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Hessian Studies is the science of applying the means of analysis found in sociology and anthropology to the most intellectually ambitious genre to emerge from the evolution of popular counterculture, namely the heavy metal movement as it transmutes into the abstract, amoral and post-rationalist subgenres of death metal, black metal, and ambient metal.

These genres have tackled head-on the greatest quandaries of both ancient and modern philosophy, the valueless underpinnings to life and the question of how to find inspiration and passion for existence in a span of time doomed by mortality. Their efforts have met with great resistance from the public, who seem to prefer a fatalism of easy consumer product answers (Preparation N - Sets the mind on "stunned") to the ambiguous and structuralist ambitions found in the nihilism and cultural reinterpretation of metal.

Staunchly anti-Judeo-Christians, these movements have met with little investment from the academic community, excepting those (such as Deena Weinstein) who investigate heavy metal as a commercial phenomenon and find, to no one's surprise, that there is no ideology there other than social rejection, which makes it a feasible advertising bet. Motley Crue, Bon(g) Jovi, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Led Zeppelin, and other commercialist contrarians are not featured here. What you will find instead is the real deal - the artists who despite all odds are creating music of massive spiritual, emotion and logical significance in the evolution of the human mind and the consequent development of the species as a collective entity.

Entirely funded and created by members of the Hessian Studies Center of Los Angeles, CA, this site is a work of inspiration to those who have helped many survive the meaningless desert of modern times.

The Dark Legions Archive
Reviews of death metal and black metal albums.
The Hessian Studies Center
Philosophical analysis of metal culture.
A space for all Hessians to rage.
Oration of Disorder
A radio show that inspired this belief.
Spinoza Ray Prozak
Our principle writer and reviewer.

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