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Online Encyclopedia is a Gathering for Internet Predators


December 12, 2005
Parents for the Online Safety of Children (POSC)

Wikipedia.com. It is linked everywhere nowadays. Online forums, scholarly journals, blogs, high school research papers. Wikipedia is an "open source" encyclopedia with the philosophy of democratic contribution. This encyclopedia differs from other more established encyclopedias by it's editors; Wikipedia is composed of anonymous people contributing, deleting, and voting on various aspects of articles. Wikipedia is the frontier of online information distribution, with over 830,000 articles in the English language.

It does have many criticisms, but there is one very important question that goes ignored by the mainstream media and wikifans alike.

Who, exactly, edits wikipedia?

It has come to the attention of the Parents for the Online Safety of Children (POSC) that there is a underground cabal of pedophiles who edit wikipedia, trying to make wikipedia a distribution center for pedophile propaganda.

One user, who goes by the name of Zanthalon, writes on his profile, "Many of you have commented that the majority of my edits are on pedophilia-related articles. This is an area of interest for me since I am myself a pedophile, a girllover to be specific." He then goes on to add the standard disclaimer that is echoed by many convicted child molestors, "I would stress, however, that, I am not a child molester, having never broken the law or engaged in any intimate physical activities with any persons under the statutory age of consent".

Zanthalon is a frequent editor of the Pedophilia article, ensuring it is written from a pro-pedophile standpoint. It seems that wikipedia's administration supports what he is doing.

One wikipedia admin, by the name of Ta bu shi da yu, who is a self-described liberal marxist, goes on to commend Zanthalon's contributions.

Another wikipedia admin, by the name of Schissel, thanks Zanthalon for uploading an image. Schissel also has a curious looking red star on his wikipedia profile.

Zanthalon is not without fellow pedophiles at wikipedia. LuxOfTKGL shares pleasantries with his friend Zanthalon, and says that it is "nice to see you here." You see, Zanthalon and LuxOfTKGL keep in touch on a frequent basis outside of wikipedia, as they're quite familiar with each other. They're part of the pedophile underground that has infiltrated wikipedia.

LuxOfTKGL is a self-admitted "girl-oriented childover" and a "born-again Christian." Quite clearly one can see the recent scandals of pedophiles infiltrating the Catholic church for easy access to children, and there is no doubt that LuxofTKGL is following the same pattern. Especially when one reads what LuxOfTKGL has to write about sexual relations with children. Keep in mind he is a friend of Zanthalon, who claims to not have had any sexual relationship with children:

"I would like to see child-orientated pedophiles, openly allowed to be around children, without having to keep the issue of their sexuality a secret. I would like to see the public, come to accept that such peoples are not dangerous, and that having them around children, or even trusting them with the care of a child, is not a risk.

"We have a long way to go before such goals can be achieved, but I try as I may, whenever I can, to open the eyes of the ignorant on this matter, and ask for their understanding.

"I live as a GOD worshipping, child-lover, Blessed as long as I long as I put him first". But I put children second."

LuxOfTKGL is also the administrator of a community of pedophiles.

Once we visit Zanthalon's discussion page, we see one user asking Zanthalon to vote for a user named "Lucky69" to the admin team. This example of pedophile nepotism shows that a vulgar name of "Lucky69" does not deter pedophiles from putting sexual degenerates on the wikipedia staff. Lucky69 is now an admin at wikipedia thanks to the efforts of the pedophile underground at wikipedia.

Clayboy, an exposed boylover, says that, "There is no conspiracy to enslave your children. There is no attempt to sweet-talk our way into your hearts and homes. We are simply social outcasts because a part of what we are triggers a moral outrage. Yet we have never violated neither laws nor children. We hide that part of us all our lives, many living in shame and isolation, many in complex webs of lies and half-truths and secret despair."

