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Heavy Metal and Environmentalism Cause Terrorism

Will Make You Go Nuts and Destroy Los Angeles

September 11, 2005 11:51 AM CST

LOS ANGELES, CA (NNS) - In response to a veiled accusation by ABC news that heavy metal and environmentalism cause individuals to go nuts and join al-Qaeda, ANUS spokestroll Vijay Prozak revealed the terrifying, insidious linkage between heavy metal, environmentalism, and radical Muslim extremism.

"I bet none of you know what 'insidious' means," said Prozak. "This is why people blow up your twin towers: the decaying West has left behind a behemoth of greed that destroys all culture and nature it encounters." Prozak suggested that most kids begin listening to heavy metal "for a reason," and that that reason may involve their degree of dissatisfaction with society.

"Look at it from their perspective," said Prozak. "You grow up with parents who are 'too busy' to teach you anything, so you screw up everything, then get shipped off to college for hedonism before they put you in a job for the rest of your life. At jobs, the plot never changes, and soon existential pressure crushes you as you notice your life passing without having made any difference."

GNAA-ANUS collaborator g0sp-hell, lighting up a fattie while discharging a handgun at impoverished ghetto-dwellers attempting to steal his Toyota, agreed. "Your future sucks and you know it," he said. "What do jobs do for you? You work for someone else, doing menial shit, until you get sick of it and start your own company, at which point you have no life outside of it."

Prozak related a story from his own childhood. "I came home one day, and there was this weird dude in the house. I told my Mom it had to be a criminal. She said it was my Dad, that he was finally home from the office, and I was like, no way," said Prozak. "It was forgivable that I didn't recognize him. I had not seen him for 11 years because he was on business trips most of the time, got home after ten PM on weekdays and spent weekends in 'volunteer' and 'team-building' activities."

The ABC news article related that Adam Gadahn, who has shown his family and community that he really hates their values system by running off and joining al-Qaeda, was spotted on an al-Qaeda tape lambasting the USA. ABC then demonstrated that they are not tools of the government, nor impartial, nor inclined to moralize in order to dramatize the news, by repeatedly referring to the tape as "propaganda," a "diatribe," and a "communiqué." It then concluded: "Only a few years ago, Adam Gadahn was a southern California teenager with interests in the environment and heavy metal music."

Calling the language a "veiled attempt to associate heavy metal, environmentalism and terrorism," Prozak made explicit his own beliefs. "You listen to heavy metal because our society is one giant passive-aggressive Judeo-Christian beast that pretends to be the victim while slowly sucking the blood out of everything," he said. "We bring you our 'better' society based on economics, our popularity contests of elections, our crap TV and movies, and then call you a terrorist if you resist."

"Even further," said g0sp-hell, "People who resist within America are branded lunatics, haters, or terrorists, often for the simple crime of torching a few SUVs or a gluttonous housing project in order to preserve some forest." He took a long, deep drag and concluded: "We've lost our way, America and the West, and we're doing to destroy anyone who disagrees for making us look bad, at least until China wises up to how weak we are and crushes us."

About ABC News

An unofficial arm of the official NWO, ABC News strives to bring you the most marketable views uttered by public authority figures and advertisers. You can find their article here.

About ANUS

The American Nihilist Underground Society advocates nihilism, or a removal of interpretive layers from our perception of physical reality, as a means of transcending illusion. Nihilism denies value and purpose, which are byproducts of the human desire to judge reality and make a consensual "social reality" that by seizing on a single material factor misses the intelligible, or design-based, knowledge we need to adapt to reality. ANUS has been promoting nihilism since 1987.


About Nihilism

Nihilism is the belief that nothing we perceive has Absolute value; reality exists, but beyond its inherent meaning to us as the physical container of our existence, it has no significance outside of what we perceive. "The world is my representation," indeed. When we strip away all of the values projected onto physical reality and its outcomes, we are left only with personal ideal and natural ideal, and bringing the former into adaptation with the latter is the lifetime task to which nihilism is a gateway.