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Why Not All Europeans Are of Mixed-Blood

When I tell people that I'm for localization and ecofascism, thus for ethnic pride and separation of races, tribes, castes and individuals in breeding, they have one of several knee-jerk reactions. Most dogmatics have this; what makes this dogmatism special is that it represents the cultivation of public opinion, namely that anything "racist" is bad and therefore we have to be extra-special-careful in avoiding it. I've detested taboos all my life and thus can't resist puncturing this one.

One of the most common responses is that mixed-blood people are stronger than "homogenous"-bred individuals. To anyone who knows something about natural selection this is laughable; you don't achieve better characteristics through random breeding, especially not from bringingly differently-specialized hierarchies in collision. In my experience, mixing the blood of European tribes, as in America and Britain, produces massively neurotic people; while they're driven to gain power via their inventions, they literally lack any ability beyond immediate skill, and are worthless as thinkers. It's not like we're short of people who can invent, write books, etc.; these tasks present themselves and yield to labor. In short, it's not work of creative genius.

Another response is the religious response, which consists of broad platitudes like "skin color doesn't matter." Well, skin color isn't the issue - I'm as opposed to mixing the French with the Germans as I am to mixing Filipinos and Finns. Skin color is not race. Race is grouped traits inherited over time through the shaping of culture; natural selection is the mechanism. And we must debunk natural selection: it doesn't automatically pick "the best" but "the best adapted to a given environment," and that includes culture, which is why the great age of every tribe has been one of ethnic-cultural solidity, or "homogeneity," which is a misnomer since no tribe is homogenous, even if they're all of the exact same ethnic stock. This doesn't dissuade the people with a religious-political approach to this answer, as they're too intent on feeling good about themselves for picking the more universal, moral etc. option to notice. Try going into a porn store late at night and telling the people in the peep show booths about any political issue; they're not interested, and neither are these religious fanatics.

The most interesting response, which I write about today, is "but all Europeans have mixed blood anyway." Laugh out loud; these people have fallen into the knee-jerk racist mentality that defines groups by individuals and individuals by groups. Some Europeans are mixed, surely, as are many Americans and, apparently, most English people, but no tribe is uniform in suddenly embracing mixture, and in my experience, the healthier ones avoid it. Why is this?

Even if you've been exposed to zero racial propaganda, you know yourself, if you're reasonably intelligent and inclined toward healthy values - a product of good breeding, regardless of class or caste. Knowledge of self means that you're aware of what you prefer in most situations, and thus what your values are; if you're a German, to use a stereotype, you prefer orderly settings and coherence of abstract thought translated into pragmatic reality. French people prefer classic Mediterranean values interpreted in a cosmopolitan sense, thus are hot blooded and love fine things, but lose every war they attempt. Englishmen prefer... Englishmen. Travel the world and it's apparent that, despite the onslaught of the vast conformist system of globalism, people are what their cultures have made them.

To know yourself, then, is to know your cultural background, and to be at home in it. With this in mind, it's hard to imagine straying far from what has made you what you are, as, after all, you like it. For this reason, most people of good breeding prefer to breed among their own kind, at least until social collapse is so far advanced that they cannot identify their cultural background, or it is so saturated with corruption that they throw out the baby with the bathwater and alienate themselves from both the corruption of their culture and the culture itself.

Those who are alienated from their cultural background, or so cowed by the world around them that they become submissive and wish to not be identified as having a cultural background that others wish to plunder, will seek something "different" as a means of obliterating their own cultural identity. In healthy times, these are the minority of people who "have problems," whether drug addiction or fascination with trivial representations of foreign cultures or sexual addiction, and most people are happy to see them go - so long as they pack up and move from their native lands to the country of their new partners. Indeed, who couldn't be pleased with such a match? You take those who don't fit and find them a place where they want to fit, so all parties are pleased.

For this reason, I know that not "all Europeans" are mixed, and in fact the greatest majority are "homogenous" in the sense of having a single thread of ethnic-cultural origin. Some are in the middle, having picked related tribes, such as Germans who marry Dutch or ex-Prussian Poles, but these have essentially selected within their own broader ethnic-cultural background. The best of them stick within this tradition and not only that, they breed well: they pick partners as competent as themselves, not having the low self-esteem that causes people to marry others that they can dominate, and they raise their children according to a healthy cultural tradition, specific to their tribe.

What interrupts this harmonious and natural process that preserves diversity by ensuring that not every tribe becomes mixed into the slurry found in most individuals in the United States, England, the Middle East and Latin America, is the intrusion of values which run contrary to (a) their tribe's and (b) reality. Christianity is the biggest of these, but clearly the influence of cosmopolitan Judaism with its cloying and self-aggrandizing doctrine of egalitarian utitilarianism is also a blight. These operate in two ways: first, by encouraging people to dwell in a spiritual world where the container, the individual, is more important than natural process, and second, by corrupting culture with bad values so that each upcoming generation of youth are alienated from it, and encouraged to act outside of it. German culture would lose its repellent aspects if Christianity (oh, and Judaism) were removed from it.

It is this same cultural degradation that has people today bowing to lick the dirt of multiculturalism and egalitarianism in a religious-political sense, because they are alienated from cultures infested with money and Christ, and because they have become submissive since they are tired of being seen as a "target." But rest your minds, good people. If the dogma they preach to you is as easily debunked as it is in this article, you can tell that the people who oppose you are not grounded in reality but in illusion, and thus also an illusion is their power. Realize that not every European acts as the weakest among them do, and strengthen your resolve to be what you are.

December 22, 2004