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ANUS Activists Disrupt Crowdist Spin Control

Revengeful Masses at WikiPedia and EndHate.Us Retreat in Confusion

6/13/2005 20:12:06 CST

Amidst the flurry of news reporting on trivial events which have nothing to do with the future of humanity, ANUS infoterror activists quietly achieved double victories against the forces of "crowdism," or superiority of the "equal" masses of neurotic and useless people over the competent few, by defeating them using their own methods.

In the first instance, the "anti-hate" group EndHate.us, which advocates passive site cracking methods as a means of censoring anyone who does not repeat the crowdist dogma popular with government and "dissidents" alike in the mainstream, had put out a press release describing a method of repeatedly loading images from sites in order to shut them down and remove their ability to get information out to the public. Despite advocating "freedom," crowdists usually do their best to shut down "dangerous" information, as they worry that if given freedom to choose, the silent majority of people who aren't yet so brainwashed by television they cannot tell reality from fantasy will opt for "dangerous" views.

However, EndHate.us was in for a nasty turnabout.

Using the same method that EndHate.us advocates for shutting down sites with which it disagrees, ANUS activists struck hard and fast to preserve free speech, and quickly thrust EndHate.us over its bandwidth quota for the month, shutting down the site as it attempted to shut down others. EndHate.us "activists" were unavailable for comment, as their web site is dysfunctional and they refused to list the phone numbers of the parents, welfare centers and other people who subsidize them while they engage in neurotic, anti-reality activity.

The second upset for crowdist cyberforces occurred at online "encyclopedia" WikiPedia.org, which under the guise of being an open source encyclopedia empowers crowdist forces to replace information with moral judgements against anything that is not friendly to the crowdist, Marxist and mainstream leftist agenda. Having put forth an article of lavish praise for African-American Christian internationalist activist Martin Luther King, Jr., himself friendly to the crowdist ideal, the WikiPedia.org staff were shocked to find out that someone had inserted a comment described the well-documented links between Martin Luther King, Jr. and plagiarism. Because such a realization is hostile to crowdist aims, immediate cries for censorship provoked a weeklong debate, but in the end the "free speech" advocates among the crowdists found themselves in the paradoxical position of advocating censorship of academic and scientific research, and thus relented and kept a single link to the material about King's plagiarism, with disclaimer, of course.

Crowdists and other human implements of mass revenge are unstable people who seek to control reality by attacking those who are not as unstable, and thus have for several thousand years been eroding Indo-European society with their neurotic alternation between pity and aggression. Because they are insane, they are insulted by anything which reeks of reality, and will do their best to censor, destroy, and stigmatize it, all while accusing anyone who disagrees with their aims of doing the same. While crowdism has been popular for many years, as pollution, climate change, overpopulation and land overuse threaten humanity, the few who have not yet been brainwashed into submission by television are finding new voices to criticize the formless mass and its neurotic, destructive decisions.



About ANUS

The American Nihilist Underground Society advocates nihilism, or a removal of interpretive layers from our perception of physical reality, as a means of transcending illusion. Nihilism denies value and purpose, which are byproducts of the human desire to judge reality and make a consensual "social reality" that by seizing on a single material factor misses the intelligible, or design-based, knowledge we need to adapt to reality. ANUS has been promoting nihilism since 1987.


About Nihilism

Nihilism is the belief that nothing we perceive has Absolute value; reality exists, but beyond its inherent meaning to us as the physical container of our existence, it has no significance outside of what we perceive. "The world is my representation," indeed. When we strip away all of the values projected onto physical reality and its outcomes, we are left only with personal ideal and natural ideal, and bringing the former into adaptation with the latter is the lifetime task to which nihilism is a gateway.