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Letters: Nihilism, Metal, and God

And so we climb yet another mountain, fearless of death, meeting the first rays of the sun this beautiful summer morning. Is everything peaceful? No, but we like it that way. Life wasn't meant as a peace treaty; it's war. We're born into this world with the ability of a soldier to conquer new land, and the ability of an artist to shape the world around us. Can we resist participating in the struggle for existence? If we do, we quickly lose sight of our goals and retreat into our Self. We're zen nihilists because we recognize the importance of dissolving the Self and reunite it with the one Brahman.

This is the heroic spirit of ANUS, and after more than 20 years online in various forms, we are still going strong. I hope that you as a reader continue to find new and interesting material to read, and that you feel the spirit of nihilism growing within you. It will make you strong--strong enoguh to resist the Kali Yuga age and embrace a world of shit as an interesting, joyful opportunity to seize the world by its throat and shape it according to your will to power.

Viva la Nihil!

- Alexis

Being a teenager, occupied by thoughts of the opposite sex now and then, I have recently been wondering about the nature of love and relationships. All around me I see promiscuity and a preoccupation with the material aspect of human interaction. Everywhere I turn there is always something that has been sexualised.

In such an environment and world where it is sometimes difficult to break free from certain modern ideas, especially those related to the instinct, it is understandable that people's judgement becomes clouded. What has confused me is the conflict between differing points of view.

Are modern attitudes towards relationships simply manifestations of the seuxal instinct which has been suppressed by years of religious domination? Experts seem to tell us that relationships arise from the need to reproduce, which is obviously true. However, this seems, to me, to give undue strength to the material as I see the mental and emotional benefits as being as important, if not, more important.

I have also been questioning the value of a mongamous relationship. Observations of tribes still existing today show that they are still polygamous/polyamorous. If that is so, then are we fundamentally polyamorous beings that have been repressed?

I don't really know what to think at the moment partly due to my age and lack of experience. I'd be interested to hear about what you think at ANUS.

at Saturday, October 27, 2007 3:21 AM from inthisworldofnohope@xxx.com

i believe that the christian view on sex, lust and desire has repressed many natural instincts, which during the 60's and 70's were turned on their head and thus gave birth to the hippie liberalism we still see going on today but in a more neurotic and intense form. at the same time it is a reflection of our modern age, where we replace traditional values and ideals with anything that might satisfy the ego. thus people divorce and can't live together, cheat on each other, lie to one another, steal, rape, murder etc. the consequences are direct products of a hollow society without any direction.

i agree with you when you say that there seems to be more to human nature than pure materialist instincts. this is why nietzsche was critical of darwin; it seems like species on earth are not only driven forward by a need to reproduce and survive, but that we have passions and metaphysical desires that are even stronger and mean more to us, than what we at first might think. this is why people who sleep around always feel empty: it's a drug, hiding a deeper dysfunction underneath the purely physical desire.

polygamous relationships have existed throughout time in many different forms. i think it depends much on which ethnic group you refer to and what the cultural tradition is. if you for instance take a look in africa, polygamy is natural. if you travel to norway or sweden, it is for most people an unthinkable thought. history suggests polygamy may have been connected to certain rituals or tribes. also, polygamy linked to sexual liberalism have been a dominant theme in some civilizations at the end of their decline, such as rome.

it's hard to say how future marriages might look like. polygamy makes sense in a purely biological sense, in that people with good genetic quality have the chance to spread their genes into the public genepool of their tribe. at the same time, polygamy only seem to work when it's a firm cultural tradition. some people, for instance the nordics, have a long tradition of a belief in a sacred marriage between one man and one woman. exceptions exist, of course.


I was wondering if you could suggest some authentic reading material on Indo-European (Celtic/Germanic specifically) "Pagan" rituals, beliefs, etc. I have been looking for a long time, however i have yet to find a text that i believe to be authentic or without a suspicious political agenda. Also I was hoping you could recommend a few Klaus Schulze (i hope i spelled that correctly) albums that you find particularly good. Thanks so much for everything. The ANUS site and its affiliates have long served as an inspiration to myself and others that i know.


at Monday, October 29, 2007 7:06 PM from inthisworldofnohope@xxx.com

thanks for writing in and giving us your support!

cornelius tacitus' "germania" is pretty reliable and a vital read to understand the germanic pagan culture. for beliefs, i've read mostly swedish literature, but h r ellis davidson has written some good stuff on nordic myths; accessible but penetrating. of course, the number one source is to check out is the eddas (both poetic and prosaic) and any books containing icelandic viking myths: http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/ice/index.htm

for studies of celtic myths, check out this page: http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/celt/index.htm

essential schulze: "moondawn" and "x"

further studies: "dreams," "in blue," "mirage," "irrlicht," "cyborg," "timewind"

I don't know who you are, but it is obvious you did not know Chuck or who he was. Just because some people/fans/media/and you "memorialize" him in whatever their way is not indicative of what his thoughts were.

Chuck would have thought you were a DICK and useless throughout his life and career. The things he held most sacred (sorry if the word offends you, Anus) were people's freedoms to be who they were. I guess he would have thought you were entitled to your beliefs, however fucked up and retarded.

You are a piece of shit. You must be some bullshit, sanctimonious, Christean FREAK yourself. Beth Schuldiner Chuck's sister

at Friday, November 2, 2007 9:01 PM from bachshouse@xxx.com

dear beth,

you're not respecting my freedom to be who i am, which is someone who thinks people whose only goal in life is to want "freedom to be who they are" are empty minds worthy of mockery.

chuck, between taking credit for inventions he didn't make, using the ideas of better musicians, whining about how the world misunderstood him, sodomizing young boys and getting AIDS and dying, was one of those people who considers himself profound because he has found a theory that sounds "ultimate." yes, let's all be who we are, even polysexual pedophiliac coprophages like chuck schuldiner.

you don't understand that your beliefs are paradoxical, and are responsible for all of the bad in this world. we do, and that's why we oppose the maudline cult of chuck worship.

good luck

- goat

Regarding the Jokela shooter: Your article makes much out of his statements of social darwinism, etc, but really, all he did was kill eight random people. At a high school. In a tiny town in Finland. This is the most pathetic "beginning of a revolution" I've ever heard of, and smacks far more of a sad little boy who barely understood the philosophy he read and wanted very badly to be important. (Note that he wrote in English, not in Finnish. People do that here when they want to identify with American "cool". Like the list of favorite movies on his YouTube page, which all involve people striking cool poses with their guns. Like his "cool" poses in his YouTube video. This was all about him.)

