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Cultural Revival

Getting to the root of the problem is never as easy as recognizing the signs of the problem, or as usually is the case, problems plural that afflict your civilization. To my mind, life is a good and positive thing, despite the ominous shadow of death, and thus it's worth doing right. In my experience, there is a "right way" of doing things with many internal variations; what makes it the "right way" is not its methods, but the degree of reality that it recognizes and thus the values it upholds as means of our adaptation to the reality it can comprehend. This is the genius of nature: it is by definition esoteric, in that there are a range of right answers which deliver corresponding degrees of success, and although there are infinite failing ways of approaching a problem, there are rarely rigid boundaries in which one can operate.

In the case of modern society, getting to the root of the problem is thus the beginnings of a right answer, in that if we can come to consensus about the basic wrong direction of this society, and thus posit one in its place, we can begin working toward that change - independently - in everything we do. If every person known as wise to their peers described this column in their own interpretation tomorrow, there would be many right answers in motion, and while this would produce an approximate solution, it would be better than the current gridlock of ideas in our society which prevents it from ever changing from its path of least resistance (failure). (I can already see the doofus in the back row mouthing slowly "But how is failure a path of least resistance?" - those who fail congratulate themselves with "there was no other way" and thus decline to take the responsibility for success or failure into their own hands.) There are no easy answers in life, so what is discussed here won't take the form of passive activity like joining a party, voting for something, or buying a product.

One vector through which a society declines is bad breeding. This is twofold: first, it decays internally, and by nature of what it rewards, breeds people to be useless little kumquats who could not operate outside of a market economy - these people, by definition, are not vision people; they're profit people, and since they lack any form of long-term prediction ability, they will conspicuously consume every nature resource and vital aspect of the society in question, and replace it with places you can shop for entertainment. Second, it is destroyed through race-mixing; this is not a polemic against certain races, as I don't believe there are any "bad" races, but that each race is optimized for its own culture and rule, and thus that to mix two or more of them creates a population that has no culture and can only agree on the lowest common denominator, namely, earning money and spending it on plastic garbage. If you want to badmouth certain races, I suggest you consider that such dialogue is entirely extraneous to the question, which is fixing your society, not wasting energy on someone else's, even if only to critique it!

Well, race-mixing is certainly a sign of the decline, as is the fact that we're breeding people to exist on corporate jobs, television and potato chips, and consequently they're getting dumber every day, even if our politically-adjusted "IQ" measurement system does not directly reflect that. Of course it doesn't; you don't make clients by offending people, nor do you gain voters that way, so in any democratic liberal system a government and society exists which will busily market itself to its people and say whatever it thinks they want to hear, with zero consideration for the effects of this in the long-term, e.g. after the sale is made. This is in part because a democracy is an inherently bad idea; to try to get a crowd of people to agree on anything is difficult, and even harder if the issue isn't as obvious as a giant rubbery monster attacking Tokyo, which is destructive because almost no issues in life are that simple. It's no surprise that most societies fail by converting to democracy, becoming large market and trading centers, mixing their blood with other tribes and then losing all point of cultural reference, thus collapsing into giant kleptocracies where each individual takes all he can and no one is steering the ship. (Such is also the fate of America; it is already passing into the third world without much protest from its television-brainwashed citizenry.)

There are other signs of the decline which, if you think about them, are equally as important as the race issue in that they, too, spell doom for your people. No sane person would set up a campsite and begin pouring toxic waste in a circle around it, but that's roughly what we've done with our society. For each year of industrial society, the cancer rate has increased, but if you mention that, people consider you insane - what are you trying to do, take away our jobs and go back to the caveman era? OK, then. Dying of cancer isn't so terrible. However, what about the fact that we're eating up natural land to the point where not only species become extinct, but entire ecosystems are irretrievably lost? The brainwashed idiots will also debate that climate change is not a result of industry, pointing out that it could be also a natural cycle; anyone with half a brain will realize that, natural cycle or no, depleting ozone layers and filling your atmosphere with CO2 and industrial gasses will eventually have an effect. They don't mention this on TV, of course - they like to stick to "facts" from commercial outfits who, like television stations, have a vested interest in not upsetting the audience with reality, as that will decrease the amount of units sold. It's just too easy to say "well someone will think of it" and go back to 500 channels of cable and presumably, 500 variations of potato chips to match.

