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From the primordial cesspool... the first organism emerges

Every society wishes to preserve its existence because all organic structures are self-organizing. Spontaneous self-organizion is one of the key schemes of the pattern-design of the universe: everything from crystalline structures and bacterial colonies to human hierarchies follows the same eternal principle of order. While we battle against the heat death (entropy), the cosmos imbues us with its inherent ideas which translate into various strains of structured and arranged information. Codons of DNA are not mere noisy data, but highly selected meta-data of the highest order -- a self-containing and self-assembling persistent recipe.

All the data of meaningful sequences is subject to mutations which permanently destroy the information-pattern it held. It may be pollution or an energetic cosmic particle causing permanent mutation to DNA, or natural hazard or prey culling the careless herbivore which terminates the delicate loop forever. However, the essential information will persist despite this event, since statistically measuring it is only one loss and life (optimally) produces multiple variations of the same information.

Only death might be real, but the moment of total annihilation seems fleeting. The ever-flowing course of self-organizition is "destined" bring up an analogue to any lost information. If the existence of certain species faced a pathological condition and guaranteed extinction, the information of its existence wouldn't perish for good because the Form of self-organizing structure is eternal. Again, if we looked at the statistics, we would find out that despite the particular strain of information perishing now it would resurface within a finite time in future.

A deadly beam weapon from Ring Musculatoris II of the Federation of Intergalactic Gay Planets destroys all the female creatures of Earth, ushering a new age of paradise. Unfortunately, no male can reproduce alone, so basically all sexually reproducing lifeforms die off within few decades. No problem, life will persist. A 300 million years, give or take a couple 100 million years, new lifeforms would emerge from the oceans. What they will look like is beyond our imagination but it is guaranteed that these new land inhabiting creatures would resemble the life we knew in certain key functions. New breeds of herbivores, omnivores, predators - and parasites - would emerge, most likely reproducing sexually (for the horror of Earth's Gay Nigger Overlords).

Societies thrive for life-like persistence but the copies seem to accumulate small errors, eventually leading to the forgetfulness of joy of existence which gets replaced by the decadent wave of cancerous self-preservation. If meme is even more volatile than gene, then why is its pattern an emergent one? Think of it as this way: consciousness enables even a greater possibility for securing our existence if, the big "if," we aling it to reality, hence good life and existence. Herein lies the problem: it's not always the case, since most humans are content with their consciousness in acknowledging how submissively they have put their heads up to their asses and pretending that it's ok to neglect reality for the sake of peaceful co-existence -- even if this vanity consumed them and everything for they claimed to care. They have buried and forgotten the imperative of challenge and willfully decided to embrace the life of boredom in decline.

Civilization begins with people uniting to fend of bandits... only to become overthrown by ass-bandits

The failure in achivement and duty is due to the issue of transmission. In societies of every development levels, from the isolate tribes to bulging civilizations, all the vital information for keeping our heads straight and oriented towards the persistent goal of living a good, meaningful life is passed on from generation to next as Tradition.

Oral transmission is the usual means of carrying on Tradition, since all that is required is spoken language. From the beginning of the historical period written transmission has also gained foothold as oral transmission's civilized complement, but the results have been awkward; the previous quest of rearing a score of worthy successors became a quest in finding a single person who can inherit one's duty from the mass of (usually) unrelated candidates, but this process doesn't have as much intimacy as parenting, so there is a chance of unworthy people taking over the duty. This is a deviation from the natural analogue which asserts that aberrations happen no matter how hard we try to keep and preserve the purity of transmission, therefore it makes sense to distribute the outcome and make the worthy seedlings challenge themselves to claim the heritage. A careful reader finds at least two important differences: it requires more active participation from the part of the offspring, and the model speaks in the favor of non-localized and distributed hierarchy.

There's also another form of transmission, the one that symbolizes the spirit and ethos of the modern society, namely anal transmission. When society forgets meaningful life, it becomes replaced by endless indulgence seeking; we become withdrawn from reality and isolate in our inner private islands where every arbitrary thought reigns supreme. We've become underconfident, uncaring, irresponsible, selfish assholes, and when we ask for a favor, we want receive it in the form of spiritual anal sex: it may give us pleasure, yes, but the seed which fills our bowels never achieves fertility.

