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Century Media

1453-A 14th Street #324
Santa Monica, CA 90404
v: 310 - 574 7400
v: 800 - 250 - 4600
f: 310 - 574 7414
Metal label unafraid to take chances with signings and now holding much of the world's great metal including Emperor, Sentenced, Sacramentum and Possessed. Last mail order with them took about three weeks to arrive but was in good condition at competitive prices. Currently, they're trying to combine mainstream "angry" music with underground metal, and the result is a schizophrenic catalog and for many, a lack of respect. Although Century Media signed a number of classic death metal bands (Unleashed, Grave, Morgoth, Lemming Project) they gave in to financial impulses and with Stuck Mojo started pursuing emo, metalcore, and nu-metal dollars and thus gained the nickname "Century Mediocre."
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