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Melbourne Meet-up

Australian ANUS-members consolidate for the future

August 11, 2007

MelbourneAUSTRALIA, Melbourne - The Internet, while an extremely effective tool for reaching a massive audience world-wide, is far from being the ideal method of communication. In the end, nothing beats a real life, face to face conversation. But, nevertheless, some feel anxious about relinquishing the degree of anonymity the Internet affords them.

So, on Saturday, August 11, a group of brave, intelligent and like-minded individuals met up in Melbourne, united by the recently formed Australian Nihilist Underground Society website. After the rendezvous at Flinders Street Station we moved on to a busy lounge bar where we relaxed and enjoyed a drink or three.

There was much to be discussed, and the conversation flowed easily as we sat outside amongst the beer garden in the chilly winter air. Our speech was lively, engaging and thoughtful: a refreshing contrast from what normally transpires when a group of strangers meet at a bar on a Saturday night! We were encouraged by our shared conviction, we learnt from each other's experiences, and we all came away with renewed vigour and smiles on our faces. Melbourne

In summary, the meeting was a great success and we plan on making it a regular event.

Some tips to keep in mind when planning future events:

- Saying "I'll be the one in the Darkthrone shirt" may not be sufficient to get you recognised on the stairs of Flinders Street Station (maybe consider wearing some tinsel or a flashing light next time?)

- Public transport cannot be relied upon to get you there on time. Catch the earlier train. Or the one before that.

- Remember that even the quietest of Melbourne's pubs is choc-a-block after eight on a Saturday night.

About the Australian Nihilist Underground Society

The Australian Nihilist Underground society is a particular instance of the wider nihilist movement begun by ANUS.com. Its basic aims are to promote the philosophy of ANUS in an Australian context and to encourage the perpetuation of nihilism in an autonomous and holistic Australian culture.

About ANUS

The American Nihilist Underground Society advocates nihilism, or a removal of interpretive layers from our perception of physical reality, as a means of transcending illusion. Nihilism denies value and purpose, which are byproducts of the human desire to judge reality and make a consensual "social reality" that by seizing on a single material factor misses the intelligible, or design-based, knowledge we need to adapt to reality. ANUS has been promoting nihilism since 1987.


About Nihilism

Nihilism is the belief that nothing we perceive has Absolute value; reality exists, but beyond its inherent meaning to us as the physical container of our existence, it has no significance outside of what we perceive. "The world is my representation," indeed. When we strip away all of the values projected onto physical reality and its outcomes, we are left only with personal ideal and natural ideal, and bringing the former into adaptation with the latter is the lifetime task to which nihilism is a gateway.