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The impetuous people are seemingly obsessed with occupying themselves. With anything; TV, video, music, reading, writing, running, walking, driving – just anything. All for the sake of filling the emptiness – no, to conceal the emptiness. It’s an abyss, indeed; deep, dark and endless. The fiery people must frenetically keep hold of something, feel firm ground below their feet; should they be idle, they start to twist and turn, bite their nails, talk to themselves (or the pet, or the flowers, or the wall).

Turn it off. There is something within. Should they dive down into their ever deeper emptiness, they will soon meet the soil again. Turn off the music, stop reading, stop walking. When the initial horror has declined and one has stared for long enough from the ledge – down into a darkness, which now and then turns up as other expressions – the serious exploration will commence. That there is something more than what the senses perceive from outside is not only a possibility. There lies a pale, ravaged soul waiting (and has been calling, given them symbols in dreams, given them neuroses from their loneliness). A blood-spattered body, nails scratched off, fissured skin – there it lingers. Such a sight scares as well, and guilt comes to life: "I can’t do it, everything is too late.”

To cure a friend they do not yet know, they may not have time for. And cannot, do not want it, do not dare it. The emptiness echoes terribly. And this was something that was never even mentioned in the schoolbooks. Not a single word. Everything is up to themselves, up to the lone individual to discover himself, treat frost-embedded seeds and endure until spring and summer rewards their toil. This is to get to know the emptiness, to get a partner for life, or a missed half, who probably was their during their warm childhood, but who was harshly pulled away from them and thrown into the abyss, while they themselves were placed by the desks to study.

Those who have learned more than what has been marked out for them – because they wanted it, had the ability, and dared it – those who have taken time to receive a knowledge which never gives them any bonuses in a future line of business, but which most likely always felt more important – they give themselves indications as to what could be, and what could become. When man is whole once more, there is a productive source from which to pour, a source which creates by its own power, and does no longer need external influences. Make this a law for the individual, the family, the tribe, and the nation, and the world will witness all the unique things which it sought.

August 14, 2006

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