Other than the principal, the people he shot were utterly random. No actual social darwinism was done here. It was him shooting blindly in all directions, just as he did in his juvenile little manifesto. Both his statements and his actions were so vague that they left no message at all. Except that they were pathetically similar to the Virginia Tech shooter. He was a little copycat.

It's ludicrous that you see his act as a sacrifice for any cause whatsoever. This is not going to shake up society. There is no way it's going to make people think about what all is wrong with the world, it's just going to be a feeding frenzy for the tabloids, keeping them in business by providing them with grieving families to harass, thereby adding to the oceans of crap and horror that already exist. Congratulations.

--Tina from Finland

at Thursday, November 8, 2007 0:48 AM from aspiala@xxx.com

i agree that what he did was not the optimal solution in any case and that this will be food for the commercial papers out there.

what we see in this killer was a bright young man who'd seen through our decaying society and felt that he had to act. from here on, people like you will be quick to condemn what he did on a consequentialist basis. it's easy to sit now and say "you could have done this and that better, what a failure." keep in mind though that these are the same people that Pekka-Eric refers to in his - i agree - fragmented but insightful "manifesto:" we let our moral systems construct a false fantasy world in which death and suffering have no place. this is a systematic denial of reality.

hence we come to the core of why we wrote this article: this act is not as much an heroic act in itself, as the motivations behind it are understood as idealistic/heroic. he correctly assessed this modern world as insane and couldn't take it any longer. most of us would act differently, which we are, but we are not pretentious enough to condemn him for what he did. i'm sure we'd condemn nietzsche in his time for lashing out at christianity but seeing what it's done to europe, we understand completely how he felt.

in short, it's laughable to be moralistic about something that clearly demonstrates the false intentions behind morality. social darwinism or not, more people like Pekka-Eric will continue to harass this society to force us to see ourselves and our actions in a new light. those people might not be "heroes" like you see on American TV, but they are heroic in that they choose to stand up for something they believe in, regardless of mortal outcome.

related: http://www.corrupt.org/articles/politics/alex_birch/tropa_de_elite

What the fuck??? What's the matter with you sick and disgusting people?
How the hell can you celebrate on the massacre? If this young and stupid son-of-a-bitch wanted to make a statement, there a railway less than a mile from his home. Should have gone under instead of killing 8 people. Far better people than this sorry person.
So keep you filthy mouth shut and don't spread your poison. If someone wants to listen to you or read your texts, I'm prepared to pay his/her medicine...

at Thursday, November 8, 2007 3:46 AM from fuckoffyoumotherfuckingnazis@xxx.com

you're a typical leftist, in that you first condemn us morally for showing support/sympathy for someone that saw ideals and goals as higher than personal death, then you passive-aggressively insert the following: "If someone wants to listen to you or read your texts, I'm prepared to pay his/her medicine..."

you're aggressive, scared and full of hate. people like you will lash out at anyone who's not motivated by fear, which ironcially proves both Nietzsche and Pekka-Eric right: fear of death => fear of life.

hi.i have few questions to ask you.im sorry if these questions look unintelectual to you,but these questions are important to me.and im sorry for my english
1.What defines a nation?is it genetics or culture?i mean you have today nations that are based mostly on culture(like jewish becose they are mixed).what is your stance on fake nations like american,austrailan?do you think that stoping the melting pot is important?
2.What is your stance on pornography?
3.What is the future of america?in my opinion it would be desintegration to many nation based states
4.To who does the New world(usa,canada,australia) belong to?is it for any nation,native population or the white settlers who came first?In my opinion its not rasist to deport all arabs,blacks and chinese back,but it is rasist to do so i usa.
5.and one more thing what do you think of a statement:"every man is a bastard and every woman is whore"?
6.What is your opinion about Laibach and NSK?
7.For some reason right wing is gaining power in europe.What do you think will we in eurpoe ever get to see all imigrants deported back?
8.What about areas that are historicly multicultural?I mean there are areas like vojvodina(province in serbia) where for centurys varous nations lived and there was never no conflict or hostilitys?

at Tuesday, November 6, 2007 12:36 AM from lordfeanor@xxx.com

thanks for writing in. as long as we can communicate, there's no worries on the language issues; as long as we have something to say, who cares if it's intellectual or not?

1.What defines a nation?is it genetics or culture?i mean you have today nations that are based mostly on culture(like jewish becose they are mixed).what is your stance on fake nations like american,austrailan?do you think that stoping the melting pot is important?

a nation is a people in a local area unified by heritage, culture, values in consensus and language.

a nation-state is a political substitute for a nation. australia, brokeback island and the united states are the most prominent of these.

i am not concerned with some religious stopping of the melting pot. as someone who lives in a nation-state (texas) occupied by the USA, i would like to see the USA turn to a nationalist direction, because it makes this country the nicest and most ambitious place it is going to be.

i am also not interested in stopping people from eating feces, stuffing dynamite into their rectums and lighting it, and so on. i know what is the right choice for my people, and i want to pursue it so we do not join those who are going to fail.

2.What is your stance on pornography?

i have no use for it. i would not allow it. i do not need to, like a callow feminist, claim it causes rape; it encourages a negative view of women. i do not like porn. i am not against photos of naked women and men, and i think it is good to have naked statues in public, as well as public displays of affection by some of our teenage and young 20s members of society, because we must never wander far from recognizing life for what it is.

3.What is the future of america?in my opinion it would be desintegration to many nation based states

i agree. thomas chittum covered this in one of his books, but it's likely the nation-state will break up into special interest groups, and the successful ones will be ethnic states united by extreme nationalism and ideology -- judaism, and zionism, are good examples that others will follow.

4.To who does the New world(usa,canada,australia) belong to?is it for any nation,native population or the white settlers who came first?In my opinion its not rasist to deport all arabs,blacks and chinese back,but it is rasist to do so i usa.

USA was founded by celts and germanics, and before that, was a place that other tribes wandered through. the most excellent outcome would be to have the USA be a germanic nation or series of nations, and to deport everyone else.

5.and one more thing what do you think of a statement:"every man is a bastard and every woman is whore"?

it's close to reality for most people.

6.What is your opinion about Laibach and NSK?

laibach, seems interesting; NSK, i know little.

7.For some reason right wing is gaining power in europe.What do you think will we in eurpoe ever get to see all imigrants deported back?

yes, or europe will self-destruct into a third world failure.

8.What about areas that are historicly multicultural?I mean there are areas like vojvodina(province in serbia) where for centurys varous nations lived and there was never no conflict or hostilitys?

how big is this area? if there are some areas that want to be multicultural, they can be, but they should not be surprised if others eliminate them because they are a threat. best place to be multicultural is in the trading cities of the middle east.

hope this answered your questions and was good reading.

