It would be nice and easy and predictable to put something "useful" like another links list on here, right? Like a promise made to a spouse during the dying days of a relationship, a links list is too easy. Here's some stuff to check out, it's important, KTHXbye. Hope you can do something with it because I can't right now. It's under construction too. Like trusting in the crowd to pick the right decision (they don't) or hoping the invisible hand of Adam Smith prevents child pornography from being a lucrative business (it doesn't), this is an illusion of our time: that the random "check out my important life" links list is worth a goddamn thing.

Any experience you have should be inspiring. However, most of our experiences are mundane. This page is an attempt to find the spirituality of the mundane.

Demilich's Nespithe is a great album for people who don't listen to death metal. You can download it for free on the net, use a search engine and find it (14 seconds). It's like death metal for people who wanted jazz-fusion to be more random, but more like the epic hobbit tales of later progressive rock, except it has dropped the pretense and gone for an artistic, motivic sense of centrality.

Going to the grocery store you probably don't realize routinely how many of the food items there are still made by small companies, many in rural areas that are family owned businesses. What foods do you like that you could sell? Dream a little bit, it doesn't hurt, unless like a drug you use it as a shield from experience to make life less painful. But if that's your trip, a grocery store won't help.

Isolate yourself by going to the room in your dwelling that you can best seal off from the rest of the world. Don't bring anything but a pad of paper and a pen. No TV, no computer. See how long you can stay busy, and what thoughts come out that had been otherwise lurking unexpressed. Then go back and do it again, no pad - no pen.

Wet yourself in public, if you can bring yourself to do it. This force of will helps you overcome taboo and fear of what other people think. It's also a good way to break down the Freudian potty training that is the Pavlovian root of our mental impulse toward pessimism.

Watch an undomesticated animal in the forest or wild terrain. You will have to find one and perhaps even follow it. Your first attempts will probably fail. How long can you do this? You may see what it is like to exist outside of the social mask.

Walk for five miles without any music or distractions like other people. This is a form of meditation that enables calm thinking by regularizing homeostatic process and providing a constant activity that occupies and pacifies the body while the mind has nothing to do but wander. Pure wandering is random, thus soon boredom hits and, brilliantly, so does structured thought.

Find a seed and grow a plant and practice giving it love. Nourish it with water and periodic fertilizer, if you must, but otherwise care for it as you would any other living being. Stroke it. Talk to it. Make sure it's not lonely or sad. See what you think about love after this experience.

Draw something that you don't know the words to talk about.

Attempt something in which you know you will fail and see how it feels. Take on a task for which there is no success, but find a way to devote yourself to it as if you did not know that. What did you learn?

Talk to someone you've never seen before on a random encounter. It doesn't have to be someone of the desired sex, but it should be someone you don't know, in a situation where there is no social pretext for talking. If you're really daring, try beginning the conversation with an abstract idea wholly unrelated to them, you or the situation at hand.

Put raw cayenne pepper on your tongue and then go about your business as if nothing had happened.

When you're bored, write out a history of your life sparing most of the details. Focus on why things happened (causality) and what they meant (idealism).

Sleep irregularly and keep odd hours, working around your job or school if you can. See what changes in your consciousness, and what you desire as a result.

These things will not change the external world, which as of now (2004) is in a highly diseased state, although not a universal one; there are many great things happening in addition to the massive decay. However, it will make you ready to be the change you seek in the world, and there are few greater self-achievements than that.