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E V I L  I N C A R N A T E

Theological discussion can ramble on for some time without reaching a conclusion, but for those who can perceive through feeling and logic, the basic ideal of rejecting the Judeo-Christian morality and central parental figure ("gOD") demands real-world action.

You will face adversity, as we have. Christians will claim that you are evil, on drugs (they may have a point here), and a Satanist; Jews will scream about "AntiSemitism" while continuing to murder their neighbors who are Arabic Semites. Face the accusations with pride and explain that you think their religions are inane and not a logical or emotionally productive approach to reality.

They will ask for reasons "why," and will claim no damage is occurring. Calmly point to some of the things you've learned here and through linked sites, and tell them that the long term damage from Jesus Christ, YHWH and Jehovah and pals is far worse than any disadvantages to chucking the whole religious charade now.






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