- goat

I accidentally hit enter, so it sent a blank email just a second ago. I found this site by looking at the whole page on metal. Awesome articles on there I must say.

I describe myself as a nihilist because I don't believe that there is any true meaning in anything. Basically I believe that life is pointless, and since it's pointless, theres no real point to worry about anything. I'm still not sure if this is the right organization for me. I've heard alot on here I like, but I still have a few more questions.
1. You guys seem like your pro-enviroment/green, whats your whole stance on that?
2. What about evolution?
3. Are you guys neo-pagans? I see alot of nationalist theme, much like Varg from Burzum writes about.

at Wednesday, November 7, 2007 6:56 PM from xxx@xxx.com

thank you so much for your support -- we're happy you like the site!

1. summary: nature is beautiful and offer us unlimited knowledge of the world in which we live. it's worth preserving and therefore we are pro-green

2. natural selection is real, evolution is real

3. some are, others aren't. i can only speak for myself and i am neo-pagan in the sense that that i believe the nordic gods serve as eternal archetypes for how the nordic people should live. other people will find a lot of knowledge in their pagan legacy. i don't condemn christianity fully but think it's an insane religion that have caused a multitude of problems. one can re-interpret it but going back to old testament: superficial morality

keep reading the ANUS to find out more about our views on these topics!

When I first started coming to ANUS, the thing that drew me in with respect to its philosophical nihilism was its power and its transitional nature, to move away from fatalism upon having cleared the mind and allowing for a clearler perspective on reality. From there, we begin to understand more clearly the relationship between reality and ideal and subsequently the importance of higher ideals.

The Jokela shooter is portrayed as heroic because he overcame humanism, a dominant viewpoint in today's society that holds back certain changes that seem necessary when we see the real conditions around us. I worry that this is being emphasized at the cost of bringing out that the shooter was also antipathetic to the more mature ideals that anus philosophical nihilism leads one to. He hated modernity, but kept in line with its dominant attitude: a cruel sort of fatalism. He shot a bunch of school children and yelled revolution before killing himself. That's about as effective as television watching. It's something you'd see a communist or a muslim fundamentalist or some other monotheist do, someone obsessed with abstraction at the cost of reality.

The portrayal of him as the hero killing the weak, that he would be seen as heroic in "healthier times", is simply false. Ignoring human life as sacred at the cost of higher ideals might be heroic, but the Jokela shooter is not that at all. He lacks those ideals and so his acts lack any enduring nature. He was a cloud of negativity that discharged his thunder, but that was all he had to offer, and now he dissipates from memory. The fact that he is not even memorable I feel in itself lends strength to my argument. I would not want an individual like him living in my society, and I doubt the ancients would be any more welcoming.

I feel this is not getting sidetracked by unimportant issues. Overcoming humanism is not some absolute ideal. It means one no longer sees human life as sacred, which in itself is neither good nor bad. It will have effects based on other qualities of the situation that it arises in. In the Jokela shooter's case, although he overcomes humanism, he is simultaneously ignorant of the higher ideals that anus so often espouses as important. It is an active denial of humanism in and of itself, but the capacity to see what higher ideals are and why they are important is something at the heart of why anus is important. How can you defend the overcoming of humanism absolutely at the cost of the ideals anus holds dear?

at Thursday, November 8, 2007 5:44 PM from avelyn_ro@xxx.xxx

i see him as important because he saw first and foremost that something must be done. sure death awaits if we do not change course, so it's hard to argue that he even killed anyone, if you take a broader perspective.

yes, what he did was not perfect, but it was better than watching TV or typing on the internet and doing nothing. most people who write in with critique end up letting their own criticism of themselves keep them from doing anything; and what is that, but worthless?

very little is perfect in life, except perhaps the music of ildjarn. we celebrate him not for overcoming humanism, but for shattering illusion, and for showing people a glimpse of the reality they'd rather deny, an illusion that will kill us all and replace our beautiful planet with a concrete ruin.

- goat


When existentialism is brought up, one wonders about mans' "freedom", yet from what i see in modern society, the average individual has no freedom, thus he can never chooses, but gets the illusion of choice. Dissidents on the otherhand, usually end up on the bad end of the media, and thus their choice itself was limited due to modern pressures. So in this case i ponder, does existentialism really exist? Or is it absolutely dependant on the efforts and idealogies of the individual himself?

On a different note, under what circumstances does the best music appear? Personally i don't agree with Record Companies since they manipulate the bands' intentions and artistic creativeness in exchange for something more accessible, and would gaurantee higher sales. Very few bands have not been signed into a record company, do you think it would be constructive if a band did not?

I hope you found my questions useful.


at Saturday, November 10, 2007 6:28 AM from sherif_morris@xxx.com

existentialism is a method for assessing the individual's choices and how it defines what they are likely to choose, including the possibility of no-choice (biological or historical determinism). in a time when few choices exist, existence still precedes essence, meaning that while humans do not have "free will" they do have "choice." in a time that is broken, what defines us as individuals is how we respond to the two basic choices: go with the flow even though it's doom for overall history even if we can skate by with an easy life, or resistance, in many forms. a librarian who teaches good books is as much a resistance fighter as an ecofascist blowing up SUVs, although the latter may be more immediately effective.

On a different note, under what circumstances does the best music appear?

smart, honest, motivated people well educated in the arts, and the methods of art, whether by themselves or by others

Personally i don't agree with Record Companies since they manipulate the bands' intentions and artistic creativeness in exchange for something more accessible, and would gaurantee higher sales. Very few bands have not been signed into a record company, do you think it would be constructive if a band did not?

i think ultimately this question comes down to the band themselves: if they are willing to stick to their guns and make the art they believe in, they will find a way to distribute it. it's possible to do it through a record company, and also to do it via self-publishing, although it's harder to get publicity.

i appreciate such thoughtful questions

- goat

You fucking nigger bastards.

at Monday, November 12, 2007 4:38 AM from Tryone@Tyrone-Jemaine.com

i'm pretty sure that's a copyright violation of lyrics to a hip hop song.

criminal nigga'!

I have a few questions for you to just ask yourself and answer for yourself:

1.If you do not believe in God, then where did the first matter come from?
2.If you believe that matter came from space, then where did space come from?

Think about these questions and whether you can come up with a good enough answer to take the place of God. If not, then consider either trying Christianity or going back to Christianity.

at Friday, November 16, 2007 8:56 AM from greendayrockssss@xxx.com

thanks for writing in. if my answers are better, will you change your behavior?

1.If you do not believe in God, then where did the first matter come from?

matter is information. the universe originated in itself from an awareness of its own absence.

2.If you believe that matter came from space, then where did space come from?

space is a material distinction; without matter, it would be impossible to posit "space." if you believe God created the first matter, what created God?