There's another important factor that almost no one mentions: the "existential-psychological" health of our citizens, which is roughly defined as how at peace they are with death, having found something to make life rewarding. Most answer this question with positive affirmations of their lifestyle, but these answers mean nothing, since they're unaware of anything outside of it, and are constantly told they're not depressed. Suicide rates rise, as do mysterious accidents where people end up dead, but those are by far the minority. The majority of people slog off to work and deal with the petty politics and power games one might expect in a democracy, which by putting all of its emphasis on the individual is necessarily dedicated to the pretense of the individual, and then come home and take it out on the family. Their jobs are tedious, and even more frustratingly, they deal with real fools who have power and demand token allegiance. This causes an image game to be played, and at this point, jobs take twice as long as they should and that time is spent on demeaning, submissive labor; people sublimate their rage and take it out however they can. What kind of sane society views widespread child abuse, road rage, vandalism, drug and alcohol abuse etc. as symptoms of insanity? Only one in which people are so depressed they get a charge out of looking down on others, and thus are blind to their own suffering.

Taking this a bit further, from the individual to the whole, um, you live in a shithole. The natural land that's still left is beautiful, but most of this has been converted into concrete or decimated by gardeners who slice up ecosystems and replace them with boring little plantings that only someone of a 97 IQ could love - hey, coincidentally, that's about the IQ of most corporate gardening staff. You drive down streets where, outside of a few ceremonial plantings, the entire visible landscape is concrete, and you are surrounded on both sides by stores, neon lights, and parking lots. Beautiful, isn't it? I'll bet the ancient Greeks would have built the Parthenon this way if only they had the wonderful invention of the car. The Taj Mahal would also be a sight better with some neon lights, a parking lot strewn with trash, and maybe a Wal-Mart right next to it. You spend most of your free time in your car, going places and doing fascinating things that, while they involve exciting "options" like which product to buy, end up taking up even more of your time with tasks that ultimately have zero bearing on your happiness. Because everyone is in this brain-dead mentality, no one notices that our cities are ugly, excepting the few sacrificial buildings made to look good for the cameras, and that our lives are spent serving the rest of our citizens in the abstract by doing bureaucratic or economic tasks. Remember, hunter-gatherers spent four hours a day and had the rest of that time to think and experience. They may not have had cars, but how do you think their psychology stacked up to ours? Pretty well, I'd say: they at least noticed their lives going by, and had something to look forward to besides specialty cable programming.

Even more disturbing is that your society does not accept critique of itself unless formatted in the narrow type which can be discussed as a democratic issue, meaning that every big concept gets splintered into millions of small ones which promptly lose any coherence through the election process, and thus nothing is done. Even more, you get billed for it (you also get billed for public schools which force-feed your students the notion that consumerism is good, that all races are equal, that democracy is the highest goal of humankind, and that dysfunctionality is OK-fine because dysfunctional people can work jobs, too!). People are depressed. They're depressed because they at some level realize they live in Garbage, Inc. but are unable to articulate why, or figure out what they'd change, and all around them there is a constant neurotic babble about how great everything is. Do you doubt that you have a controlled press when even the anti-war side talks about how great it is that "democracy" has come to Iraq? Most of you are too numb to even consider these issues, and, having been well-taught by television, group anyone who believes in environmentalism, racial uniqueness, or even things that radio waves and water-table pollution might be harmful, into the "nut file," and you feel slightly better about yourselves for being able to put someone down in that way. Signs of a healthy society? Only in the same way Kaposi's Sarcoma is a sign of sexual health!

Pointing out the illogicalities, and certain doom, of this society could go on indefinitely; it's like shooting fish in a barrel, or playing Monopoly against retards. It's failing and I ask those who deny that: What are you afraid of? Why are you shunning the obvious, unless you're so defective and underconfident that you "need to" believe in this society in order to keep your self-image above suicidal? They'll spend all day arguing against me, but in the end, it's they who "need" to convince and I who do not; I know what the eventual future of this mess is, even if I can't predict exactly when and how it fails, because I know that illogical systems that cannot change their own direction eventually run into brick walls, with the impact noise almost drowned out by the chorus of neurotic voices denying that there's a wall. There is a wall. Whether it is third-worlding through racial mixture, death through environmental holocaust, or simply a combination of depleted oil and gas supplies and a giant population of fetally retarded television addicts, the wall is waiting. It will not move, but we're moving. At it. If you grab a helmet, the rest will call you insane. There is one possibility of avoiding it, and it can be accomplished within our current ("democratic") system, but it requires that people wake up and focus on setting aside differences to grasp the truth.

