Barbarian Wrath Vinland

Our Barbarian Wrath Vinland order: Two items were purchased, one of which was out of stock, out of print and out of hope until owner LV offered to make a dub of it. Thus one item was purchased, and arrived within a week with a handmade CD-R copy of the other item. Service was friendly and responsive. All in all, the only disadvantage to this service is that they ship without CD cases, which sometimes results in slightly mutilated CDs/booklets. I recommend using this distro, but send them money to ship CDs with jewel cases.

cds mailed without cases

This fuck gladly sneaks himself free copies of others productions, responds with a void of silence, and has just approved himself as if not a ripoff, a person that I advice noone to deal with. I know other that has experienced the same shit, but then they have been ripoffed for large ammount of CD's, TAPEs etc. Possession productions from Belarus and Eldritch Music. FUCK HIM."

P. O. Box 347292
Atlanta, GA 30334
[email protected]

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