Think about these questions and whether you can come up with a good enough answer to take the place of God. If not, then consider either trying Christianity or going back to Christianity.

christianity is not the only religion. i suggest advaita vedanta or european paganism, both of which are older and more successful than christianity. if you are a christian, i suggest the transcendental writers johannes eckhart and ralph waldo emerson.

- goat

I have to ask: Do you freaking realise that your society's title spells the word ANUS?!?!? as in the anus that you shit out of? as in the hole between your butt cheeks? why in the name of anything you wanna name would someone name an "underground society" after a place where fecal matter is squeezed through a sphincter? Please, humor me with a response because I can't really seem to think of any reason why any normal human being would think that no one would tnotice/think about the fact that the society's acronym spells the word 'anus.'
Elighten me, please.

at Friday, November 16, 2007 9:26 PM from an4rchy929@xxx.com

we've been doing this for over 15 years, you don't think we've paid attention to what our name is?

to understand why we named it ANUS, please read this article: http://www.anus.com/zine/articles/anus/

happy fecal week!

Dear In Christ,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ our Lord, I am mrs karolina sor from Kuwait. I am married to Mr Alex sor who worked with Kuwait embassy in Ivory Coast for nine years before he died in the year 2004.We were married for eleven years without a child. He died after a brief illness that lasted for only four days. Before his death we were both born again Christians.

Since his death I decided not to remarry or get a child outside my matrimonial home which the Bible is against.When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of US$5.5million dollars in a Bank here in Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire. Presently, this money is still in bank.Recently, my Doctor told me that I would not last for the next Eight months due to cancer problem. The one that disturbs me most is my stroke sickness. Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to a charity organization that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct herein. I want an organization that will use this fund for orphanages, schools, churches and widows, propagating the word of God and to endeavor that the house of God is maintained. The Bible made us to understand that "Blessed is the hand that giveth". I took this decision because I don't have any child that will inherit this money and my husband relatives are not Christians and I don't want my husband's efforts to be used by unbelievers.

I don't want a situation where this money will be used in an ungodly way. This is why I am taking this decision. I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going. I know that I am going to be in the bosom of the Lord. Exodus 14 VS 14 says that "the lord will fight my case and I shall hold my peace". I don't need any telephone communication in this regard because of my health hence the presence of my husband's relatives around me always. I don't want them to know about this development. With God all things are possible. As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the Bank here in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.

I will also issue you an authority letter that will prove you the present beneficiary of this fund. I want you and the church to always pray for me because the lord is my shephard. My happiness is that I lived a life of a worthy Christian. Whoever that Wants to serve the Lord must serve him in spirit and Truth. Please always be prayerful all through your life. Any delay in your reply will give me room in sourcing another church/organisation for this same purpose. Please promise me that you will act accordingly as I Stated herein. Hoping to receive your reply.

Remain blessed in the Lord Take care,

In Christ's Holy Love
Yours Sister in Christ
Mrs Karolina Sor

at Friday, November 23, 2007 11:06 AM from god_with_you_ok@xxx.com

Dear Mrs Karolina Sor,

We would love to help you. We have buckets of money we don't know how to spend since we retired.

However, we are now having doubts about Jesus Christ and the Lord's Path on Earth. It seems that God wants us to look at the celestial, and treat everyone as equal, but this seems to only empower those who are not equal. It seems God wants us to treat all life as holy, but this only empowers the life that does unholy things. It seems God wants us to eschew money, but since our society is run on money, this means only the un-Godly run our society. Is God Satan? Because it seems that everything He does is a giant contradiction bound to bring about the worst in humanity, as if Christianity was a self-fulfilling negative prophecy.

My husband and I are about to give all of our retirement money to a Satanic organization, The Altar of Unholy Blasphemy. We've put up a web page for them at http://www.anus.com/altar. My husband worked for many years with his artificial horse insemination business, and he made over 10 million dollars we have in the bank, almost all of which is going to go to Satan.

Unless someone can help. Tell us of your faith in Jesus Christ.


Edith and Prozak Anus

You are young,you are stupid.That's not nihilism,it'a fact.Me was reeding yoor article on Jokela shooting.Googled it.Here's some points of view for you to tolerate.Stupid comments on stupidity,that's an oxymoron,or a catch twentytwo.Stupidity does not recognize itself,that's obvious.Gadamm you people cheesus krist allah and all the gods and prophets,how narrowminded can you get.If you are totally frustrated with all this shit,be a real nihilist and kill your own personal self,don't make a statement by killing other possibly viable individuals.
All is taken care of,just fight the stupidity and start with exploring your own idiotism.Earth carries it's load as a camel,you fuckers are freeriders with the rest of us.It's a thin line between ubermensch and naturally selected.So much good work to be done,you assholes just increase the amount of nonconsequal crap in the web.This tiny world is for livin'n lovin',go live in a cage,take in all the pollution and shout out your disappointment.There are ways to make things good,anybody can shoot a bullet,it's just pushing the button.Get a grip,mofos. Excuse my english,me finnish.Fuck,you are boring.Get on

at Saturday, December 1, 2007 5:05 AM from janne.bob@xxx.com

you are passively hostile and hypocritical, good work.

we appreciate the jokela shootings because it forces people like you to realize life is not all about "livin' and lovin'" in our mad society. you and all other parasites feel emotionally offended by this and we're glad you do, because it might make you see truth one day.

if not, who cares about a dead moron?

hat is the plural of anus?
- ani
- anae

Can you please advise me?


at Tuesday, December 4, 2007 2:01 PM from SoilH2O@xxx.com


Inflected Form(s): plural anus·es or ani



Inflected Form(s): plural rectums or rec·ta

- olli

hi,i just looked at mail answers on your site and i seen this

"good question. there are many ways to break free from this system, of which here are a few:

- resist peer pressure: you don't need trends or flashy lifestyles, follow your own ideas and beliefs, regardless if they're popular or not

- school life: life in high school is often dull and boring. you can change that by confronting the established norms with new ways of looking at things. open up debates and insert nihilistic ideas to force people to think in new terms. the results can often be funny

- free time: most people in your age will find tv, sex and beer to be most fun. as a nihilist you see these things for the escapist illusions that they most often are. find out what you're good at, what you're interested in and what you'd like to improve at. write, paint and compose. explore the things around you that no one else cares about. be productive instead of consuming

- love: avoid the temporary flings with people who don't care about neither you nor themselves. seek out an intelligent, beautiful partner and do creative things together to grow as individuals. take care of the friends you can trust and pay little attention to people who talk much but aren't worthy of your friendship

