Anti-Racist Nationalists

Anti-Racist Nationalists

The average person cannot distinguish between patriotism, nationalism and racism, and it is a mistake to assume they are degrees of the same order. Patriotism and racism are parts of the current political system, where nationalism is an order that has come both before and will come after the current order. It is a worldview and type of civilization that is irreconciliably opposed to the type of society we call "modern," and is equally opposed to both patriotism and racism.

Nationalism is understanding of each society as an organic entity. It is neither individualist nor collectivist, but is founded upon the belief that in the mathematics of the universe there are incentives to live according to a certain design, and that we as individuals fulfill this design, which includes but is not limited to the collective or the individual. The individual both serves this design and is served by it, for it provides a more stable and nourishing society than modernity can.

Malcolm X, Black NationalistModern civilizations are organized and distinguished from one another by political concerns, which are abstract rules applied uniformly to individuals who are presumed to be of equivalent tastes, needs and inclinations; they are utilitarian by their nature, which is propelled by the needs of industry to have equal workers to continue the flow of profits. Their goal is not empowerment of the citizen, but the use of empowerment to drive the citizen into traps of his or her own making, preventing an interruption in the flow of memoryless, cultureless labor who can be molded into the patterns of thought needed to drive society's machines.

While these societies speak of "freedom," "equality" and "peace," what they generally intend is to release the citizen from all obligations except earning income, at which point the competitive nature of earning income drives citizens toward increasing allegiance to the system that manipulates them. Modern societies focus on the external factors of human existence, such as that we are all individuals, and by treating us alike hope to instill in us the same motivation; this makes us easy to manipulate and predict. Such societies by recognizing the external factors of our lives in equality deny the internal and unequal factors, and thus give us nothing for which to strive to prove our individual worth except money. They produce people of low self-confidence as a result, and these people in turn detest anyone who hopes to rise above the artificially-conditioned "equality" of servitude.

Nationalist societies are based on an eternal order which will benefit the entirety of any civilization, including the collective, its component individuals, and the surrounding environment. They do this by targetting the internal, or what makes us truly individuals, and by giving to each a place in which he or she can serve a larger order. Nationalist societies are thus both anti-individualistic, and affirming of the greater worth of the individual; there is no single competition for greatness, as the battle for wealth provides, but a sense of having a place in a cosmic order mirrored in a naturalistic human society.

To this end, in nationalist societies, we are each seen as having a place defined by heredity, with those who prove aptitude for another task being shifted to it more permanently over the course of generations. This means that the son of a baker may never grow rich as a king, but that he will never be impoverished, either, barring complete incompetence or large criminal activity. We recognize that people cannot be controlled externally, and that only our internal inclinations to be either constructive or destructive determine the nature of our behavior. The son of a baker who is uncommonly able will rise above the levels of his fathers, but only after many generations will be ready for kingship; this is the way of nature, which took many years to breed humans from chimpanzees and even then has provided us with people of constructive and destructive inclinations in every group.

Our goal is to nurture those who are rising in quality, preserve those who are consistent across generations, and slowly remove those who have criminal or parasitic intent, because as modern society teaches us, even giving them degrees and making them rich leaders does not remove the corruption in their souls. This conflicts with both modern society and racist ideology in that we believe each population must set its own standards, and thus to have outside-bred people in that population will subject them unjustly to its rules. For this reason, we believe not only in racial separation but in separation of each race into its component ethnicities, with greater precision as possible when approaching the local level. This is a contrast to racism, which believes one race is absolutely superior to all others, and patriotism, which believes all people joined by political ideas are of one society.

Nationalists seek a civilization unified by a single leader, but ruled entirely at the local level (city/town/parish) with those localities joined loosely into regional kingdoms. The leader of a nation does not command the people directly, but passes demands on to the kings, who subdivide them among localities; this way, if any leader on any level is corrupt, it becomes more quickly visible and the people are able to remove that leader without undue disruption to the political process. At the local level, no one is forced to deal with another, but they are allowed to form allegiances naturally, and local leaders can be selected by any means desired. Nationalism is the ultimate non-bureaucratic, non-standardized, non-utilitarian form of governance.

Thomas Jefferson, American Nativist NationalistAlthough we believe in the separation of ethnic groups, we do not do this from a belief that other groups are "superior" or "inferior," but from one that each population must govern itself in order to work organically. After all, culture arises when people of a similar heritage come together, and as culture determines those who rise or descend according to local standards, it breeds people who find harmony in its ideals with their own. We are thus opposed to racism because it not only corrupts a sensible concept, but turns a logical decision into a paranoiac and violent emotional one, ensuring future suffering for people of all races. As such, it is our belief that nationalism is simultaneously opposed to both racism and patriotism, which would include all races who swear allegiance to an abstract and unrealistic common political principle.

Modern society has existed for a few centuries, and during this time has destroyed more of the ancient cultures of all races than any war ever could. It has sponsored pollution, starved millions, enslaved others in boring and endless wage-obedience, caused overpopulation, made species extinct, and given wealth and power to the most corrupt, depraved and parasitic among us. It is breeding more people of that nature. It will never stop its destructive ways as like all truly destructive things, it wears a positive outlook but inwardly cares nothing for the destruction it causes or the creation it fails to achieve; its only goal is power and wealth. Nationalism is the only force today that opposes modernity.

Nationalist societies are more respectful of nature, and would reverse the wholesale pollution and desecration caused by the last five hundred years. Nationalist civilizations respect all cultures and recognize that there can be no equality between them, as each is important for its own unique adaptation to its own part of the world; culture is to be enjoyed and defended for its own sake, not for its utility as a means to some political or economic end. Nationalist cultures give greater respect to the individuals and protect the working citizen from undue economic competition, while giving to that normal person a guaranteed living and stable social existence. Nationalism opposes the concept that one world government, media and economy can define one type of ideal person, whether blonde-haired and blue-eyed or dark-haired and dark-skinned, because in each part of the world there is a different culture with different values. Nationalists do not believe in a single right way of living, and there is no center to the nationalist universe, only endless potential for diversity.

It is our belief that nationalism is entirely misunderstood, and that often, nationalists revert to racism in a defensive posture; further, enemies of nationalism like to accuse it of racism. Our goal is to achieve a nationalist world order without the petty vengefulness and emotional overdrive caused by racism and patriotism, and we ask you to consider the possibility of such a world order and how you might work to achieve it.

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