that's the "right thing to do"! In other words, morality is total social control, even if it seems to keep away those you've been taught are the essence of bad.

We review by music and coherence to metal ideals. Our personal politics have little to do with it, with the exception that we discriminate against Judeo-Christian bands as it is metal to do so.

Our view is that graveland is amazing music, although if you've only heard "creed of iron" and the full-length before it I don't blame you for thinking they're second rate.

If you sense a "broad anti-leftist vibe," you're correct. We're against many things, including the forms of secular Christianity known as leftism and humanism. Did you know that during a time known as the "Renaissance" in Europe many great things occurred, but also some horrible ones, including the acceptance of morality as a secular value, and the idea that human beings must be the center of the universe and the top of the food chain?

Black metal is if anything a revolution against individualism and leftist and other humanist philosophies derived from the Judeo- Christian religions. It is not a tolerant genre. While does not necessarily share the beliefs of these artists, we celebrate each artist for what inspires them, taboo or not ("freedom of thought").

I find it deplorable that people devoted to "freedom" consider a witch hunt against certain political beliefs acceptable. If one desires freedom it must apply to all beliefs, even those that are currently very scary in the view of the general public.

Thanks for writing and bringing this important issue to our attention in such a literate, respectful way.

From: "sheldon kierley" <>
Subject: Count the cost

a monkey that wrote in to the website Ijust visited your web site and can only say one thing; COUNT THE COST!! You take pleasure in mocking God and his creation. Remember, he did create the world and everybody in it, and he will punish those who die in their sin. Please realize, God loved you so much he gave his son's life for you, don't throw it back in his face. God doesn't want to destroy you, but he will. Remember, Satan is a created being, God IS NOT! I have felt his wrath and it is not a fun thing. PLEASE RECONSIDER WHAT YOU ARE DOING!! When you die, and are seperated from God for good, you will wish you had listened to these words of warning. Remember, God will only strive with you for so long before it is too late, don't end up dead and seperated from the only one who ever truly loves you and wants to bless you. Don't listen to Satan's lies anymore, remember, it was Satan who lied to the angels and now they suffer the same fate. I say these things because I care. I was once a Christian who knew God and his love until Satan decieved

One of the things they taught us in advertising is that if you repeat anything enough while appearing "passionate" or "upset," people will assume it's profound. Christianity causes humankind to separate from nature and consider nature to be a gift of "God" for our use and misuse. That's insane. "God" himself has no precedent in nature except humanity, which are less godlike than one part of a natural system with a specific role to play. My advice is to get over your morality and more importantly, get over your mortality. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR LIFE INSTEAD OF OBSESSING ABOUT YOUR DEATH. Stop being so negative and embrace what is in all of its terror, beauty and luscious joy.

From: MR. DOUBT <>


Anyone who doesn't like society as is must have failed in it. There are no honest dissenters.

From: the faithful <>
Subject: Soon you will see

a monkey that wrote in to the website how Wrong you were all these years. You are like a puppy that got spanked once and so you lash out at GOD but don't you realize only GOD can save you from your own anger. You are drowning in your own hatred and should realize that only GOD is LOVE.

Rip the sacred flesh
Sodomize the holy asshole
Drink the red blood of the mother of earth
Masturbation on the dead body of christ
The king of Jews is dead
and so are the lies
Vomit on the host of Heaven
Masturbate on the throne of God
Break the seals of angels
Drink the sweet blood of Christ
Taste the flesh of the priest
Sodomize holy nuns
The king of Jews is a liar
The Heavens will burn
Dethrone the son of God
God is dead
Holyness is gone
Purity is gone
Prayers are burned
Covered in black shit
Rape the holy ghost
Unclean birth of Jesus Christ
Heaven will fall
Fuck the church
Fuck Christ
Fuck the Virgin
Fuck the gods of Heaven
Fuck the name of Jesus

From: Michael Flathers <MRflathe@Anselm.Edu>

a monkey that wrote in to the website you guys are a joke. Let me guess you are attention-craving losers who cant get girls, and are morons. I am guessing that I am right and you are exactly that. I am not even that religious, but you guys are fucking retarded. I just thought that you should know that.

That's right. Anyone who has any desire for "change" must be unable to get laid or have friends. Since that's your logic, you must be an attention-craving loser to write to us, correct?



I'm still trying out the linguistic implications of "ASSHOLE BASTARD." I didn't know it was possible to get pregnant that way.

