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The Danger of Racism and Anti-Semitism

"Writer" is about the lowliest position on the planet. Even if you clean toilets, you have more integrity than a writer, because what a writer normally does is manipulate people through their emotions, long distance. It's like a phone sex line for the higher functions of the brain: you promise something, make the audience visualize themselves having that, encourage an association with a product or action, and then sign off with some poignant, witty or tear-jerking conclusion. Your job is to manipulate others into thinking the conclusion of your thought, without having gone the intermediate distance, and then to act as you suggest they do. It's all in the "suggest" and "visualize," if you do it right, with very little in the easily-recognized and legally dubious explicit call to action.

There are some exceptions. While most writers are the modern equivalent of carnival hucksters, as are most philosophers and journalists, the highest among them are those who write to explain a phenomenon and to encourage not a static, fixed, obvious action, but an understanding of its mechanism, an insight into its design. The best literature and philosophy is this way, and the worst of those genres is a parody of the best, where complexity is replaced by binary statements and rigid herdlike thinking. It has always seemed sensible to divided these different beasts into two categories, the first being "art" and the second being "propaganda."

In the current time, however, it's very difficult to locate art. Almost all of what comes out of Hollywood very slickly manipulates, even when the topic at hand has nothing to do with what the manipulation encourages. In the 1980s, it became popular to quietly insert negative associations with drug use into movies. In the 1990s, racists and racism were portrayed as dumb and mean. In the 00s, what's being preached against is extremism and collective action in any form. A conspiracy? More likely those who control protecting their interests through the long arms of money, by hiring only those who think like they do and telling them that it's "good" and "moral" to manipulate minds through movies. Even if you don't watch movies, your friends and coworkers do, and thus your thinking is manipulated by them, as was the thinking of your grandparents and parents. It's a media age.

The unfortunate consequence of this media age is that people think in terms of the psychological suggestions offered by movies. There is no study of complexity, of design or structure, but a binary judgment: approved or disapproved. Nobody asks by whom is this approval granted or denied; it is assumed that the attitudes in movies reflect the common values of the sane people in society, although looking at the question scientifically, we find that movies reflect the attitudes of a small percentage of the population who work in media - people who, like academics or those who work for the government, are often completely out of touch with the reality of life for most people. After all, when you glide between cocaine parties in limousines and attend token groundbreak ceremonies for the tearjerk philanthropic foundations of your choice, you don't have time to glimpse reality as it actually is - you're too busy creating it as you wish others to perceive it.

Bizarrely, and humorously, some of the fallout of this media mindset afflicts those of us who, via our own thought and reading the mostly-older books of our culture, have realized we're in the middle of a great race swindle called multiculturalism. To summarize: culture doesn't equate to greater market share; in fact, it resists it, because people who have traditional ways aren't neurotic enough to buy tons of products they don't need. Insanity is profitable in that people who are mildly insane can still hold down jobs, make money and spend it on things to fufill their empty lives, thus passing on profits to others. Sane people don't do this and thus, on a balance sheet at least, are a loss for the power elites who - because media, votes and public opinion are up for sale in a society where everything has a dollar value - greatly influence the direction of our civilization. Because insanity is profitable, and culture reduces insanity, our traditional cultures are being replaced with a monoculture. The most effective method of doing this is to mix all the races together, and to take the people who result and raise them on a culture of television and products, making perfect consumers who have no genetic or personal memory of culture. The balance sheet literally glows in anticipation.

I doubt it has ever been spoken in such explicit terms by those in control. They don't think structurally. They think in terms of immediate power, and don't look far into the future, as to wield such power is to be in denial of its fragility, as otherwise the mind would boggle with paralytic fear. Don't look down - keep moving ahead - keep gaining wealth and power, and hope it will all work out. Thus those who are in control import people for cheap labor and, finding them useful consumers, market to them and, finding their offspring without culture, swamp them in marketing and intensify every stage of the process. It's not a plan, it's a cancer. It's not a conspiracy, but a void of power being replaced by the lowest common denominator action of humanity, which is selfishness and a denial of long-term visions: because long-term visions include among other things a realization of our own deaths, most people avoid them. They aren't manipulating us from a grand vision, but from a lack of vision, and such behavior always - not sometimes - brings about disaster in the long term. Until then, of course, they'll chortle along making money and then dodge the blame when someday on a blackened planet we wonder where we went wrong.

