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Houston Residents Show Frustration With Crowd-Inspired Religion

Church Desecrated by Vandals Unknown

December 12, 2005

Houston police are referring to the painting of a church with Satanic symbols as a "hate crime," despite evidence that Christianity as practiced by most people is a passive hate crime against those who want a sane world order. Over the weekend, activists broke into the church and spray-painted the number 666 and other desecrations upon holy ground.

Apparently, the Judeo-Christian God, "Jehovah" or "YHWH," has failed to intervene. He was as always unavailable for comment.

Christianity as practiced by intelligent people is an earth-bound, contemplative religion which addresses the question of spiritual transcendence through unity with universal order, or "God." In the hands of the crowd, however, it becomes a procession of sheep who demand proof that they will survive mortality (oxymoronically) in exchange for "doing God's work on earth." Some, such as philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, claim that Christianity's inception in the hands of Jewish sage Saul/Paul was motivated by revenge of the crowd against the few who can ascertain truth from this world, where to most people it is baffling.

"Your average person is mystified by reality," said ANUS spokestroll Vijay Prozak. "They have no idea how it works, or why it exists, and they substitute shallow mysticism for that knowledge. To them, anyone who does understand how it operates and warns them against overpopulation and genocide or rule by the masses is an elitist and a jerk," he commented.

Western history was once a forward-moving process of high culture and learning when the ethos of Western nations was one of heroism, or personal sacrifice to achieve abstract ideals related to universal order, on earth. At some point, the crowd rebelled against its leaders, and ever since then the Western philosophy, inspired by Judaism and crowd-controlled "Christianity," has been to save every life no matter how worthless, and to protect the masses of people who make stupid decisions from those who might save our collective posterior.

Most knowledgable experts agree that such a preoccupation with materialism and crowd morality is the final stage of a civilization before it collapses, something which the West's arch-nemesis, China, has been quick to notice in its preparation for final war against America and Europe. Given the flabby, spiritless, selfish, "individualistic" nature of most even non-Christian Westerners at this point, it is likely the Chinese will triumph and enslave all people of European descent, as is the right response to failing and egomaniac societies.

About ANUS

The American Nihilist Underground Society advocates nihilism, or a removal of interpretive layers from our perception of physical reality, as a means of transcending illusion. Nihilism denies value and purpose, which are byproducts of the human desire to judge reality and make a consensual "social reality" that by seizing on a single material factor misses the intelligible, or design-based, knowledge we need to adapt to reality. ANUS has been promoting nihilism since 1987.


About Nihilism

Nihilism is the belief that nothing we perceive has Absolute value; reality exists, but beyond its inherent meaning to us as the physical container of our existence, it has no significance outside of what we perceive. "The world is my representation," indeed. When we strip away all of the values projected onto physical reality and its outcomes, we are left only with personal ideal and natural ideal, and bringing the former into adaptation with the latter is the lifetime task to which nihilism is a gateway.