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ANUS provokes censorship on Richard Dawkins Forum

Famous Atheist Forces Lackeys to Cover Up Unpopular Truths

January 30, 2008

LOS ANGELES, CA (News of Nihilism, NON) -- Upset at being usurped in its position of contrarian atheism, the Richard Dawkins publicity agency began publically censoring ANUS activists from its websites.

Richard Dawkins, the brand and meme, makes money for its owners by being seen as an extreme alternative to the mainstream belief in God, and this brand is threatened by the presence of even more extreme realists.

The nihilists of ANUS not only reject the idea of a personalitied God, but suggest an order to the universe based in natural selection of better abstract designs, or "idealism." In comparison, Dawkin's flailing answerless rejection of God is a paltry substitute for an ideology, and makes his followers look like lost angry sheep.

By rejecting not only false notions of God, but false notions of how reality is constructed, ANUS has surpassed the ultimate taboo: they affirm reality in itself. Among their many blasphemies against the pretense of the masses, they endorse natural selection for moron removal, ethnic nationalism for cultural preservation, socialism to enforce better quality technology instead of better profit margins, recognition of homosexuality and monogamy as equally natural, legalization of drugs, the necessity of conflict and the need for leadership based on actuality and not the utilitarian principle of feeding a crowd bread, circuses and pleasant illusions.

Like the other sheep, Dawkins and his followers want to pick a partial truth of reality and use it as their symbol of righteous anger, while ignoring what is needed to fix the decline of Western civilization and with it humanity's global fortunes. As a result, they invent "moral" objections to ANUS that are as pompous as the proclamations of any Pope or Priest, and are forced into hand-wringing censorship when the impotence of their position is revealed.


About ANUS

The American Nihilist Underground Society advocates nihilism, or a removal of interpretive layers from our perception of physical reality, as a means of transcending illusion. Nihilism denies value and purpose, which are byproducts of the human desire to judge reality and make a consensual "social reality" that by seizing on a single material factor misses the intelligible, or design-based, knowledge we need to adapt to reality. ANUS has been promoting nihilism since 1987.


About Nihilism

Nihilism is the belief that nothing we perceive has Absolute value; reality exists, but beyond its inherent meaning to us as the physical container of our existence, it has no significance outside of what we perceive. "The world is my representation," indeed. When we strip away all of the values projected onto physical reality and its outcomes, we are left only with personal ideal and natural ideal, and bringing the former into adaptation with the latter is the lifetime task to which nihilism is a gateway.