Metaphysical intelligence

When we typically speak of intelligence we think of it as raw biological machine power, but is it really just all that for us humans?

IQ testing is the most empirical and scientifically reasonable medium for concise analysis of human brain potential but it completely circumvents around the metaphysical and inexplicable. I've always pondered the validity of genetics being the sole decisive factor of all-around human potential, and I have realized there is more than meets the eye. To begin with, creativity and wisdom along with other unquantifiable factors of human potential require the possession of a very particular connection with reality. By 'reality' I mean something greater than what our five senses alone can perceive. To speak in indicatory riddles; reality is roughly existent and non-existent matter devoid of emotion, law, bounds, restrictions, morality, opinion, mortality, immortality and whatever anthropocentric terms may be attached to the world by us, but is a indefinable 'chaos'. A nihilism which we can alter in the freest, most creative and most resourceful ways conceivable to give our lives as high and fulfilling a purpose as we can (more fulfilling than the TV box and the neon lights).

What creates a human that transcends his material parts? One must strengthen the intangible connection with reality and become the very embodiment of it. From this connection develops the most special creativity and wisdom. One must furthermore let all (negative) emotions be expelled from their perception pattern through rigors, discipline, experience and the remove mental impurities through meditation and acute concentration. The results can be astonishing. Through proper cultivation one can achieve an indifference toward egoistic emotions and a calm objectivity in ones perception. The cool controlled mind can be at a distinct tactical advantage over the aggressive, underdeveloped, over-stimulated minds of the masses, transcending the miserable, fatalistic trappings of the obsessive, all-to-serious personalities common to this trifling age.

Reality therefore is potential. The conclusion is that everyone has the keys to unlock a higher connection with reality but few choose to use them. These great keys define the core of your existence and would grant you the knowledge of an infinite number of secrets. The unlocked mind can see reality in its many different forms, the uncultivated one can barely make sense of the material consequences it has right in front of them.

An example; the majority of children nowadays are not raised adequately enough to become metaphysical experts, they are being treated too softly, infatuated with an abundance of plastic toys, ill cartoons and excessive socialization, The most "evil and adult" things are kept from them until they reach a certain age that is morally acceptable to society for them to face "reality", but by then they'll be unable to cope properly with any amount of exposure to reality so retreat into fantasy and egoism. These kids are raised on fantasy and not on realism as it should be from the very beginning; therefore their connection with reality is minimal and so to their potential to explore existence creatively is also minimal. The children that are raised in strict discipline that consists of cold, hard and confrontation with reality can learn to mature much faster than the average child. Reality is healthy. Arrogant snobs with a high IQ are everywhere, but they lack the necessary connection with reality to make them worthy of the air of superiority they bestow upon themselves. They are simply pompous egoists wrapped in unrealism. The same can be said for "christian intellectuals". Moralistic and anti-animalistic religions that aren't a symbolic reflection of the natural order also suffer from negative distortion. Earth and nature constitute our physical existence and are therefore the very essence of reality. Denying them can in no way be considered a reflection of intelligence, yet the lack of a correlation between the statistical measure of intellect and the ability to connect with and to accept reality undermines the validity of the statistical measure. Such people are not necessarily inferior in comprehending reality because of their genes, but simply because of their unrealistic religion. This of course isn't to convey a message against genetics, but simply to express the idea of reality from the viewpoint of the nihilistic metaphysical, in which genetics are only one inherent component out of many in a larger whole.

IQ is calculating and scientific whereas humankind and the wider reality they are apart of are not always so predictable. Therefore IQ's can be misleading when it comes to the valuation of human beings mental capabilities. Science cannot explain it all, especially the contemporary sciences, which have adapted to a rigid and dogmatically unrealistic worldview such as is fitting in the modern age. It is to easily susceptible to subjectivity, political bias and irrelevant emotionality (all too human) thus is not connected to the aforementioned "chaos nihil". We must be careful when we tread the grounds of so called "objective and concrete" science that have become a sort of secular messiah capable of explaining literally everything. It operates almost like the structure of words, which are a system of conveyance through symbols and vague subjectivities. This isn't to say however that science should be completely disregarded, it is a fascinating discipline to undertake, but it's not the alpha and the omega. Wherever there is great spirituality, creativity and high goals found within you, do never lose grasp of them or you have lost grasp of reality, of life.

December 21, 2006

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