From: Cory Sutton <>
Subject: What is metal?

a monkey that wrote in to the website Can you help me solve a dispute? What would you classify Tool and A Perfect Circle? I say that at the end of the day when all is said and done they are metal, do you agree? my friend says they are alternative, I know this is a somewhat childish question but it needs to be settled. Thanks for any help you can give.

Great question. The answer: these bands are mainstream alternative bands that borrow heavy metal stylings. Since heavy metal isn't that much different from rock-n-roll in a generalized sense, it's easy to merge the two into minor-key whining. It's important that these bands not be seen as metal for an understanding of whatever artistic ambitions they have. It's also useful for mocking them for being such corporate stooges preaching politically-correct, socially-conformist rhetoric disguised as rebellious "entertainment."

Subject: (no subject)

a monkey that wrote in to the website u r fuckin dickheads

This one floored us. At least he's got the sense not to pretend he's somehow making an argument or starting a debate.

From: Jarrett <>
Subject: FU

a monkey that wrote in to the website You sick fucks deserve to die. You should shove a shotgun up your ass, and pull the trigger. Fuck you all.

Thanks for the advice. There's nothing like some drunk guy writing in to tell us to fuck off to reaffirm our knowledge that we irritate the fuck out of you sheep.

From: Tony Blair <>
Organization: Labour Party

a monkey that wrote in to the website Praise the lord all rejoyce the lord is hear 2 save us and u fuckin sick shitheads are gunna go 2 fuckin hell where u belong u sick and twusterd shit heads I LOVE GOD AND GOD IS GREAT

That explains the need to attack "evil" like Iraq, which has been under constant U.S. assault for ten years.


a monkey that wrote in to the website You are STUPIDS for this HORRIBLE photos

You are OBLIVIOUS if you think we weren't going to laugh at this.

Subject: Questions.

Is there any way I can get an e-mail address at that host?

Also, why do you consider yourselves Nihilistic, when you believe in positive change?


Good questions. First, no to the e-mail address. Second, we're nihilists because we believe society is hysterical and neurotic with its divisions of "good" and "evil," and what we first need is an absence of trained or inherent belief in order to see the truth clearly. A little bit of antisociality, a little bit of THC, some meditation and lots of continental philosophy can cure the problem of "Western culture" in anyone with a reasonable intelligence.

Subject: (no subject)

a monkey that wrote in to the website what the hell do you think you people are doing to other human beings, thats sick and wrong and if I was you I would stop before you get in a bigger mess

Before, we didn't do anything and society got in a big ol' mess anyway. Now we're doing something, and the mess keeps getting bigger. Is it all our fault? Oh no!

From: Keith K <>
Subject: Cannible Corpse

Why don't you feature Cannible Corpse in your reviews? It seems like they don't get much respect from serious death metal fans.

Yes, there are several good reasons. Thanks for writing in such a respectful manner (you should see the other letters we get on this topic). First, Cannibal Corpse stole everything they know about making metal from more reputable bands (Morpheus Descends, Suffocation, Immolation, Incantation). Second, they're sold-out corporate whores. Third, but not necessarily in this order, their lyrics are dishonorable toward women and we want no part of that. If you can't get laid or have a small dick, writing lyrics like "Stripped, Raped and Strangled" is a good way to make the whole genre look stupid. We don't moralize either side of the process: Cannibal Corpse is fucking stupid.

Subject: (no subject)

a monkey that wrote in to the website Fuck You


Subject: spinoza

a monkey that wrote in to the website you are afraid. why there is no need to fear what is coming. death is but a rebirth of what you have already expirienced, BIRTH. as you so temptously put it, that you have been placed by society in position to fail. but you do not see the rest hovering around you. WAKE UP. death is only but a test to see how strong you live.              ALEJANDROELUNICO

Funny, I thought death was what happened when life ended, and thus my quarter's worth was up. You can learn a lot from videogames: when they pull the plug, your game is over!

From: "emcee axon" <>
Subject: your site...

a monkey that wrote in to the website ....Yeah I just checked out your site - it sucks. Lacks quallity content, Unoriginal pics(seen 'em in homocide books), and among other things the site is just plain worthless.