What if the emperor's only heir turned out to be incompetent? It's the worst case scenario possible that someone with the absolute power and authority would turn out to be less than what the duty necessitates, for surely it will affect the lives of each and everyone for generations to come, supposing the bad decisions lead to persistent errors, as they usually do. The remedy for situations like this is having local responsibility so that the higher level fuck-ups will not doom us all.

Consider a local nobleman having handful of heirs. One day the word breaks out in the market: the firstborn son, who would've inherited the greatest portion of his father's influence and wealth, was caught sodomizing his father's prized stallion. The firstborn was expelled from the family, and the heritage got passed on to the second-born who didn't have such flaws of character, so the local community got a worthy successor from him. Alternatively we may inspect what if the pervert firstborn didn't get caught AND the nobleman didn't have other heirs. He would've made his duty of leader represent his character: a failure. The people of the local community would've felt burdened and would have had the options of either revolting and overthrowing the bad leader, or recruiting help from another near-by community which has its nobility intact. (Of course, the revolt could turn out fine if the people can preserve the hierarchy by finding a good nobleman substitute, but that's as rare as an owl's teeth.) For an absolute monarchy these options would be disastrous: crowd revolts are uncontrollable and may empower even less capable, eg. democratic, usurpers, while the latter option suggests that the nation should get new rulers from another nation, thus effectively offering them absolute surrender -- bend over for hardcore anal penetration, please!

Stuck in the asshole... someone bring us a lever

A firm form of transmission is necessary to keep the Tradition integral and civilization vital. Oral transmission is such, because, despite of its name, much of the raising process is not only suggesting the offspring to heed the ancient wisdom but is complemented by showing the practical side of things and living it daily in one's surroundings. With oral transmission we will grow to understand and live the life, ever willing to chase after new challenges.

The reader may imagine himself in a scene in wilderness where he is giving a lecture of life to his offspring. He might think himself: "I wonder how my children will fare in future." Without hesitation he's giving his best to them that they might become even better human-beings than their mother and father were, but he might not be absolutely sure about if ALL of them are going to turn out fine. Actually it wouldn't be a completely alien thought to think that some of them will flake, refuse the legacy that is offered, and possibly even turn out to be a complete defect or pervert. A responsible parent would do the right thing, for everyone and everything he cared for, to split the skull of failed child and celebrate excellence in life by letting its brain juices spill in the compost heap -- nothing so dire that something beautiful couldn't be seeded of it!

Killing one's own offspring is not, however, something to do with a light heart, so we may assume that some people will not be able to complete their duty in this case. Or perhaps there is lingering doubt and subtle indications of defect personality but nothing outright incriminating, then there is a reasonable chance that the fault remains undiscovered until it's way too late: The insitutions of bankers, bankers, lawyers, and politicians have already silently grabbed the power, and now they are on their way to deliver the society to its doom. Thus from oral to anal coursed our civilization, into living in phantasmal reality of comfort -- until HIV-test results came back.

What makes us humans uncomfortable about death is the inevitable shift in direction when the good people, who brought us the original glory of civilization, die. These are heavy and great boots to be filled, but why on earth should we settle for less if only to succumb into boredom and denial?

We live in an age ruled by ass-bandits, and we're rightly disgruntled: this is not the life we want, not under their leadership. The society tries to enforce everyone into the same circle of bugchasers who spread death and misery under the banner of life and welfare. We don't want public ignorance and lies everyday. We want separation from this veiled insanity, so we start looking back at past in the age of glory when the healthy values were prevalent. We don't want a revolution or coup because these things have too many uncontrollable factors and bring unstable ages with them. Instead we want to reinvent life and living, so that every person who resonates with our ideas may join our cause and instantly start being effective by living their lives according to the higher ideals. By choosing to live in tightly-knit local communities we gain autonomy, and we may always expel or shun any person who tries to bring AIDS with him.

Most importantly we recognize the modern society itself is ridden with AIDS and is dying; it is not worth saving. But we will make another society, a better one, which is worth championing for.

February 22, 2008

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