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Atheism is no more an answer to live a healthy life than any theistic belief and the idea of atheism should be opposed by any nihilist the same way as one would oppose any theistic belief. No matter what proof is presented little can be proven or disproved allowing an ocean of fantasies to be made, shots in the dark at truth. But atheism is simply another shot in the dark at truth.

A theist believes they have the monopoly on life and feel intelligent because of their "enlightenment" or "salvation" when it is simply not knowable. Nothing of the human existence can be proved about death. The chances of the Christian god existing are just as good as that of Odin, or of even a flying spaghetti monster. If one argues that there was historical evidence Jesus was a real person and that this should be evidence of God's existence, one of another faith might say my deity had Julius Cesar as his son. Julius Cesar was a real person and we all know that those who believe in the pagan gods were really worshipping the sons and daughters of my god.

Thus it's easy for anybody to make a theory that is impossible to prove wrong because nothing can be known of the existence after death. Doing this one can make or create as much evidence as one wants for their religion by relying on this great unknowable truth. Thus any religion is as plausible as any other, so in other words every single thing the human mind can conceive is a possibility for what lies beyond death. Humans might live in a time that always looks like the 50's with Elvis as their god or any number of ridiculous sounding "heavens" or "hells." However this extends to atheism as well. Just as the existence of any creed cannot be confirmed, the idea that nothing awaits us after death is subject to the same scrutiny.

Since theism and atheism are both built on the idea that they know an objective truth it leads both camps to act upon their realities rather than the shared reality we all see. The Amish refuse to add lighting rods to their straw roofs because of their religious conviction and as a result many are killed by otherwise avoidable means. Likewise any atheist, confident of the lack of any sort of spiritual retribution, may revert to hedonism and live a selfish existence. Also the atheist, because of the lack of motivation of anything other than the self, does little more then create or help create massive egos. It puts dollar signs on any item a person could think of and as such makes everything nothing more than a comfort. Since there is no reason to do anything for anyone else because "Every one will be dead one day" it creates this shallow petty world of the exact same ilk as that of our greedy and thoughtless society.

Both sides do however have advantages to couple with their pitfalls. A theist has some sense of something greater than the self and religion, as can be seen by history that many religions benefited people because of their willingness to do their part for the greater good. So a god may have realistic function even if not necessarily real. An atheist will address the apparent reality around us and will not be immediately hindered by any morals that prevent them from making rational choices (but this only applies to the immediate rather then any long term thinking as seen by our collapsing modern society).

But both sides are built on inherently false logic and lead to false premises and logical conclusions. So what other options are available? Agnosticism puts firm focus on the reality in front of us like atheism but gives incentive to think to the future and care for the wellbeing of the whole as seen in theism. It blends the best qualities of both sides and neglects the negative aspects that make both harmful. Thus one can conclude agnosticism is the safest and healthiest path for undertaking. People will still create unhealthy actions while being an agnostic but so too can anything be defiled by the imperfect human. Out of a theist, an atheist and agnostic, only one is truly open to the fact they know nothing, which is one of the defining features of any nihilist.

August 15, 2007

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