You're fighting for a lost cause, sure , we'd all like a little anarchy but come on how realistic is that... I actually feel embarassed for people like you. You are the imbred people in trailers, the uneducated, and the ones that when you realise how you wasted so much of your time with this bullshit that you spew- will be lookin' for a hand out from the ones you put down --sayin' you're the government take care of me , your citizen, and they will, to some extent, but fuck it you're an "anarchist" why don't you just take all the american(you know the country you wish to have no laws and provide no rights or protection for you cause you're fuckin' superman and have the ability to take on the other billion anarchists that will be runnin wild trying to fuck you in the ass if there were no rules or regulations...but anyway back to what I was sayin...)currency - take all that money, that green cloth and burn all that you have. Call it a it right now---------do it.....I didn't think so anarchist has the balls to do that because you are all hypocrites. But you already know that.

As for your hate of GOD ... I hope you change your ways the Bible actually read it...I bet you never all your bashing is out of ignorance (see paragraph 2 line 4)Find JESUS for your sake ...I did and I was just like you...........and remember the BIBLE for the most part is teachings and metaphors don't take too much literally..........oh one more thing..........if you stay as you are now remember this "you can do more damage on the inside than you can outside"........think about it.........and fuck you cause I'm an anarchist and a christian!

Dearest reader, I think you have a very negative view of life. Anarchy assumes that we can't govern ourselves, therefore we should govern ourselves. Christianity assumes that since we can't handle death, we should make up a magic world of supernatural symbols where it isn't real. Bottom line: both are crazy, and you are too. I can only suggest more Morbid Angel, Ildjarn and Dead Can Dance in your life!

From: "Chris" <>
Subject: you are fucking crazy

a monkey that wrote in to the website what the fuck is wrong with you, you fucking demented bastards! I mean, yeah, some morality subjects taught by any Christian churches are somewhat extreme, but this bullshit Satan crap you are publishing is the opposite of the spectrum and just as extreme as fundamental Christian doctrine. You, in essence, are being just as gay as these so called preachers. Why not just forget about all this shit and just live your life while getting wasted and having fun- that is what it's all about.          -Moderate on the doctrinal spectrum. P.S. the rest of the ANUS.COM site is cool.

Thanks for the compliments. Short answer to "why not just forget about all this shit and just live your life while getting wasted and having fun": because putting my head in the sand and masturbating has never gotten me anywhere. We're all in this together. When one of our great Christian leaders starts the next crusade in the middle east, you might find my words useful.

Subject: (no subject)

a monkey that wrote in to the website what kind of person runs that kind of site r u messed up i mean im sorry but thats scary

The best part is that we're not scary. We're just not buying the mainstream bullshit, the Christian and secular Judeo-Christian fatalistic ideology, and the international corporate product values system. Other than that, we're just like you! Think about that one.

From: John Darnielle <>
Subject: You suck

a monkey that wrote in to the website I have no meaningful debate for a guy who doesn't know the meaning of either term. Just the abuse you so richly deserve.

I'm not Christian, dude. Or Jewish. I was raised in an atheist household by a guy from Terre Haute, Indiana, one of the most outrageously anglo cities in the entire history of the world. My "blood," which subject seems to interest you Texan types a lot, is Anglo-Scottish on Dad's side and German on Mom's. You wouldn't know a fact if it bit you and it would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. Equally pathetic is your ongoing fumbling around in the dark trying to figure out who I am.

You are a complete moron, and your curly-ass hair was awfully funny last time I saw it. Your radio show used to kick ass, though. Pity about this hard-on you've got for Jim Goad and Boyd Rice. Whatever. Sincerely,
John Darnielle

Letters full of abuse are the last refuge of conformist hipsters trying to appear "different" with their melodramatic bands, railing against anything which they perceive might make change in the social situation that they exploit. In other words, you have a small dick, a small mind, and you're trying to pretend neither is true with "grand feelings" as a certain philosopher would say.

It is interesting however that our most persistent critics are those who run "competing" metal review sites. You tried to rip off the concept I've championed for years of "ambient metal" on your site, and you keep trying to cop my style, but you're still just a poser. And while you waste time writing flames, we're moving ahead and laughing at you.

