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Social Media Finalized The Death Of The Internet June 2, 2017 A few years ago a working farm opened up near me. These are farms that are open to the public, but show you how that exotic class of human beings known as "farmers" actually make food and survive without Amazon Prime™ accounts. The farm came about because a farmer allowed school groups to witness the slaughter, breeding and care of animals. Then they wanted to see how the potatoes were planted. Now tours of the fields were added, including a visit to the manure pile, where tourists could genuflect and debase themselves in order to assert humility, which always pleases the crowd. Soon the tours became more valuable than the farm output. They came from the cities -- doctors, plumbers, lawyers, carpenters, architects -- looking for a way to school their children in a way of life that had passed into history, hoping to bestow "authenticity" to a life defined by conformity, products, political correctness and public relations. They wanted an escape from the transactional life of the city, and an insight instead into what life is like when results in reality matter more than what other people think. In this way, the needs of the herd overwhelmed the realistic nature of original human behavior. The farm became a stage, and soon a gift shop appeared, and then there were videos and public image adjustments. Reality was forgotten and replaced by the human, as happens with every homo sapiens endeavor when it is about to fail. Humans love posturing and pretending. For them, to act like a farmer is to be the real thing because that is what people in their social group react to. They have no concern for being accurate, only for having other people nod and acknowledge them as having achieved another milestone on the path to greatness. Social media is the same thing. No one can tell you are a dog on the internet; via social media, however, you can be whatever you want. Ignore that failed marriage, day job in a cubicle, and personal ineptitude. On the social media internet, you are whatever you can project. Starting in 2007, the internet permanently shifted to the mobile device consumer audience, which means that it plunged far below the 120 IQ point minimum required by the old internet. Before Eternal September, the internet was limited to those who had demonstrated competence. After that, the herd began coming in. With the rise of Google and Facebook, the herd dominated the internet. This merely showed to us the need for hierarchy and aristocracy: if left up to the Crowd, every human venture degenerates to the lowest common denominator, and whatever makes it exceptional is lost. Social media is democracy with no standards: whatever herd shows up, and whatever majority emerges from the midst of it, takes the day. It is the equivalent of the audience for a circus or tent revival deciding our future, and in the case of social media, they choose our path by excluding anything that is not popular. Following that pattern, social media selects lies over truth. It prefers what most people want to believe is true over what is real according to the best minds we have. It is the triumph of the herd in denying reality so that each member of the herd may pretend to be a king, hero, genius, artist or inventor. On the other hand, this means the rise of an underground within the internet: the sites that cannot be found by Google, will not show up in your news feed, and will be censored by Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. The is the underground internet, and it is rising as the utility of the public internet plummets since it is now designed for and populated with the same people who watched a lot of daytime TV in the 1980s, like the poor, old, housewives, cube McJob slaves, mentally ill, physically broke, neurotic, intoxicated and lonely.
Ten Types Of Modern Fool June 4, 2017 When you live in a dying time, the most common response is to into denial, which consists of ignoring the actual problem and finding some way to distract oneself instead. For example, heroin addicts routinely insist that their problem is too much clutter around the house, a speck in the face of the larger problem of heroin addiction that looms over them like an unseen predatory god. With complex problems, craftier and cannier evasions commence. That is: people find proxies for dealing with the problem, or substitutes, excuses, rationalizations and justifications. These are symbolic problems that they either can conquer or will persist whether conquered or not, making them the safest enemy (one against whom the knight cannot fail or prevail). Null proxies like this consist of 90% of the activity of a democratic state or troupe of monkeys in the wild. You will find the following non-answers to be happilly promoted by humans from every race, caste, sex, class, religion, political alignment and sexual orientation. We all know our civilization has fallen and we are living in a vile and evil time, and that the solution is to give up our arrogance which insists we have the lottery of being able to do pretty much whatever we want but also having to suffer others doing the same. These null proxies are used by people who will proclaim them as "the solution" and then, like a monkey who has found a bone, will use that answer to beat on all the other monkeys to force them into submission to the will of the original monkey. Any time you hear someone speaking in this way, you may be dealing with an idiot -- not always -- but you are certainly dealing with someone who has lied to themselves at such a fundamental level that they will never tell the truth again:
  1. Education. This is a favorite because it is both a pose -- "see how educated I am, monkey above you other monkeys" -- and a non-solution that involves someone else who can be blamed if it goes wrong. Voters love it for the same reason; the answer to the question "why isn't our children learning?" is always to blame the teachers, the union, the racists, or the fundies, and this never goes anywhere because those groups, while incompetent, are not to blame for the fact that 99% of humanity can be taught only very little and do not want to learn anyway. Inequality thwarts education as an answer, but more importantly, so does genetics. People act as they are bred. This means they must have the genetic raw material to learn and be moral, and this can be refined but not installed where the rudiments are not present. Education is thus a do-nothing "solution" that amounts to a Soviet-style instruction to tell everyone what to do and fail them if they do not agree. Anyone talking about education as a solution is dishonest and probably flamingly stupid inside, no matter how much crap they have memorized on the surface.
