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Explosive growth of Earths population and exponential economic growth required by uncontrolled financial markets are quickly becaming unsustainable for Our Planet. We are expecting a grim future indeed.

But . There is a way out of the present dead-end. Comrade Linkola and Comrade Kaczynski have shown us a new road. In end of this road a new world is awaiting us, a cleaner, brighter world, a world soft as the cheek of a newborn baby. Now, we only need the courage to complete this journey.

Updated Sept. 15th 2001

It Is Beginning

Last tuesdays attack against United States is setting on motion an expected series of incidents. The final conflict between western industrial civilization and poor underdeveloped South.
The American public is demanding blood and its thirst shall be satisfied. The inevitable and massive retaliation will strengthen anti-western sentiment in Islamic world.
What is awaiting is a long standing guerilla war against US antiterrorist forces - and new attacs on western targets.
United States will be in state of war from this moment till her demise.
We can expect American anger and fighting spirit last perhaps years. Battle fatigue and toppling of government will nevertheless be the inevitable end.
Economy in the whole western world and in North America especially will sink into long recession. Open society and free market economy will not prevail when permanently under siege.
It is only a matter of time when Middle- Eastern oil producers will either be forced to impose a boycott or their societies will collapse due internal pressure. Energy crisis will follow. That is something North-American society , based on private car, will not sustain. Industrial civilization on the western hemisphere will be over by 2016.
This is the challenge for Europeans - It is our destiny to restore order into a world of chaos and destruction. To finish what our soon to fall baby brother has initiated -- Transition from consumer society to organic balance.

We told you so.

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