From: "katherine smith" <>
Subject: Time to come home

a monkey that wrote in to the website your time will come..........
blood that you pretend to bleed
will freeze in the very air you confiscate
your hatred is a trick and has decieved no one but yourselves and you still believe it is a battle between unholy and holy thoughts, how foolish!
you are as ignorant as you are decieved
your thoughts are theatre to the massess you are a tool in thier hands!
your symbols are as weak as your arguments and shock no one anymore but yourselves.......You know nothing of power -child.....
you allocate to much to the ordeal and mislead yourself into thinking that you belong to evil
you are a joke- a cruel placed innocent
you are as virginal as your "Prayers of Hatred"
I haven't been this amused since "AVE MARIA" was written....
Your not worthy of standards.. But this you must know as you play your life out as an "ANTI"
your not worthy of true evil- I don't want you and your kind
you defeat my purpose with your black and dark ways
you make me out a goat- a poor denied castout "wronged" being
you make me as useless as a denied as a childs crys
only rebellious bickering that feeds off of the counter philosophys of judeo-christian thought.
True evil is apothetic..
true evil is having no opinion at all
true evil is not this silly power tirade that you prattle on about.
heal your self and you will know that there is no power in the "CHURCH" and there is even less in your empty promises. I know eternity... I know time... I know all that is and will be.
Continue as you must being a tool to the very thought that you deny and you serve Jehova well!
You are his angry child who helps define the Lamb
The need to complete the circle, What is love without hate?
What is good without bad?
You run to symbols that you cling to in reverance and submission like They do to the cross. How defining to your childlike wailing. Your sorrow rings loud in your writings. Who hurt you? Who pointed you to the way? Who denied you? Who embraced you? Hate is not the opposite to love child. Hate is the lowest level of Love. The opposite to love is apathy. The evil you embrace is the leftovers of human existance... It is what has not evolved... yet. Your primal crys and empty rantings worship no organic spirit outside of time. They are a HUMBLE AND MEEK play on the scripts. Degradation and humiliation and shame and regret are the tools they put in your hands to use... to further the cause of the rightousness. They are the paintbrushes that paint our society. You and Anton and John Paul have done a good job for the Catholic Church. You should be ordained a priest! YOU SERVE THE SAME CAUSE!
Now this must be a given. And I bet you are foolish and stupid enough to believe that all the blood and the black, dark sinister thoughts make a difference. you think that having no morals marks you as one of my own. All the fucking and sucking in the world makes no difference to me.Do you think I require sacrifice fool? It is what They expect you to act and think like FOOL! They identify you by your theatre! By your crass intellectual drama. Do you think that I was a cloven hoofed- being fool! I was the most high one! I was the beautiful one. I denied myself and fell because I embraced vanity. I mocked the force that made me. I despised my station. I loathed myself because I was complete! I was finished. I was given grace and beauty and I despaired because I was complete! It was my weakness fool! My feeble inability to recognize the true nature of the gift I was given! Complete yourself and you will recognize that the very breath you breath was planned! They very thought you think was organized in time beyond measure. You have only 1 power and that alone is measly. You have only the power of choice.Nothing more. Anything beyond that is GRACE.
You are like a fool in Laramie Wyoming (Luis Hutchinson/Large) who took his anger and his pain and his disillusionment -his weakness, is insuffecientcy, his meekness his contempt for himself and started to worship a "force out of time" Nothing in the God vs Devil arena kind of stuff. But his focus was on ANTICHRIST. He even named his chiled AZRIEL after the angel of death! What A FOOL HE WAS. a INNOCENT NIEVE CHILD! hE THOUGHT THAT THAT WOULD IMPRESS ME Imagine how nieve he was. How ignorant his simple feeble brain was in believing that old argument. He was a fish to the bait.HE.... LIKE YOU ARE SIMPLE LITTLE BEINGS. Time to come home. Come home.
MOCK HIM??? you wouldn't even know how. Mock him? do you think its in playing the devil?How parocheal. how ignorant. Why don't you join with your fellow Jesus freaks like Jesse Helms and Oral Roberts and Ol' John Paul and throw an All night orgy. Sacrifice some virgin on Hallows Eve, Drink some blood, kill a cat.... chant some ancient prayer.Listen to ol' Cradle of Filth, King Diamond and the Morman Tabernacle Choir( all the same) Geneflect maybe do a confessional and then say a few hail Mary's. You might beat one another with your rosary beads. Its all the same to me. In the end all you have is your illusions.

"Home" is where they love you without requiring you bow down to some imaginary leader in the sky. I think you're wrong... because I worship an equally arbitrary deity, the Universal Space Unicorn. The USU tells me that he's the only god, and that he's the most powerful. Not only that, but the USU tells me I'll go to a place called "Endless Prostate Exam" if I don't start believing in him right away. Not only that, but in the USU's holy book, he says he kicked your god in the nads a few millennia ago. Those who follow the USU are the only righteous ones, and the only people who should make decisions which people of all other faiths should follow. After all, the Universal Space Unicorn told us so.



Thank you. We love having visitors like you.