- fun. most importantly: have fun. many young people misunderstand this and think to themselves: "alright, time to get drunk!" - that's not how you do it but when these people realize that, it'll be too late. don't commit the same mistake. having fun means enjoying life without feeling bad about it or trying to escape from it. it can be anything from planting trees, walking in nature, fishing with your friends, and listening to great music, to joining a discussion group, going to a classical concert or trolling your teacher at school. take an active part of life and be open to new possibilities "

im amaised becose it is exactly how i lived my life in high school.todays youth is to much concerned with selfdestruction and decadence.i think humans should be free and have fun,but they are just destroying themselfs and learning nothing.and the worse is that official culture/media/ideology is celebrating that.i dont drink smoke nor drug im against emotionless sex.i never tasted alcohol,tobaco or drug in my life.i dont call my self str8edge becose str8edge is just another trend.i dont like your stance on drugs i think that all drugs are wrong and that they are bad for health of future generations and that they are for weak people who want to escape from truth. that tobaco,drug,alcohol,coffie,pornography,video games,christian religion,depresion pills,tv,hollywood films are just ilusion that people need so they could go on living blind and not seeing how their lives are meaningless and how weak they are.the whole world seems to escape from problems,everyone is trying not to see the reality.and if someone is able to se some aspect of reality like how poluted the earth is,then they join some green party or something and then they can feel like they are making difrence(the same ideology that made earth this poluted is the ideology of greens).people are to opsesed with reality shows,celebratys,magazins,music stars,actors that they dont even have thier own lives any more they just watch lives of others on tv and then they try to copy those same lives in thier own life.they just want to live thier lives by the patterns set by media.and also other people so called "rebels" that are trying to escape all that and be "non-conformists" are also just a copy of social pattern of rebel.im mean subcultures are idiotic,they are integral and accepted part of sistem they are here purly so people can think they are difrent.and i hate metalheads,i hate metal herd.i dont see how are metalheads better than people who listen to pop music,i mean they are the same,they do the same things(drug,smoke,drink,watch crapy tv and films) only the metalheads think they are better then the rest for doing the same things.this site is trying to create new subculture of hessians.but why??why create new herd??why people cant be just themselfs?what is your stance on prostitution?im against it becose i think that its wrong to give people sex for pay becose it leads to decadence.i also belive that promiscuity is wrong becose its a form of hedonisam and becose it leads to sexual deseases and that its bad for spirit.but i also belive that christian sexual abstinence is wrong becose it ignores one aspect of life and it forgets who we are and how we are created.its just that we have the worse combination posible today we have on one side pop culture that celebrates decadence and consumerism and on the other side christian humanist ideology that tells as that we are all sinfull and that if are pasive and lifesless during our life and if we give up this life god will then reward as with place in heaven.and today you have user of both side that go and sin during the night and regretfuly confes thier sins.
the whole sistem is realy idiotic and most of people that refuse to bow to christian moral,just go in reactionary decadence(thats why i dont realy like leaveys satanism,becose its reactionary and hedonistic).and about pagans well most of people that i meet that call them selfs pagan,never realy understood pagandom,they are mostly or liberal nature hippie pagans or neo-nazi conservative pagans.but i stil think resurection of pagandom would be good for culture.and you are right about that thing you said above about love in my expirience one beautifull inteligent virgin girl that does not drink smoke nor drug is better to have then 100 whores.and nihilism realy makes sense to me becose only after i accepted that everithing is shit and that there is no higher moral or divine hand that guide us and that 95%(even more) procent of humanity are scum and that the world is poluted and almost destroyed and that there is in life pain,sufering and that death is realy here and that non can escape it,only than i was able to move on to be happy,and for some reason i as i grow up i find myself to be more and more idealistic more living for my own values that i discovered myself.to tell the truth its diffrent when i was 16 the reason why i was rebelious towards todays society is becose of my emotions of hate and anger,but when im 19 i dont feel all that anger and hate anymore but im still rebelious but this time not becose of my emotions but becose i see that all this humanist and consumerism ideology will lead humanity to death.i dont wont things to change becose im full of hate i wont them to change becose of future of next generations becose of future of my childrens children.

at Tuesday, December 11, 2007 7:03 PM from lordfeanor@xxx.com

basically i agree with what you're saying; modern people hover between being religious fanatics and fatalistic fools. we need to find a clear path that avoids the pitfalls of both of these ways of life and in our opinion, nihilism is a perfect mental tool for such a journey.

drugs: in general they stink. some people use them wisely for higher purposes but for most it's an escape from reality. you do well without them.

sex: anything without context becomes meaningless. having sex with a person you don't love is like trying to write a brilliant novel in a space vacuum; the words will relate to nothing.

hessians: i've personally never been a hessian in a socio-cultural sense and have only met very few intelligent people that have been into metal at all. i agree though; it's become a trend like anything else and a terrible one at that. most hessians probably become classical-fans by their mid-20s, having realized the connection between bathory and wagner.

you're on the right path and we need people like you to fight these ideals in every day life. no more couch sitting - get out there and LIVE nihilism, because no one else will do it for you.

hey, why'd you take of the "Jenkem" article? Thanks for keeping up are running.


at Monday, December 17, 2007 3:51 PM from Krieger.kessler@xxx.com

we removed the entry from the front page after a few days; it's not really something you'll understand unless you place it in its proper context, thus might not be food for new visitors. jenkem as a phenomenon is insane, gross and stupid - so stupid that it becomes hilarious. when humanity is getting high on its own feces, we know for sure that the end is near.

however, as nihilists we choose not to despair and that is why we try to turn jenkem into something funny. some people have emailed in and said they feel offended by our jenkem page. our response is this: we're glad you're offended because it means we're not alone in thinking this world has gone mad.

I have been a regular reader of this website for a number of months now. A friend introduced it to me and my first glimpses of it left me shocked. I have to admit, I thought the ideas were just filled with hate and insanity.

But then I realised how I have always thought throughout my life. Every time I watched an advert, I always felt they were lieing to you so they can make some money. I always thought that school, university, and medecine worked together in order to create a slave race which funds profit motivated business and pays taxes. I have always felt different from everyone else. I learned about the theory of evolution and natural selection and I realised that such theories don't exist in a human society.

So I started visiting this website more and read a number of articles. I found myself immediately feeling that I have come across people who have had the same opinions as I did since I was an infant. But how could I believe and think in such ways from such a young age? Someone told me that nihilism is not something you adopt, it is a state of mind. So this is my question to you.