America is an Indo-European country, because that is who founded it, set up its laws and infrastructure, and continues to the majority of people in it today. Fewer than 1% of these people owned slaves, or killed Indians, or any of those guilt-hangups that cause the television-fed to immediately panic and go into denial when the fact of America being an Indo-European country is mentioned. Babble on about guilt projections, and really they are just that, since their importance is far exaggerated from its actual historical place, if you want, but don't do it on my dime; I don't care what brick wall you hit. Similarly, if you're really concerned with empowering NAMBLA members and retarded Afro-Cuban avantgardists, and you consider that more important than saving society as a whole, stop reading here; you're obviously mentally defective yourself. But if you care about fixing the problem, read on, as it really isn't a complicated problem. However, to upset those of you who cannot pry the television, Bible or babbling egalitarian sentiment out of your head, I'll start with the racial issue.

Of course it makes sense for each race to isolate from all others, because without isolation, it is rapidly replaced by a mixed-race population and its culture is discarded. Witness what happened to ancient Greece, Rome and India when they became cosmopolitan centers: cultural consensus was lost, and thus there was no orientation point for future direction, and what replaced it was commerce. Culture died, and soon after it, the uniqueness of that people was lost, as there are more people out there of hybrid genetics than those who belong to the original tribes, each of which specialized over 10,000 generations into being something quite unique with different strengths and weaknesses than others. Most of you spend too much time crying over your televisions ("Roots," "Schindler's List") because it's easier than facing reality, and therefore feel more guilt than self-preservation, because you the individual "feel" better when you're giving something to someone else and thus, they need you, in your own nitwit mind. However, even historical sources directly opposed to any racial values agree on the historical origin of the races, and if you've got any mental health at all, you'll realize much in the same way we should preserve our environment simply because it is cool, the same is true of different races. Uniqueness rocks. Hybrids are run-of-the-mill. Yet I'm going to talk about an argument against racial pride here, which is this one, and it's a humdinger: "Why would you want to preserve a culture, when arguably you have none?"

The person wielding that argument has a valid criticism, but of course, a moronic conclusion; the topic of this essay is the need for an Indo-European cultural revival, but I have never believed in throwing up my hands and giving up on something that's worth saving just because culture is at a low point. Why is it at a low point? A number of factors, but primarily: it got replaced by something easier, and the majority of people felt it was more important. All of this occurred within the Indo-European races, although admixture in small degrees may have been a starting point, since people who are even a small bit of a different genetic framework are by the mathematics of genetics sizably different, usually in not-so-visible ways. The fact is that at some point, the larger mass of society decided that it wasn't getting enough of the pie, and it began to persecute and discriminate against its leaders. This first happened with populist religions from the middle east, who held that all souls were equal and tried to talk the more competent people into achieving the "greater" value of humility instead of simply being good at what they do. It got worse when the masses decided they wanted the ability to compete economically, too, even though they lack the leadership sense to do that without (surprise) destroying race, culture and environment as well as personal psyche. Finally, it became most absurd when they captured culture as well, as it allowed the neurotic mass of less capable people to brainwash the rest into accepting their tripe of a doctrine. The result: our leaders, who would never bow down to something as mundane as a job and a television set, have been mostly bred out of the population, or driven to insanity and suicide by the sheer unreality of it all, and our society stumbles out of control at full speed toward a brick wall.

This revolution within replaced culture and achievement, valuable things for anyone focused on reality, with a false reality that took precedence over actual physical reality, whether in the form of tokens (economics), addictions (drugs and spirituality) or simply, pacification (television and self-interest). Our culture was mostly destroyed. Christians burned books in Europe and slaughtered any leaders or free thinkers upon whom they could get their hands; liberals routinely desecrate historical objects or outright ban them in order to obscure the "offensive" knowledge of the past; corporations and profit-hungry individuals would dice up their own mother and package her if it meant retirement money and a new car. We have not been conquered by an enemy, but we have rotted from within. (The object of this essay is not to blame Christianity or Judaism, as they are not the root of this decline, and some forms of Christianity, at least, are less destructive than the mainstream religion. However, it's worth noting that criticizing either of these religions gets you blacklisted and exiled, so here's a hint: their role is less than benevolent, especially in the passive sense of, like television, brainwashing people into being so focused on their own "salvation" that they neglect education, acumen and real-world activity. If heroin came in book form...)

The only thing that can reverse our rot from within is to recreate our culture, which isn't hard, because it was founded on common sense as people of our genetic stock - those who descend from the breakaway human tribe that survived the arctic in isolation and, through selective breeding, raised its own capabilities during that time - and can easily be ascertained again, if anyone looks. The problem during the last few thousand years of history has been that no one is looking, since to look at truth means looking away from the fantasy-world of mob-empowered society. You can blame race, like the right-wing, or blame money, like the left-wing, but both of those have their root in a loss of culture in order to empower those who could not create civilization themselves, but wish to rule it. Democracy is your enemy. Egalitarianism is your enemy. So is socialism. All of these systems can only be restrained by strong cultural consensus, and that can only happen by agreeing in a general direction and promoting the smartest people of the best character in that direction, regardless of "popular approval." In fact, popular approval is also your enemy, since most people in this time are bred into stupidity, have no instincts worth a damn (couldn't survive a night in the forest alone), and are also inflated with lies and pleasant illusions from their televisions, preachers, Rabbis and local advertisers. Their "idea" of good is so broken that it's imperative they be ignored and shot if they don't take it. By nature, and by behavior, they're incompetent for rule; such is the nature of every democracy ever attempted.