From: (
Subject: i finally understand

i have always been i realize maybe i shouldnt be.I now understand confusion in its worst form.Should i stay in social conformity and live in denial...or cross over to what appears to be sane in a very insane world?i suddenly feel sick

It's sickening how entrapping "good intentions" have been. Everyone wants to be nice, ready for new ideas, able to judge someone on whether or not they're a scumbag? These ideas have been perverted into morality, "open-mindedness," and egalitarianism, all of which just make it easy for the degenerate elements of humanity to gain power. Fight back: pursue education, social power and status, and honest behavior to the furthest extremes possible and your example will be noted by others. As intelligent people awaken, the uniformity of the social order is thwarted, and their weapon -- doubt -- becomes our weapon of crushing the artificial and senseless social order produced. Never give up hope for change, because change is in your hands.

From: "Brendon Small" <>
Subject: hey pal

a monkey that wrote in to the website dear person who didn't sign his or her name,

great review.

a couple things:

feel free to hate anything we do.

remind yourself occasionally: it's only a cartoon.

also you're not the only one who's allowed to like things. other people can like stuff too.

there are many things that fall into many categories that may be sub- sected and chopped up and over analyzed by any online know it all 'career hessian' (love the 'career' part by the way- anyone that has to say it. . . )

and we don't care what you say spinal tap was a great movie and it will never grow tired.

and what's wrong with wanking on guitar? it took me a long time to learn how to do that. sheesh, is nothing safe from you career hessians?

oh you call it slander we call it love- I'm sure we could do this all day. . .

i don't need to tell you where our support comes from in the metal community- i'll let you do that research on your own (should you still be frothing and all) and you can hate all of them as much as you hate us. fine with me.

hipster? thank you grandpa. haven't been called that yet.

you simply writing that article is spreading the word about our low budget crappy show with no advertising. we thank you for that.

i'm sure you're a nice guy, now if you'll pardon me I have a ridiculous 'cartoon' to make and underground metal to fear (to a degree).



Brendon is one of the creators of Metalocalypse, a TV cartoon for morons. He wants us to know that "you're not the only one who's allowed to like things -- other people can like stuff too" and doesn't realize that to someone who understands philosophy or just common sense, this is an idiot argument - an evasion. What if I like killing you? How do we both have it "our way"? What if I like dumping toxic waste, molesting kids, etc. etc. -- at some point, there's a line between truth and falsehood and it's not the bullshit relativism that Mr. Small endorses. Our comments are accurate -- he'll forever be an outsider to underground metal because he cannot accept its worldview, and therefore as an outsider looking in, has only negative comments to make about us to make himself feel better. His "support" in the "metal community" comes from arch-sold-out burn-outs Metallica. Thanks for writing, Brendon. In the time it took to read this, you've come to your next dose of AZT. Never forget your AZT!

From: "Devamitra"
Subject: Reagan & metal

a monkey that wrote in to the website Was Ronald Reagan an influence on 80's heavy/speed metal? I recently watched some 80's movies and remembered something you wrote in the "history of metal" essay, but whereas you focused on the way the heavy metal youth was disillusioned and disbelieving of the government more and more, I got this thought: wasn't the macho / fight against enemies attitude also inspiration?

Thank you for writing in with this perceptive question.

Ronald Reagan was more than a president; he was the symbol of a time, and the attitude of that time shaped speed metal both in strength and self-destruction.

After world war ii, conservative politics began a slow downward spiral as the liberalization of social policy led to liberalization of other parts of society. Liberalization became, in the words of at least one journalist, an endemic trend, because it claimed its pertinence through the vehicle of its currency in a "new era." This trend continued to its apex in the 1960s, when the generation of people who grew up hating the 1950s because it conflicted with the increasingly liberal sentiments taught in schools and on TV, in a fit of pique, created a passive liberal revolution that lasted from the late 1960s through the late 1970s.

The force that changed this was Ronald Reagan, who despite being an american-style conservative (a type of liberal) brought back a hard-hitting conservative rule which aimed to reverse most of the changes of the 1960s. To the children of those hippies, raised on the vestiges of the 1960s as hybridized with the solid economic reasoning and self-centeredness of the late 1970s and early 1980s, the "Reagan revolution" was a terrifying return to compulsory military service, potential nuclear conflict with the Soviets, state-sponsored spying, and an almost Nazi sense of duty and personal sacrifice. That was highly inconvenient. As many people as hate George W. Bush now were afraid of Reagan and saw him as the doorway to Ragnarok.