Is nihilism possibly something a human is born with? A state of mind? Or a state of mind that develops over a number of years? Or is it something that a human adopts if he discovers it and agrees with its philosophy and ideology?

at Saturday, December 29, 2007 2:55 PM from tas_20691@xxx.com

many of our readers have gone through the same process as you do and finally chosen to become nihilists, attempting to see the world in its clear, naked form. this is indeed a process because we're brainwashed from day one to become conformistic robots without any independent opinion. we're daily exposed to tv, ads, social pressure and popularity. nihilism enables us to see through all of this and recreate a more realistic view of the world around us.

nihilism is a state of mind but since not all people perceive reality equally, some will be better than others to make realistic judgements. this is why we need leadership in a society: few people have the ability to lead others and take responsibility for a community.

the way we think, behave and act is directly linked to our biological make up, so one could say that you to a certain degree are born to become a better or worse nihilist, but the choice to reject morality and embrace cold logic is one that all people can make, given they have the courage to do so. we have to take full use of our abilities and nihilism is the most direct way of doing this.

therefore there is no ideology or established philosophy behind nihilism; it's a method by which we evaluate and re-evaluate ideas to test them against reality. from this we develop a coherent philosophy or ideology but always with nihilism as a framework. there is no religious cult to which you can subscribe and become a nihilist; you have to open your eyes and use your body and mind to become one with the world.

Greetigns, as an old visitor of Dark Legion Archives, I've just recently taken interest in the actualy ANUS and read some of the articles on your website. It seems there's a lot of things I would like to discuss about (granted you have time and desire for such a dialogue), but to do so I think it's fairly important t start with our very basics, and here, your's, thus the Nihilist Manifesto.

I felt there was a some sort of a paradox (?) in your pragmatic approach to "life". To quote: "If you want it in boring, everyday terms, nihilism is a bullshit eliminator. (...) Garbage is not life." and "Humans, being highly abstract creatures, are prone to creating abstractions which make sense only in their mind." This is where it tends to get hairy in my view: On one side, if I'm being correct here, human mind creates abstractions in accordance to their illusional-worlds so to make it fit and evade reality, thus the flaw in human perception ("Nihilism could be viewed as a mental solvent which divides illusion from a realistic perception of individual...") However, you put a claim that Nihilism is removal of unimportantness in a pragmatic approach. How does these two collide, if we're to except a level of subjectivity in our perception of reality, and thus our inability to observe life from an objective stand. What is bullshit? If our pragmas differ, shouldn't that, from a Nihilistic point of view, permit every human action with use of semantics?

Do I really need TV? I probably don't and I don't watch it anyway. But what about John? John may not contribute to "life" overall watching TV and wasting oxygen and converting it into CO2 (An example from "The Dark Lord" article), but we could find a leeway to that also: Pointing out the fact that John is a natural course of evolution and thus is a part of life cycle, also being a part of slave-master cycle and allowing the power of the powerful being a definiton of the weak. We could, by Nihilistic definitions, convert "useless" into "useful" and what would that tell us?

"Egomania is assertion that our internal worlds are more real than the external world" and as above, Nihilism's definition that which it "divides illusion from a realistic perception of individual". What is realistic perception? Is five senses enough or should we take the sixth sense, "the mind" as well? How could the reality may be observed other than subjective means, and if it can't be, what would tell us about our conclusions? What sorts the difference from personal realistic perception and egomaniac assertion?

And ultimately, if good is "good" and bad is "good" and the cycle is sacred - does it even matter what an individual accomplishes in the "meta-good"? I take it that individual accomplishment in Nihilistic stand-way is an individual succes in the cycle of life and is sacred to subject and irrelevant for the object, just wanted to clear it out.

I'm sure, the more I read your other works I'll have more to answer, and I'll appreciate the time you'll put into answering my questions should you wish to do so.

Kaan Sakar

at Sunday, January 13, 2008 4:53 AM from kedi98@xxx.com

the fact that our perception of reality is subjective, doesn't automatically mean that our perceptions are *equal* and that there is no common reference for personal judgement. your life affects the life of others, simply because everything in our world is interconnected. hinduism explains this well, so do most indoeuropean pagan philosophies.

"TV-John" is indeed a natural product of the evolutionary cycle. nature tends to breed a lot of these, especially under circumstances where diseases, cold winters and wars don't weed them out. during those times, these elements of humanity prosper like rabbits and will soon take over, unless someone installs leadership, oppresses and/or weeds them out. the evolution is based upon natural selection and when we form civilizations, we need to enforce that ourselves by selecting good people to breed for the future. "TV-Johns" aren't necessarily "bad" people but when they team up together, they become a destructive force that will dumb everything down to their level. that is why societies run by "TV-Johns" are failures.

egomania is essentially an obsession with the ego. nihilists don't deny ego; we can't escape our inner world, however, we must make sure that they correlate to reality as well as possible. another way of understanding this is how we view abstractions: some are true, some are false - all according to the logic of our common reality. that's our reference.

the concept of "meta-good" means there are certain "horrible" things in life that we cannot escape: pain, death, sadness, loneliness and sodomy. however, since these are essential parts of life as a whole (what is life without death?), it seems most realistic to simply accept these horrors and move on. we've now transcended both good and bad to achieve a "meta-good" state of mind. other bad things like crowd revolt, environmental disasters and political corruption are also bad, but these are things we can change; that bad things exist doesn't automatically mean that we should give up on the good things -- on the contrary, it means we have to fight for them. that is the philosophy of meta-good from a nihilist point of view.

i hope these humble answers provide some insight to the questions you asked.

hello señor Prozak: i know you are probably busy enough doing whatever makes your life meaningful to you and that's cool,i wish you well being. perhaps i still associate your name S.R Prozak with the Metal subculture, or at least as its most importantfacilitator and historian; it is to that character that i address this email to, hoping you can send me a reply. i was just headbanging to rigor mortis first and second releases (rigor mortis and freaks) and re-read both ofthe album reviews at the dark legions archive; the music is amazing and i understand the relevancy of this bandto the genre. i also listened to californian band Sadus and, it seems to me that both rigor mortis and sadus makea very similar if not identical form of music (maybe sadus predating rigor), not that i think that superficial similaritymakes up for design/structure or the way they display their ideas but, what do you think of Sadus?what do you think of the late 80's speed-death crossover subgenre, does it appeal to you? reading Xasthur's interview i went on and purchased their first albums, pretty cool music i'd say, what would yousay separates this band from averse sefira in terms of artistic relevance ?? ok man take care, hails from mexico city !!

at Friday, February 15, 2008 4:47 AM from heavymetalglory@xxx.com

you ask good questions. bands from the crossover between speed and death metal, most notably destruction, rigor mortis, kreator, sadus and slayer, helped push the genre toward its next evolution.

it is often difficult to listen to these bands at the current time because so much has happened since they were new. however, i think there is an important lesson in what they created: that the structure of the song makes the biggest difference. kreator, for example, wrote some of the greatest riffs in human history, but were unable to fit them coherently into songs. most black metal and death metal bands now could learn from this lesson in the type of songwriting that is specific to metal past 1982 or so.

i am planning more reviews for the future and feeling that many of these bands, as well as primal influences on metal, need to be integrated into the text.

i found some old demos from the late 1980s and posted them here:


you might enjoy dark reign, which is a crossover between speed metal and music in the style of possessed or imprecation.