  2. Exit. People in the middle between Left and Right like libertarians and white nationalists like this one. It allows them to avoid the obvious problem of civilization collapse and instead talk about how much better life will be if they are on a giant floating day care center ("seasteading") or in a capitalist plus private police corporate pleasure city like Hong Kong or San Francisco. Indeed, what most people signal with talking about exit is "look, I've got the money to get out, too bad you are an inferior monkey who does not." We know from the Civil War that any breakaway group will quickly be absorbed for its wealth as the nearby kleptocracies run out of tax-and-spend ducats. Even more, any territory that breaks free with a private security force will encounter other security forces who are big enough to take it on for the money. Exit is an excuse to sit around waiting for the right moment and in the meantime, to do nothing but pile up money.
  3. Multiculturalism. Diversity (or multiculturalism, internationalism, polyracialism and about a dozen other terms) means bringing people from the third world into the first world as cheap labor and then giving them entitlements to compensate, with the thought that these people can then be programmed to carry on the society in ideological and economic form. People who have given up on growing the balls to find actual solutions tend to like multiculturalism because it frees them from any obligation to perpetuate actual society because now they have constructed a toy version of it. Their former colonial subjects will memorize the crap, then distort it to however is convenient, and the society will not live on at all, but at least the dumb proponents of it got a chance to live and die without having to man up and do something about the actual problem.
  4. Nationalism. Nationalism is one of those ideas that is a necessary part of the solution, but not the whole solution, and so people who demand nationalism the loudest tend to be idiots who assume that if they just beat down the symptoms of our decay -- multiculturalism is a sign that your society has died, just like class warfare and lobbyists -- that they have solved the problem. These fools will, if we believe them when they describe their agenda, enact a race war followed by the exact same government and social order we have now. They may even preserve democracy, which makes them double idiots. They will do nothing about the decay at the center of civilization that brought about the failure of nationalism, and they have no plan for escaping all the other problems or addressing the needs that come after the breakup of multicultural society.
  5. Religion. When boring and unthoughtful people want to sound profound, they claim that the only salvation of our society is if we all turn to Jesus. The flaw with this is that mass conversion rarely happens, and when it does it is always a lynch mob type affair that is followed by dancing sicknesses and other superstitions. Even more, mass conversion misses the point that most people are idiots, and making them religious idiots merely turns them into self-righteous fanatics. Religion focuses on individual morality, which dodges questions of leadership and social order. As a result, mass religious conversion results in everyone trying to make themselves look holy while ignoring the problems around them. Religion may be an aid to a nation, just like nationalism is, and perhaps is necessary, but it is not the cause of a healthy nation. That requires homogeneity plus leadership plus culture, of which religion is a part and for which it is no substitute.
  6. Hard work. Popular with American conservatives, the idea of working hard and getting ahead is great except that it ignores the question of fixing civilization and results in people working on unecessary garbage, thus getting mad, thus going home to mentally abuse their families, resulting in a neurotic and angry nation. How do you get hipsters floating around every city? Successful parents who are cruel to their children produce dropouts, and people who are accustomed to forcing their way on others at jobs tend to take that mentality home and then treat their children like opposing parties in lawsuits, recalcitrant employees and hostile competition. The question is not how to work, but what to work on. We know how to work; that has never been a problem, and in our current egalitarian worker's people's glorious Soviet global union, everyone is a worker. But most of that time is wasted on the spurious and pointless, creating a deep inner rage and self-destructive impulse in our most productive people.