The single biggest issue that shaped speed metal was the very real threat of an apocalypse, which sprung in the 1980s because of the advances in nuclear missiles and targetting of the 1970s and first days of the 1980s. Before that, nuclear death would have come from a bomber; now, it would scream across the sky and arrive before its sound in a mushroom cloud of thermonuclear heat. While nuclear bombs were always scary, push-button annihilation of other nations became viable in the 1980s, like other conveniences (push-button divorce, fast food, drugs, marketing, telephony and so on). Because speed metal needed to attack a range of issues, it grouped them and nuclear war together, and blamed Reagan for his bellicosity.

One interesting feature of metal in the 1990s was that it entirely refuted this liberal ideology, including the liberal aspects of Reagan. To those who lived through what came after Reagan (and his successor, George Bush senior) through the presidency of Bill Clinton, liberalism had become exactly what ten years earlier it was feared Reagan would: a McCarthyist, totalitarian attitude where views other than the dominant were feared. The problem was that in the 1990s, the dominant views were liberalism, and we had hoped that liberalism would save us from conservatism, which we feared would be the path to a McCarthyist totalitarian state. In the 1990s, we learned that there are many paths to a totalitarian state, and even several kinds of totalitarian state, and so as a means of avoiding that, metal turned toward the organic state (where culture, heritage, religion, philosophy, language and values are shared but not imposed by a bureaucratic, moral or viewpoint otherwise external to life itself). All of this was unknown in the simpler 1980s, when people simply wanted to avoid nuclear war and the police state they saw forming in response to the threats of nuclear war, drugs, hackers, satanists, etc. Speed metal's self-destruction occurred in part because it tied itself to an obsolete point of view that became the oppression it feared from another corner. It debunked itself, and music since then that continues beating the same tired tin drum has exhausted its fan base to the point where they go through the motions but don't give a damn. See Rage Against the Machine's use of Che Guevara as McDonald's style marketing. Left = right = the crowd and human decay, unless it implies a sense of structure like, say, Romantic poetry or black metal did.

It's important to remember that Reagan was a symbol of this time, and not its cause, even if people during the time mistook him for it much like ill-informed people now think removing George W. Bush from office will affect a marked change in our nation's futures. They blame the president in office for the results of much larger trends, and pretend they're wise for doing so. For popular music, Reagan was a symbol of the time, and people pushed back against what they feared was a Nazi/rightist future (as opposed to Stalinist/leftist) by using Reagan and the police state and nuclear war as symbols for all that was wrong, or "intolerant," with society at the time.

The 1980s were a time of flash taboos on both the right and the left. Al Gore's wife Tipper Gore spearheaded an organization, the PMRC, who wanted to ban heavy metal and rap music because of their satanic, often salacious, lyrics. Did you ever wonder why slayer embraced satan with relish? They were fighting back -- not rebelling, fighting back -- against the climate of fear of the 1980s. Slayer found a more elegant and artistically meaningful use of Satan, as other bands did, as the calls for censorship, mostly from the left, went on. The right was busy dredging up its own fears: drugs taking over our children, central american communists at our borders, domestic terrorists and hackers, and most of all, Soviet supremacy resulting in a nuclear advantage.

As it turned out, Reagan was probably right about the soviets, and he managed to crush them only to have Bill Clinton avoid the politically unpopular but historically feasible act of dominating them once their economy had collapsed. Notice the crowd doesn't blame him for this -- they're too busy being trendy and talking about how much they don't like George W. Bush because he, OMFG, started a war, and we all know wars are bad (and never, never necessary). Reagan, as a reaction to the reaction to World War II, set off the reaction to reaganism that speed metal empowered, which in turn became so oppressive in trying to deny realism that it prompted the fantastic, Romantic, idealistic, fascist-realist (and often Nazi) response of black metal. At that point, metal ran out of external targets that were temporal, because now it was playing with the eternal questions of philosophy. That's the point from which it will grow in the future.

Reagan's influence is still with us. Some bands, like Napalm Death, have never stopped blurting out the dogma of late 1980s liberalism, even as their audience comes to regard them as a curiosity. Others, like Queensryche, remain popular for having put into metaphor the fears we all had of those days. More people now are relaxed on Reagan, as they will be on Bush II, because they see how intense a problem potential nuclear conflict really was. We may yet learn not to conflate the leader with the situation in which he or she must rule, but so far, there's not a sign of that in the larger masses.

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