- goat


It is completely logical to disagree with modern education and excess of birth for no apparent reason, for i too, dislike the "system"and its dysfunctionals and retarded heirarchy. However, wouldn't it be possible to accept education and job levels as a mean of creating levels to "benefit" mankind as a whole? Much like a beehive has workers, drones and soliders all monitered by one lazy Queen, all working for the survival of the hive in general, couldn't modern society be functioning this way to sustain mankind? It might not be near perfect, but the natural motion of things might somewhat be on track, correct?

Secondly, if one were able to alter the future of metal by eliminating business - would that be a positive thing? I see as even the most prominent of bands all part of a cycle of business, so their music isn't art as some might believe it to be, but another notion of Britney Spears in different form, a different business.

I thank you for your time and allowing some form of reason to exist in modern chaos and stupidity.

Sorry for the first email, browser errors.


at Saturday, February 16, 2008 3:08 PM from sherif_morris@xxx.com

It is completely logical to disagree with modern education and excess of birth for no apparent reason, for i too, dislike the "system"and its dysfunctionals and retarded heirarchy. However, wouldn't it be possible to accept education and job levels as a mean of creating levels to "benefit" mankind as a whole? Much like a beehive has workers, drones and soliders all monitered by one lazy Queen, all working for the survival of the hive in general, couldn't modern society be functioning this way to sustain mankind? It might not be near perfect, but the natural motion of things might somewhat be on track, correct?

the question here really becomes how far one wants to go with any given design. we can force the stupid into lower roles, and then be responsible for them, or admit the lives they're living will always engender resentment and so they will be a liability, and they're obsolete. the workers and drones have a nasty habit of rising up and killing off the smart. for this reason, there is no need to keep them around and some pressing needs to acknowledge their obsolenscence and breed them out or let an economic natural selection purge them.

Secondly, if one were able to alter the future of metal by eliminating business - would that be a positive thing? I see as even the most prominent of bands all part of a cycle of business, so their music isn't art as some might believe it to be, but another notion of Britney Spears in different form, a different business.

a cycle of business, or a cycle of reward? any thing can be sold as a product, but that doesn't mean the motivation behind it was limited to selling it as a product.

personally, i'm not against artists getting reward for their art, but i acknowledge that the best of metal has generally not amounted to any substantial amount of money, so there's another reason people make it.

- goat

I have been studying Indo-European history and philosophy for a few years now and am interested in the entire spectrum of ancient pagan/Hindu spirituality and history. I have read some general books about European history, the Upanisads, the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita, but I do not know where to go from there. I want to understand the migrations of proto Indo-Europeans across the Central Plains into Europe, their history, culture, religion, ect. What first and second hand sources exist that can help me? I am especially interested in the early forms of paganism and mysticism that existed in pre-Christian Europe. I just need lists of titles or references to credible sources. I'm tired of reading stuff on Wikipedia. For instance, where are the ideas that inspired the Dragon Rouge from? I need and would appreciate much help.


at Sunday, February 17, 2008 7:49 PM from burningstrength@mchsi.com

speaking of wikipedia, this was interesting:


what you've found is that all of these ideas are so closely related as to be essentially variants of one tradition. this is the key to why it is hard to find information about the past.

essentially, what we are doing is pulling back the bristles of a paintbrush covered in paint, and letting go, flicking a cloud of spatters onto our subject and a screen behind it. we can see a silhouette suggested by where spatters are wholly absent, but we never know what we are actually seeing.

the ancient indo-europeans did not write much down, or if they did, it became lost. they feared the way symbols could replace reality. as a result, studying them is difficult, just like finding original pagan documents is impossible.

i would do the following:

1) for context, read spengler and/or toynbee;
2) familiarize yourself with the middle ages literature;
3) dig up some archaeological books for the rest;
4) corroborate with luigi cavalli-sforza's work on genetic drifts.

on the whole, this will give you a reasonable perspective.

i think the best work for tying together #2 and #3 comes from the roman historians, but i am no expert here; most of my knowledge comes from literature and genetics texts.

it is rewarding to have a pursuit in life that itches you with curiosity, and so you are fortunate. if you find anything tangible that starts to answer your questions, consider reporting back to us, as we'd like to publish thoughtful articles on this topic.



- goat

Hey Prozak

It's me again. I apologize if I'm disturbing you.

I read somewhere that you enjoy botany and that plants understand pain and suffering (or something like that) better than us humans. How do they (I'm just interested) ?

Also, what are your thoughts on keeping pets?

at Wednesday, February 27, 2008 3:24 AM from julianchan308@xxx.com

it's never a disturbance to answer intelligent questions.

it seems to me, and there is some scientific study on this, that plants not only feel pain but can transmit it to each other, especially of the same species. however, they lack neurosis in feeling pain; they are, perhaps because they have no option to move, entirely at peace with fate as a concept and reality. they remind me of network clusters the way they collaborate.

pets... it depends on how they're kept and why. i like animals; i don't like pet stores and the way most people treat their animals. it's a rite of passage to responsibility to care for the life of a critter, and since i like dogs better than most humans :) i have to say it's an important phase, at least as i see the "maturation" process.

hope that's interesting and answers your questions.

- goat

Hi, not sure it's the right place for this but I have a question regarding Death - Spiritual Healing review page, in which it says Chuck died of AIDS. My question is simple: it is commonly accepted that he died of a brain tumor, so I would like to know the truth (AIDS or cancer). I don't care much about the cause, fact is he's dead. But I hate disinformation and I can't see his death certificate...

at Monday, March 10, 2008 5:24 AM from soulfly4ever@xxx.xxx

our search here is complicated by the fact that, due to the ways one gets AIDS, few people will admit in public that they or their loved ones have AIDS or have died from it. this is why celebrity obituaries generally list their cause of death as pneumonia or cancer.

while it is possible that chuck's family is telling the truth about his disease, it is more likely that his cancer was a byproduct of his AIDS infection which rampaged out of control after he failed to get retrovirals in time. his death certificate says he died of pneumonia, which is the most common AIDS-related cause of death.

what is most likely is that all of us are playing an elaborate game where we do not admit what chuck did to get AIDS, and so we talk about the cancer as if it were the cause and not the symptom. AIDS was the cause; the cancer, if it existed, the symptom. (you cannot actually die of AIDS alone; AIDS disables your immune system, and then something else like pneumonia or any number of cancers, most famously kaposi's sarcoma, actually kills you)

at the ANUS, we're baffled by why people are hung up on this. so he was bisexual, in addition to being a pederast. is this that big of a deal? chuck lived his life as he wanted to, and now he's dead, so we should honor his memory first and foremost by not lying about what killed him.

