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We find ourselves in a wrecked age where globalist materialism has gradually disintegrated native cultures. However, the average person, being mentally compromised by populist pressure, pointless jobs and TV, fails to recognise the state of matters as they (plainly) are. Consequently they unavoidably and inextricably become apart of the problem, perpetuating and acting it out on a daily basis. From this cremation of ancient ideologies arise new ideologies that present reality in a distorted light, thus leading people to over-complicate the simplest of problems with their own emotional subjectivity and personal illusions, like political correctness.

Out of all this some so-called nationalist pragmatists, devoid of any true sentiment for culture or spiritual truth, believe themselves able to solve the problem of our global decline via a materialist outlook. Their basic patterns of thinking, however apparently pragmatic, are charged with their own emotional, utilitarian and moral subjectiviness that unwittingly echo the same essential spiritual formula, as the illusory ideals that our world is currently assailed by. They impose upon the world, their own visions of what is 'right', but like democracy this outlook fails for its inherent failure to accept that human beings differ so greatly.

We may all possess the same basic set of physical characteristics, but we can differ immensely in personality and mental capacities, as do people groups differ from culture to culture and nation to nation. We cannot apply a linear solution, imbued with the aforementioned subjective notion of what is best, to all nations, other than in the broad act of encouraging the revival of the ideological stability that enabled those nations flower independently and become organically distinct entities. We cannot tell blacks to think "white" as we cannot tell the Chinese the Buddha is gay and Zeus rocks, we cannot tell the Arabs to renounce Allah for Christ just as also we cannot tell the Jews, if they still have any, to resign their Judaic beliefs. We must assess nations and groups not by our own principles of what is good or just in a moral or preferential sense, but by what realistic, transcendent value their way of life affords them.

This leads us to a conclusion, to ask ourselves not "how can I save the world" but "how can I better my own?" A true nationalist, whilst respecting other cultures, should understand his own culture the most and love it because it belongs to him. To realistically rejuvenate the noble lifestyle within the world it is imperative to focus entirely on ones own grounds. By starting to gather like-minds and organising locally, one is fostering those noble beliefs within the basic social components of a nation; the community. A distinctly un-modern community that will subsequently spread its influence throughout the region, must exist at the most primary level before it can gain wider political prominence within the nation.

International ties, connections and economic wealth have to be relinquished in exchange for this drastic change, but it is all the better than letting globalism devour what is left your once noble culture until nothing remains. For the spiritual health it is really more beneficial to live with less of superfluous modern gadgets, that detract and distract one from true purpose and live a life with a sense of inner and communal harmony, amongst those with organic and cultural ties to you. Even if for some obscure uncontrollable reason a "multi-cultural" war erupts and the opposing force prevails, at least one has the honour of dying like a hero in a battle fought for one's beloved homeland, instead of dying like a spiritually empty parasite hiding behind the TV screen clutching to a bag of peanut M&M's.

But let us observe the possible separation of our cultures from the multicultural mess that has been introduced, to observe it in a positive light. If a group of indigenous people were to make a viable pact with the misplaced foreigners to leave in a peaceful amicable way, there will be less problems like dissidents engaging in violent revolt, not to say of course this process will go perfectly. After some success has been gained other countries will look up to your success and possibly try to do the same as you did. This will work itself like a global chain reaction that could, in the only realistic way potentially "save the world."

It will benefit all countries to leave each other the space to be themselves, thus take note on this that it does, in terms of human survival and diversity, *benefit* us all. The solution to this problem is simpler than it appears, but it takes a lot of unashamed heroism and fearlessness in ones speech to accomplish, like great men before us such as Malcolm X have dared to do. The most important part is not to seek solutions in terms of materialistic 'practicality' but entirely in terms of spiritual truth and inspiration. It was spirituality that made the greatest civilizations of old not worship the crudeness of any singular material aspect of reality. They took a holistic approach to their worldview and saw all things as related by spiritual cause and effect.

March 28, 2007

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