Such sentiments were echoed by Joseph Duncan, a convicted pedophile and murderer. According to Joseph Duncan's blog, sex offenders are deserving of forgiveness and deserving of compassion. He said this before he kidnapped two children of 8 and 9 years of age, and murdered their mother.

A user named "Klaive" on wikipedia roots for Zanthalon's struggle to plant pedophilia in wikipedia. Klaive also admits to viewing cartoon child pornography on a frequent basis.

Clayboy's talk pageshows us a fellow pedophile telling us that children need protection from society, and that there is nothing wrong with adult men having sex with children.

Rookiee, a boylover, says, "I'm an activist in the Childlove Community. I am a pedosexual and boylover. I host a podcast titled Pedologues which aims to objectively look at the issue of multi-generational relationships and how it relates to child sexuality, western society and law. I'm a self-admitted pedant." He then goes on to add, "I do not plan on 'spreading propaganda' as many claim our side of the issue likes to do." Of course you wouldn't, Rookiee. Of course you wouldn't.

On the pedophilia talk page, we find a probable pedophile named "Rainbird" defending pedophilia and complaining about sex offender registries.

Bias works its way in from the pedophile community; one admitted supporter of pedophilia by the name of 24ip is a constant contributor to the Childlover page, and enjoys changing semantics to portray pedophilia in a desirable light.

A pervert named Sweetfreek complains about the "western" attitudes towards child molestation, and dismissed a murder-rape case of a seven year old girl as only a murder.

Neural, a supporter of pedophilia, complains that the treatment of pedophiles mirrors that of the treatment of Jews in nazi germany. Neural has an admitted interest in "erotica", but avoids specifying the type and form of erotica.

Perhaps the most disturbing element is that wikipedia allows anyone, provided they have an IP address, to edit and change an article without registering. This means that wikipedia does not check for credentials at all. Any pedophile can edit any page to promote a deviant agenda, and-- as the talk and history pages for the pedophilia pages show--such is the case, with IP addresses of random visitors strewn everywhere.

The Parents for the Online Safety of Children (POSC) organization is worried about parents letting their children into a website that is a known gathering for pedophiles. Any pedophile can easily obtain a child's IP address and use it to locate the child's place of residence outside of the internet. Pedophiles may also solicit children for sex or attempt to contact them through using wikipedia as a medium, or even find out their e-mail address or instant messenger screen name.

Since wikipedia allows pedophiles to edit wikipedia pages and view the IP addresses of children freely, we recommend that you use filtering software to block wikipedia from access in your household or school.

The internet is already a dangerous lurking ground for pedophiles; statistics show that about 1 in 5 children are solicited for sex online, and with the growth of the unregulated wikipedia, that number can only skyrocket.

Pedophiles are dangerous people who constantly insist that they are no harm for children, despite the overwhelming evidence against such claims. They tell us there is nothing to worry, that western attitudes are incorrect, and that there is nothing wrong with having sex with children. Such stratified claims show us that the pedophiles are too impulsive, and attempt to promote pedophilia in various contradictory ways, doing so to parrot out whatever argument will further pedophilia at the given point in time. Since wikipedia refuses to address the issue of pedophiles within its ranks and the allowance of random editing to pages, we can only recommend parents to withhold access to wikipedia.com for the time being.

About the Parents for the Online Safety for Children

The Parents for the Online Safety for Children (POSC) was created in 1997 by an organization of concerned citizens who felt that enough was not done to stop online pedophilia by the mainstream media and politicians. The POSC currently holds weekly meetings in three states and actively campaigns politicians for action regarding the Internet and pedophilia.

About ANUS

The American Nihilist Underground Society advocates nihilism, or a removal of interpretive layers from our perception of physical reality, as a means of transcending illusion. Nihilism denies value and purpose, which are byproducts of the human desire to judge reality and make a consensual "social reality" that by seizing on a single material factor misses the intelligible, or design-based, knowledge we need to adapt to reality. ANUS has been promoting nihilism since 1987.


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