- goat

Dear Editor,

I went through the whole of the introduction in your first page. I have not understood the reason for you to exist and the purpose that you serve. If there is no point in anything, then there is no point in trying to look beyond all the technological and supernatural beliefs into the so called truth, because according to you there is no meaning and so there is no truth. Kindly enlighten me about the destructive and harmful impact that all those utopians dreams have on common people. If you want to talk about Faith, then it is something that gives you hope even if your worst nightmare comes true and arms you with the will to live another day. If this is hopeless, meaningless and total crap, then what are you guys suggesting to look beyond eveything and be practical. If this is your idea, then sir I must say you are the one living in an illusion and that 99% of the people living in this world are impractical, illogical and do not follow any trend or steps in their lives. In my opnion this uncertainity makes life wonderful, people different and everyday worth living.Please do send me a reply.I am very curious to whether I understood your purpose or whether I am like totally wrong.

Take care

at Wednesday, March 19, 2008 1:29 PM from meetsimon@xxx.com

your definition of nihilism is that of one giving up on life.

just because there's no inherent meaning or purpose to our existence, doesn't mean we can't create one ourselves, which is what this site is about. see the possibilities? we're no longer held back by morals, ethics or other dogmatic constraints. we're set free by the emptiness of life, only to seize it by its throat and shape it according to our will. we shape the tomorrow.

read more here: http://www.anus.com/zine/articles/nihil/

I have recently been discussing the superiority of fascism to democracy with a friend, with myself of the fascist side, and my friend on democratic. I am running into trouble as he brings up the issue of the lack of past successful fascists nations and the explanation of the superiority of the fascist leader to the checks and balances system of the US. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


at Wednesday, March 19, 2008 3:59 PM from Krieger.kessler@xxx.com

all great civilizations throughout history have been fascist, that is, they've embraced the idea of an aristocratic/feodal leadership. when people bring up the "failure" of fascism they mostly point to fascist italy under mussolini's rule and nazi germany under hitler's command. these nations didn't collapse because of fascism, but rather due to the fact that they were surrounded by aggressive democratic nations that attacked them. modern fascism "lost" because it lost the world wars, despite brave attempts to resist the overthrow.

a fascist leader isn't necessarily "superior," although we hope he's both highly intelligent, strategic, brave and idealistic in spirit. leadership is simply another form of specialized labour. fascism is based upon true leadership, while democracy is a bureaucratic mob-placebo for the same. checks and balances do little good here since the whole system eventually goes corrupt. democracy today, especially in the US, is controlled by rich oligarchs and the politicians are both bought and are forced to cater to bread and circus culture. today this is not even controversial to say; we all know about the lobby groups and their immense power of world politics. it's a totalitarian loop worse than any fascist nation imaginable.

prozaq: In no way will I try to convinse you to belive in the Lord Jesus Christ, for you were never His! All that I would ask you is, where did you come from, and why? What put you here? Even if you do not belive in the Lord, and never will, you have to wonder, at least most people would, how, and for what purpose, are we here? Why love anyone? Why save the earth? Why griev when anyone dies? why cant I let my 22 year old son participate in MTV's Real World to spread Christ's love? Where did these emotions come from, and for what reason?

at Sunday, April 6, 2008 11:20 PM from wazookieone@xxx.com

you ask questions and assume we disagree on these, when what we disagree on is method.

i believe the universe created itself, and by universe i mean the mathematical order of all existence, and that it continues to evolve for the sake of reaching a higher level of that existence. growth is its maxim. the physical world exchanges energy between containers so that it runs perpetually, or as close to it as possible, and what it produces is an intangible: information, of ever-increasing complexity of design and compression of data by architectonic sharing, e.g. repeated patterns serving repeated roles. in short, i believe the universe is its own thought, and that this is less paradoxical than having a creator with no origin who made it all on a whim and needs it for his own service; more like, your creator is your interpretation of the information the universe creates, and your mythos is a symbolic explanation for the exchange of data/energy between physicality and informationality.

so no, i do not need god or jesus christ. i have the design of the universe, shared with human (and other) thought, and i believe in that because it is more realistic, more representational, and ultimately, more hopeful in that it does not vest our hope in a third-party symbol separate from humanity and world alike.

- goat

Hey Man,

I just wanted to thank you for the great and singular idea you had when making this site, which is really useful, especially when you are literally obsessed by the aura of the norse bm cult of the early nineties, which is beyond words, but sacred reverence may two appropriate words.

Now, i just have one specific and unusual question.

What do you think of the fact that the norwegian black metal phenomenon is a nearly absolutely jewish originated phenomenon and that all the big names in it are constituted by jews or at least have jewish origins.

I'm by no way an "anti-semite" or jew-hater but on the contrary a great admirer of the ingeniosity, being always pioneers at the avant-garde when it comes to music. (but also over-exposed)

Its amazing you know, that they keep it secret for themselves (blomberg aarseth, haugen, persen, tveitan, bekkevold, nagel etc... being some the most identifiable jewish names of the scene) and never reveal their origins, because it would be prideful.

In fact all the exterme metal genres would never have existed without the huge contribution of the jews, thats what i would call absolute jewish metal hegemony.

You must also remember that everything which is anti-christian is also nearly always jewish born.(revenge out of the horrors that they endured during the dark ages because of christian hate and scorn against them).

Their supreme goal is to crush once and for all all remnants of christian values, morals, ideals from western society, and music can be a powerful channel for doing that in the western youth minds.

Why not make a tribute to the jewish genious musicianship.

I dont believe in their "divine" predestination as a chosen people but there are really strange specific and magic characteristics which make them always stand as the elite, not yet dethroned.

Regards and good success with your great work on the site.


at Friday, May 30, 2008 1:52 PM from sebschiavone@xxx.com

interesting. i think that what many consider to be christian values are mostly european values, not shared by christians in other parts of the world. and then there's a problem with most european christians, in that they view the soul as more important than the body, so are accepting of other groups and their (contrary to western ideals) traditions.

there are many manifestations of this error, but the error itself is our biggest problem. i don't know if any of the musicians you mentioned are jewish, except varg vikernes, who has a jewish grandmother.

- goat