  7. Patriotism. If we could just burn all the flags, our future would be brighter. You do not have allegiance to a flag, government, economic or political system. You have allegiance to your people, their values and traditions, and the culture they have had since the dawn of their existence. Flags are easy because they require only token support of a state, which means cheering at the right time or going off to war when everyone else does. This misses the point that civilization is needed, and a nation is at best a means to that end, and at worst, a destruction of it. What is interesting is that patriotism is quickly captured by those who are not actually patriotic, but want an excuse to claim they are doing something of utility. These types are frequently found talking about how capitalism is destroying the nation. This is nonsense; capitalism always does the same thing, but that reflects the demands of the audience and the guidance of the leaders and culture or lack thereof. Capitalism is the only working economic system on earth, but when you are selling gadgets to idiots and loading them up with free taxpayer dollars to live out their New Age fantasies of self-importance, something else has gone wrong, and the start of a solution is not patriotism but getting over it. The state is not the nation, and not everyone can be saved. Preserve natural selection always and filter out the idiots, carnies, retards, criminals, perverts, fanatics, morons, egomanias, proles, plebes, dalits, unskilled labor and lawyers.
  8. Breed more. Internet idiots are fond of saying this: "just go have as many white children as you can!" What they mean is that someday, when the diversity republic makes everyone into beige people, they want that group to be just a little whiter so it can figure out how to destroy itself faster. In the meantime, their argument is an excuse for going back to that job, earning lots of money, paying fat taxes to the parasite state, and then having a bunch of kids so they can use them as baby bangles and brag about them on Facebook. This is a do-nothing response. Unless you change your failing leadership, your kids are going to grow up brown in this generation or the next.
  9. Personal care. Another trope that is popular on the do-nothing internet, which loves ideas like Libertarianism because they are convenient excuses for inaction not because it thinks they might work, is that you should go out and lift a bunch of weights, run a lot, train in martial arts and other capacities. But this is more self-flattery and preening disguised as activism. Maybe you need to do this stuff anyway, but it is not "the" path to take, and it has no bearing on fixing the West. It just enables you to watch the failure while you flex and prance.
  10. Democracy. Clusters of ideas reveal what they have in common. Especially after terrorist attacks, people like to talk about restoring democracy and defending freedom, liberty, equality, democracy, pluralism and diversity. These all mean the same thing: minimal social standards, so the individual has the fewest restrictions on his or her whims, so that people get to live out the fantasy of being important by posing around town as someone profound while doing utterly nothing to keep civilization from crashing. Democracy is the attitude of the fatalist who believes that nothing really matters except the self, and in this stupor of individualism, solipsism, egoism and narcissism they insist that democracy is under attack. In fact, democracy is the most popular political system because it demands nearly nothing from the citizen and gives them the ability to pretend to be anything. Mediocre men like to stockpile money as if to convince themselves that they are good. Prostitute-ish women find ways to claim that their behavior is actually enlightened. Dumb people pretend to be artists, philosophers and shamans so that they can LARP their lives as important. All of this is a vain herd, awash in preening and pretense, demanding that society support it while it pretends to be better in social reality than it is in actual and logical reality. Herds like this adulterate anything they touch, dumb it down to the lowest common denominator, revert it to the mean and then go on to the next trend, fad, mania or fascination, leaving behind mountains of landfill and failzed civilizations.
There is a bottom line here: the individual requires civilization to thrive, and must retake the reins of power so that authority can be used for good. This requires getting away from democracy because even smart people in small groups vote for illusions, evasions, deceptions and fantasies instead of realistic long-term plans. Humans are monkeys sitting in trees, each focused on making itself look important so it can gain rank in the tribe, while dangers close in and mediocrity prevails.
