Anti-Democratic Action (ADA)

ADA (Anti-Democratic Action)

Of all the problems we as thinking beings face, the hardest to recognize are the biggest and most obvious because our brains dismiss them in advance as background noise. In the case of modern society, the elephant in the room is our propensity for choosing ideas by their popularity with individuals and not their fitness for the task as a whole. This elephant manifests itself as democracy, consumerism, trends and social cliques. The ADA intends to identify and then smash this unrecognized, glaring problem.

The most visible edge to the mental error of modern times is democracy, and the ADA takes its name from targetting this sacred cow first. While we expected to be vilified, slandered and harassed for this stance, after long thought we have recognized it is the only possible fix for the problems of our civilization. All other suggested "solutions" are symptomatic treatment, which has a 100% failure rate insofar as it never changes the destiny of the patient in question.


We the people (who think) recognize that democracy has four major failings:

1) By the nature of trying to find one solution that represents everyone, democracy cannot accept any complete plan and thus offend some of its members, but must work out a "compromise" that preserves the appearance of change but, by adulterating and hybridizing details of any proposed plan, make it a muddle that defaults to the status quo.

2) Intelligence and nobility of character are rare; most people lack these traits in the degree needed to make decisions for a nation, and democracy cancels out the votes of the intelligent (the minority) with mass opinion.

3) Democracy encourages egomania by encouraging people to vote according to what brings them personal gain, ignoring the question of the best plan for all (usually beyond their comprehension). This egomania creates a passive citizen that acts only through the voting booth, and rejects all civic action outside of it, while expected government once elected to solve all social problems through more government.

4) To motivate sluggish masses to pick one choice over another, democratic leaders must oversimplify topics and create theatrical opposites. Proposals must be streamlined to the most simplistic four-second sentence available, and foreign nations must be turned into demons (Hitler, Khan, Satan) in order to kick-start democratic nations to war before it is thrust upon them with attendant higher casualties and longer struggle.


In preference to democracy, the ADA desires:

1) Local government. All people governed and their leaders should have daily contact and be dependent on the same local economy. Larger alliances can be made for continental military defense, road-building, and environmental cleanup.

2) A wise leadership caste. All those who are not only smart, but healthy/beautiful and capable of noble judgment should form this hereditary group. From these leaders are picked, and the rest of these counterbalance any single leader. Those who inherit caste but lack skills are excluded.


Our methods:

1) Convince our people that bad leaders are not the problem, but bad methods used to select them. Even with good people, democracy is a failure. And most people fall short of even that criterion.

2) Illustrate that our "freedom" includes no option for changing the nature of our system to something other than democracy/consumerism. Even to elect Communists is to still have a government based on motivating people through money, and measuring them through money.

3) Educate people in the global and complete history of democracy and its failures, including the ancient Greeks and prior societies. Point out that in every instance, democracy has failed and converted healthy empires into secret oligarchies of power manipulating clueless and greedy masses.

4) Nominate people for a leadership caste, educate them for that role, and paradoxically, get them elected for local government positions.

And when these are achieved --

5) Sue our parent nation-states for the right of secession on the grounds that our preferred political systems have irreconciliable differences.

Ours is not a movement inclined to violence. However, we realize that we must exclude from our communities those who will work against our type of society, and there will be plenty. If they do not go willingly, we will use legal process, passive restraints and nonlethal combat technologies to relocate them. We also recognize that democracies, being a facade of "progressive" ideas hiding a deep inner selfishness, are hypocritical and will therefore act against us with both law and violence.


Seeing that democracy is a disaster is impossible for most people. They do not think on the scope of what happens beyond their lifetime to areas larger than a local community. Democracy gives them an easy, lazy, pampered life where they feel they have enough control to restrain more competent people from compelling them to live less uselessly. This collective blindness is further proof that democracy is a failure: government "by the people" does not consider the question of what is right for all of us and the environment, but is well-tuned to individual selfishness and egomania.

Finding the right answer for a whole system - people, earth and culture - is difficult. Democracy sidesteps that question and functions by selecting the most popular option, promoting alongside it a social order of the same. If many (but not necessarily most) people like something, it must be good, regardless of its consequences. Suppose a product is garbage, a leader is criminal-minded, or a social group psychotic? As long as the product, person or group is popular, these questions are never raised. Popularity justifies any behavior, and for this reason no social or moral standards withstand the assault of democracy.

Popularity (democracy, consumerism, trends) defines our social values by the appearance of things. But beautiful actors often have rotted souls, and "equal" people cannot often do the same task; our constant rhetoric and emotional distraction of talking about "freedom" is a mask to protect what is popular: acting for oneself, and ignoring the consequences for all. Democracy is greed motivated by personal instability and underconfidence, and the ADA, who lack such problems, are determined to reverse it.

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