There are no easy answers to the problems which we face. It's clear that society will not, on its own, reverse its direction, so action is called for, and not passive action. At this point, the time is not right to rally the troops and try to face the horde of morons head on; rather, what must be done is a conservative version of the 1960s "tune in, turn on, drop out" idea. First, those among us who still possess brains must tune in - to the words of the ancients, to whatever remnants of culture we can scrounge, but most importantly, to the idea of culture and learning (and not "government") being the only thing that can solve our problems in the first place. I guarantee you do not need your television, nor radio, nor newspapers, nor magazines. These are elements of illusion and control by your government. If you cannot spend a month without any television, you are part of the problem and not the solution.

Next, those among us who possess culture must no longer take a passive role in society. Gain importance in business, the arts, and social concerns, but do so only on your own terms, insofar as you have a choice. You will routinely be faced with questions which impact values, and you can make the right choices by simply upholding your own values. This doesn't mean that everything that crosses your desk should have "Christianity is a lie!" or "Racial separation now!" written on it, but that in every way you can without compromising yourself, you should enact your values. And, most importantly: exclusively favor others who think the same way. If two candidates cross your desk, and one is of your race and aware of the cultural imperative, pick that one over the other, unless it is grossly incompetent. If your are given a chance to make any kind of choice that effects this society, pick the option that reflects that. Be seen in public doing important things, and never let anyone see you watching television.

Further, where given a political choice, express it. Your vote is still secret, so feel no qualms about voting for even extremists candidates who express only one of the necessary solutions. Do not ever vote major party. If you voted in the last election, you got played, didn't you? Some of you were stupid and voted for G.W.; others were even stupiders, and voted for the other liar, and none of you came out ahead. It's the money, stupid. It controls both candidates and since there's no cultural value to oppose it, will control you, especially if you're dumb enough to buy into the propaganda and vote for one of the two major talking heads. Who cares if Nader was ineffective? A vote for him would fragment the mindlock of major parties. Most of you paid attention to your television, and to your moron friends who watch lots of television, and thus guessed this one wrong. Score: Society - 1, You: 0. Don't fuck it up like that next time, you tools.

Finally, stop sitting at home and kvetching - join cultural activities. You have either (a) a dominant ethnicity or (b) you're English-American, meaning built of a hybrid of Indo-European tribes. If (a), go join a cultural activity of that tribe: art, traditional dance or theatre, literature, and the like. If (b), or if (a) and seeking additional activities, don't be a passive sit-at-home. In every city, people gather to help clean up damage to nature and to restore environments - go to it! Oh, you whine, there's only hippies there. Shut up shut up shut - hippies are well-intentioned people who have been misled by their televisions. Go and enjoy them, but uphold your own values, without preaching; people learn from effective people, whether they'll admit it or not. Plenty of these people are nice, and really, they are working toward a solution as best they can, so view them as potential allies, even if they babble on about racist right-wing conspiracies and corporate world dominion - they're just brainwashed like you (LOL @ you) were during the last election. If you're "English," get involved with classical music, or poetry readings, or yoga classes, or tree-plantings - anything that doesn't affirm the product-based, television-oriented, crowd-empowerment lifestyle. Rise above!

There are no easy answers because there are many shades of the right answer, and each one will return some degree of success. There is, however, one large and obvious wrong, because it is based on illusion, and that's our current society. Revolutions replace illusion with a different flavor of the same, so those fail to oppose it; in fact, they give it strength, because the television-watchers kill anyone they see as rising above the crowd during revolutions. Only building a new culture can give us the consensus of values we need to appoint leaders and to say, "They will now achieve our cultural goal," because otherwise, there is no agreement on what the leaders must do, thus we try to micromanage it by having every idiot in the land vote every four years (after their four daily hours of television on average). It's not a quick fix but it's the only one that will actually work, because instead of blaming the parasites or symbols of our decline, it creates a direction to replace the decline because the decay originates in lack of direction, and thus illusion. It's not the work of an enemy, but a rot from within. Thus if we rebuild what is within, we will make the illusion obsolete. And unlike most solutions, that action addresses the actual root of the problem.

February 7, 2005