Rise Of The Middletons Worldwide June 4, 2017 Kate Middleton appalls many of us. Her family acquired their money by selling party products to fools. They are not attractive, have no grace, and lack depth of mind. And yet they are the ideal of our society. As a society is born, it has purpose. Its goal is to establish itself. It does everything as a means to that end, and adopts some habits and methods that seem to achieve that goal. Over time it becomes wealthy, and then those who sell things take over. They do so because they gain money and with it challenge the kings, using the church and other political factions as their tools. The goal of the merchants is always to acquire more. They are products of moderate intelligence plus uncertainty about direction, and they substitute for that with a limitless avarice for wealth, power and social status. To them, any power above them is unnecessary and unwanted. They do not understand it; in their view, if everyone just settled down to working hard and earning money, civilization would magically work out just fine. For them, the only morality is appearance, and whatever it takes to become successful is benevolent. We called them the bourgeois back in the liberal days and it makes sense to resurrect this term, or note that they are the prototypes of the Nietzschean Last Man. They do not care about heritage, culture, civilization, values or excellence. For them, everything is a means to the same end -- wealth, power and social status -- and so whenever they get "deep" or "different" it is just posing, a type of posturing that allows them to advance themselves. Every philosophy that is floating around in the public is a bourgeois one. Democracy paralyzes society so that people can harvest more money from the fields; libertarianism transfers control directly to the shopkeepers, circus owners and party store suppliers; liberty, equality, justice, freedom and tolerance are just terms for most of the same of those. Democracy and liberalism together convert societies into big open markets where the lowest common denominator always prevails. The only solution is a purge and a confiscation. A strong aristocracy can own everything, including that which they did not invent, to keep the lesser monkeys from screwing it all up. And every generation, we must purge those who reveal themselves to be empty, so that in the future our genome consists only of those of a higher mentality than the merchants. These people wreck civilizations.
Fear Of The Semite June 5, 2017 Modern people fear what they know will replace them. Their knowledge comes from a faint but constant awareness of their own weaknesses. Usually, they doom themselves with unrealistic behavior, all while looking for someone else to blame. The West fears Jews because they know that, unless we alter our course from mercantile democracy and diversity, we will end up like the Jews: a mostly-Caucasian tribe with an Asian maternal line and mixed random bits of other commercial tribes. Once you are mixed, you cannot go back, and it will take thousands of years to hammer out the confused heritage of your people and put them back on track. As a society fails, natural selection goes into overdrive. It removes those who need stability and order, and replaces them with people who are chaotic and driven by their desires. It selects for those who are good with money and naturally verbal, as well as possessing superior abilities to understand and manipulate others. When it is all done, you have a race of brilliant shopkeepers with no souls. This is what democracy is doing the the remnants of Western people, having killed off as many as it could in the wars for democracy (Napoleonic Wars, WWI & WWII). Now it is filtering out the sensitive, perceptive, prophetic, insightful and introspective and replacing them with a raging herd that cannot exist without constant distraction and fetishes. We are at a disadvantage compared to any population that has already been through downfall, and thus is optimized to live in these chaotic and neurotic times where the only skill that matters is manipulating people for money. Compared to Asians or Jews, we are newborns wandering through a wasteland, conscious of the fact that we are aliens here. White people cannot adapt. They do not support those among them who have abilities that could lead to the restoration of social order. They are fiercely competitive and enjoy the failures of others because they see that (mostly correctly) as to their own advantage. They work hard because they think this is a positive value. Unfortunately, they are working hard on nonsense and make-work. Their customers, clients and coworkers are all fools. They spend their days solving fool problems if they are competent, or if incompetent, creating them. For most people, work is a social exercise and a chance to be a big shot, so they screw around with irrelevant stuff as a way to demonstrating their importance. All of the monkeys screech and howl at each, each proclaming himself an individual above all others. When the hardworking but competent person comes home, he or she is in a foul mood. They have spent all day having their irreplaceable minutes of time on this Earth wasted away and fritterd away by fools, neurotics, scammers, dunces, opportunists and imitators. They then encounter their families, and treat them exactly like hostile competition, the other side in a lawsuit, flaky employees or coworkers who need to be shoved out of the way in order to get anything done. This is why white people are dying out: they abuse their children, instructing them in self-destruction, and those kids then wander off and do nothing with their lives, since their highest goal has always been to escape the family and mellow out while they heal, which usually concludes after their breeding days and best earning years are over. We are mulching our best into dysfunctional, angry people. Jews and Asians are adapted to the nature of living in a failed society. As a result, they nurture their kids, even when they are hard on them. "You can do it," they tell their kids, while Europeans tell their children, "You are good for nothing." It is not hard to see who will inherit the future.