Multiculturalism is one aspect of this grand lack of vision, and to counter it, people have started fighting it in a well-intentioned but flawed methodology that includes "Racism" and "Anti-Semitism." Both of these terms are so politicized as to have lost meaning, of course; in theory, "Racism" means that you prefer one race above all others, but it's without context, so it is assumed by all to mean wanting to replace every race on earth with one favored race. There is no category for those who simply want to keep their own heritage and culture intact, except in National Geographic, and that only applies to tiny exotic tribes on faraway islands. Again, it's not a conspiracy; pity sells, where forthright values are harder to foist off onto masses of voters who are mostly distracted by television, drugs/alcohol, sports and new products. "Anti-Semitism" originally meant opposition to the Semitic systems of belief, both Islam and Judaism, as well as the racial groups to which they are linked. These days, it means any criticism of Jews, Judaism or Israel, and in a society where you cannot turn around without finding mention of the Holocaust, it's an easy product - again, pity sells, but complex solutions do not. While adopting the beliefs of "Racism" and "Anti-Semitism" is honorable in that it's an honest, aggressive and straightforward response, there is a dual pitfall to both of these beliefs.

First, these beliefs tend to degenerate rapidly into the same moronic yes/no thinking of our movies and the current time, as mentioned above. They are, like all other political elements of our society including multiculturalism, a kneejerk conditioned binary response. Where mainstream society says "multiculturalism=good, racism=bad," those who oppose it tend to think "racism=good, multiculturalism=bad," and from there their thought quickly degenerates into "other races=bad, our race=good." Once again, good intentions - terrible result. Bigotry gets nowhere with most of us, as we see it as an emotional reaction and not a logical solution. Further, by limiting one's approval to the category of race and going no further, one tacitly approves of many of the failures and degenerates in one's own race, thus contributing to dysgenics of that race which will eventually lead it to fall under the sway of broken ideas like multiculturalism. This yes/no thinking process is always a dead end, and while the impulse toward combatting racism and multiculturalism is good, the method leads back to the same cause it deplores. This is circular thinking, and leads to failure.

Second, and more dangerous, is the tendency to conclude that if multiculturalism and pro-Semitic beliefs are bad, simply removing these elements from our society will fix all of our problems. Nothing in life is ever so simple, unless one is dealing with the absolutely basic cases such as lice infestation, but human societies are more complex than this. The reason our society has problems like multiculturalism is that it degenerated; it degenerated because those of lower ability took their revenge on those of higher ability by using the greater numbers of those of lower ability to seize power, and thus, while showboating around "freedom" and "democracy" and "liberty," quietly destroyed our ability to distinguish better ideas from more mundane and mediocre ideas. This revolution of the masses crushed those who would lead society in a healthier direction, in part by throwing them into the same reactionary position espoused by racists and anti-Semites, and thus caused them to fail from within at the same time they were under assault from without. Christianity was one aspect of this revolution, but another one is economic competition: when money determines all value, there is no longer any importance to a leader who can avoid long-term problems, as long-term problems does not create more wealth right now, here on the balance sheet.

The reason we have multiculturalism and Semitism (Judaism/fundamentalist Christianity) is that this mass revolution took place. Linked to this mass revolution are many other problems, including our wanton consumption of our environment through overpopulation, the wastefulness produced by the faceless masses buying products that they feel will make them live the same privileged lives as those of greater ability, the slavery of all thinking people to jobs and money because those "treat us all equally according to ability," or the ability to want to earn money and do nothing else with one's life, at least. These diseases, together with multiculturalism, constitute the ideology of a modern time; as mentioned above, this ideology is an anti-ideology, like that of cancer or any other parasite: it has no plan but selfishness, and is blind to long-term consequences such as ecocide or destruction of our traditional societies. Multiculturalism is not the cause, nor is Judaism; they are the symptoms, and without the cause, they would never have taken foothold, much as a well-tended garden has few weeds as there's someone who can tell the difference between weed and crop who yanks out the weeds as soon as they grow.

