Boredom, depression and purpose

Most people are very easily defeated by boredom and depression. They fail to cope with an unavoidable reality that they will eventually meet in all its bleakness and will destroy them and their self-made hell. In order to defeat these symptoms there needs to be a harmonic connection established between the mind and the wider world from which will develop an understanding of ones purpose and position in life.

First, we shall make a concrete observation of this pathological issue. The unenlightened modern man is confined in his habitual cycle of artificiality and superfluity, limited to the amount of contact with reality he may make. Thus this detachment from reality makes him more susceptible to boredom, stress, unfulfillment and even depression. Should something disrupt this cycle, then the response is very often a complete mental collapse. Such typical modern man lacks any creative purpose, suffers from hypersensitivity and has accepted the enslaving mental barriers imposed by society since his most infantile years. A great spiritual failure indeed, but not necessarily irreparable, many indeed have the ability to learn (from mistakes) and improve themselves enough to deflect the dangerous mentality of modernity. One question I am endlessly confronted with: "How do you know modernity is to blame for these ailments of the mind?! To answer, let us look back to how man lived before he had the mountains of plastic sedatives offered by modernity. In ancient times man was confronted with the full harshness of reality and could not flee from it as modern man does through distractions like TV, parties, mind numbing substances and other forms of reckless indulgence. These modern fruits, in contrast to noble, transcendental purpose of reaching for the intangible, amount to nothing spiritually. To pursue these fruits as purpose and joy giving in themselves will ultimately arrive at a dead end. When the modern man is lying on his deathbed, filled with the clarifying power that the immanent certainty of ones own death provides, it will become clear to the that nothing has been achieved in his life. As the knowledge of many religions attests, one cannot take a single material possession with them beyond the grave.

In ancient times the harsh environment of nature tested man's intelligence and mettle to their furthest extent. This served to empower his all around potential and carved him into a fierce warrior capable of many creative things. Ancient man had evolved into a noble creature, a higher being with high aspirations. It is only natural that as potency of a being grows, so to does its expectation of life. What can be said about the potential of contemporary man that has no danger to test and to evolve him? Is he going backwards perhaps?

The life engaged in constant trial experienced by the ancient man gave him an omnipotent sense of aliveness and adventure that brought him close to and maintained his connection with a transcendent reality. Throughout the centuries and across the globe he created majestic forms of cultural art like great writings, paintings, architecture, battles, musical compositions, mythologies, legends and many more things that inspire the human soul to realize heights that modernity can not and never will foster. Ancient man was happy, while we modern men, despite our easy convenient existence, search endlessly and without hope for a mere glimpse of such contentment. I speak now of true happiness, derived from certainty and knowledge of one's destiny as understood within a cosmic order. Purpose cannot come from something trivial or necessary like eating, excreting, breathing etc but must derive, as Evola puts it, "from above", from something more than human and outside of the individual; to which a person can strive and take joy from knowing they are apart of it. Modernity is the mechanical entity of lies and slavery for it believes that happiness can be reached through selfish enjoyment and empty, materialistic, transitory things such celebrities, TV, fast cars, sex, drugs and "hot" jobs. It doesn't believe in the imperative purpose and cosmic order that defines happiness and the rightful position of a person. It perverts this essential balance and evades reality.

Typically when the average modern man's empty distractions that ensure his depression is kept sedate are taken away from him (or no longer work) he is then confronted with the coldness of reality. Most often this will cause him great emotional distress, while such confrontations with reality should serve as a gateway to reawakening and transcendence! Boredom is a side effect of over-stimulation and its negativity can be reversed for benefice through contemplation or meditation that will serve the direction and intention of your life well. If you are depressed for no significantly obvious reason it means simply you most likely suffer from the lack of purpose in your life, I therefore encourage you to find your hidden talents that focus your mind outside of your persona spheres to the eternal and unstirringly beautiful cosmic order. This triumphant feeling is ultimately what makes life worth living and it is there for the taking! Without purpose to ascend and to create something immortal that provides the necessary sensations of aliveness and accomplishment life is futile and parasitic. Waste not precious time on triviality, for every day, every hour, every minute and every second counts to sharpen your mind toward creativity and self-development. With this spiritual reawakening and with a discarding of the redundant, boredom and depression will become history.

January 25, 2007

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