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There exists the usual misconception of the mythical Dark Lord, a sinister figure devoted to pure malice and injustice alone regardless how it affects the people under his command. For the Crowdists the Dark Lord is the ultimate tyrant of oppression who staunches the individual freedom simply because he is able to. This character type seems to have been misinterpreted, however, since the motive for the Dark Lord seems always rather simple, if not completely stupid: gain power and be nasty for the sheer sake of it. Of course, in reality no one is like that. Or is there?

If you ask me if there really is evil, well, I would say that no. Although there may manifest a sequence of events which are morbid and horrible, there really isn't any distinct essence for evil; it's rather how the humans perceive the social networks around themselves crumble and disconnect, in that what once was functional and provided everything meaningful and necessary in life is now gone for good. That is the usual evil.

A pedophile rapes a child. It's unlikely the he's manifesting the Satan himself but a hopelessly dysfunctional person trying to reconciliate his perverted desires with his community. The act itself is "evil" because it's very unlikely to cause any beneficial effect, since it was done solely for the person's twisted pleasure and nothing else, ruining the life of the child in the process.

A CEO lays off 34 000 employees. The CEO is an underconfident but highly educated child of a higher middle-class family. His friends and acquaintance are mostly wealthy and well educated too, so he is reflecting his life and career to his peers'. He has to succeed, because everyone else in his network of social reference has! If the class division is what separates him and his peers from the rest of the society, the "poor" people, then it's obvious that he must lavishly display his belonging to the group. Again the act has evil consequences because likely many people are getting poorer and desperate, shattering families and lives because one person sought to satisfy his yearning for peer acceptance.

Below average IQ consumer watches TV. We may conveniently address him as the moron, since it's exactly what he is: he never went to schools because he was too incompetent for anything. Now he works his days at state employment mopping floors and spends his nights ruining the couch with his overgrown fat ass. As a process his whole life is evil because it's not contributing anything of value to the society which bred him. He does menial labor, eats, defecates, turns oxygen to carbon dioxide and consumes junk entertainment. As a whole his life will have consumed the resources of the earth manifold, and all he did was to entertain himself, to pass time.

He had little choice because he is the moron -- he can't comprehend, he's as stupid as the kitchen floor.

Student participating in a human rights demonstration. She is concerned with the state of world and how the civil rights are in decline over corporate interests. She thinks it's important we have a good state welfare and defend the right of every individual to become whatever he or she wishes. The suffering of the world is close to her heart and it's her desire to help to end it. Ironically, her devotion to the issue has made her cling into the matter which anything but unselfish, and in reality will only prolong the suffering by feeding the mechanism what causes it: delusion and the denial of natural course of things.

It's important to realize that we cannot directly fix anyone's life for him. Otherwise the change will be superficial and only postponing the ultimate resolution.

A drug addict making the neighbourhood unsafe. He lives in a dumpster near to a famous restaurant of the rich people, gets up once a day to get his shot, meet the dealer and possibly demand some money from passers-by with a dirty syringe -- if he's not shaking too much. He used to be close to a child prodigy in his twenties, but he succumbed to severe deppression and sought to replace reality with an addicting substance. It's a shame if we lost a possible genius here because of the addiction, but it's still no excuse for him to ruin his life.

Neither has his life any function in the society except to feed its denial on the expense of the others.

It seems that all these schemes have something in common: 1) the persons committing these acts are all either ignorant or stupid, 2) the acts have no place in a healthy society because they don't affirm reality; instead they capitalize on individidualism, how the individual perception of reality is all that matters. People do dysfunctional, "evil," things because they think they will get away with it, and they do dysfunctional things because they think they're actually doing good, usually the temporary moral good. In this regard we may speak of evil as a form of neglectence, because we as a society were either too stupid or ignorant to allow ourselves to become atomized and disregard the long term consequences.

What we're really fighting against as a society is time and its degrading effect. Everything must perish but we may still transfer the greatness from the originator generation to the next. Unfortunately this is not always succesful, so we get individual deviants who in their ignorance or stupidity start ruining this little by little. If such thing occurs, then it's important that we work together as a united society and acknowledge the long term necessity to either restrain this person from all power or liquidate him.

The neglectence in this regard would only lead to the gradual fall of society, which is the usual evil. There is absolutely no need for it, yet we neglected doing the right thing and invited the dispersion.

What I'm really getting at is that the Dark Lord isn't the powerful tyrannical individual who tries to ruin everyone's day. That is a Crowdist myth created to scare away competent people from assuming responsibility by labeling all the combination of authority and violence as Evil. The Dark Lord is us: the individuals ruining the life of everyone when we deludedly want reality to adjust to our whim, be it moral good or crazy religious beliefs, instead that we change our actions in accordance to the necessities of reality. Hey, I guess that my initial insight of the Dark Lord type was correct: he's a fucking imbecile.

December 28, 2007

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