Opposing multiculturalism and Semitism is perfectly honest, but only if understood in this context. Looking through history, we see no successful multicultural societies; all of them die out or collapse into third-world status within a few generations. Looking through history again, we see no society that has successfully hosted a politically-active Jewish population without collapsing or, because one cannot in civility remove a parasite, resorting to increasingly violent pogroms, of which the Holocaust is only the most recent and most publicized. Judaism is parasitic, there's no doubt about that. It makes a clear distinction between "the chosen people" and those goyim who are provided by the Jewish god to be a means of sustenance for the Jewish tribe. Admirably, Judaism is also racist, limiting itself for the most part to those of the Jewish ethnicity and excluding outsiders from its learning. It has a scholarly tradition that, were it compatible with their values, would be the envy of the scribes of Europea and Asia. However, it is incompatible with European beliefs: where Europeans tend toward idealism, including the concept of self-sacrifice for a higher good, Judaism sees only the individual and individual comfort, and doesn't concern itself with long-term consequences. It is the religion of traders and money-changers, thus this is natural, but it's equally natural for Europeans to recognize Jewish values and thus Jewish people as incompatible with their own. Thus there is no solution to the Jewish question except to resolve that they and their partial descendants be ejected from European lands, as they are incompatible. Interestingly, this can be done without bigotry, because we don't need to shoot them or hate them or gas them, only to recognize that according to our values system, their beliefs are degenerate and parasitic. To them, it may not be so, but that's not our job to decide. Our job is to decide whether or not Jews fit in our society, and the answer is a resounding NO.

A similar analysis can be taken toward multiculturalism, which would more properly be known as "mixed-race monoculturalism," since its result is the gradual mixing of races until a generic tribe is produced consisting of varied elements of all three (Euripid, Mongoloid, Negroid) races. Black values, Asian values, and Middle Eastern values are not compatible with Europeans, nor are the genetics from those countries, for the simple reason that if we breed with other tribes, we become something other than what we have been for centuries. This traditional heritage of our population is something that our ancestors achieved by making different decisions than those of Africa and Asia, both of whom appear to be populated by hybrids of homo sapiens with previous species of humanids. Our goal isn't to pass judgment over these people, nor to lapse into bigotry, but simply to conclude that their values and genetics are incompatible with our own, unless we seek to destroy ourselves (this is popular with many people because, again, pity is an easier sell, especially to the underconfident and directionless, than sense). We can see the results of this incompatibility in the experience of African-Americans. There have always been more impoverished whites than blacks, but never have whites equalled the destructive record of violent crime, venereal disease and social decay which blacks have achieved. Before anyone goes off sputtering irrelevant distinctions like "superior" and "inferior," simply consider that in a European-style society, anyone but Europeans is going to be out of place and facing adaptation to something against their nature, and thus will produce a fairly sizable rift!

When we get out of the context of thinking for a world order, and start thinking for our own homelands alone, words like "Racism" and "Anti-Semitism" have no meaning. In Europe, there should be no one but those who are culturally and ethnically European; thus Europe should be both "Racist" and "Anti-Semitic." European-descended countries, such as the United States, should follow suit, as their population is 60% European and their entire infrastructure, legal system and social system have been designed for Europeans. Jews and other races are not compatible with this, so we have a choice: either we dumb down the entire system so we can fit anyone into it, and in the process, make government and business opposed to all of our cultures, or we separate those cultures by heritage and allow government to support its own people. It is that clear. Currently, government acts as an agent of implementing multiculture, but given a little pressure from the white majority, it will respond by fragmenting and allowing those of European descent to have their own populations separate from the others. Naturally, most are trained by industry, media and government to fear this outcome, so they must be convinced. They will not be convinced by bigotry, which blames the problems of the European-descended countris on other groups; they will be convinced by arguments for ethnic/cultural isolation for European-descended peoples, if made in the context of a general reform.

Our future is bright, as European-descended peoples are awakening. Over the course of a few generations, new populations were invited into their lands, and it's now clear that the fusion isn't working. A silent majority in America is held hostage by the views expressed by non-European ethnic groups (predominantly Jews) in Hollywood, and by the populist sentiments of politicians and businesspeople who welcome all ethnic groups equally as a chance to make some income. During the time this has been going on, crime rates have skyrocketed upward, literacy has decreased, and the general method in which we must live has become more bureaucratic, more designed for a dumbed-down average, and more opposed to our traditional culture. This has in turn replaced our values with a commercially-viable "whatever feels good, buy it" mentality that has resulted in lower breeding rates, breeding for money, sexual promiscuity, rampant drug use, violence and frustration. Our society as it stands now is a dead-end path, including but not limited to multiculturalism and Semitism, and our people are slowly realizing it. You can help them along - encourage them to stand up for themselves first, and not to be lured into bigotry, as the people who propose bigotry are like most writers: they want you to reach their conclusions and act like automatons to implement them, so that they can take home the glory and the profit. Yet that's the same error that got us into this mess. Bigotry is the old error. Self-assertion is the new future.

May 18, 2005