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One World/Archangel

If you find this human world quite empty, as many do, and see it as the death march that it is, as many do, then whatever part of you has not given up wants to fix these problems, and make something better. This is a natural response to error, but by the nature of time, you recognize quickly that you cannot look toward the problems of today, but that you must look toward creating something for tomorrow which lacks these problems. You must think not in terms of correcting, but redesigning, the world we have now.

Think of it in biological terms. A healthy body does not succumb to disease; it is only when weakened, or old, that it is carried off. Similarly, no society succumbs entirely to outside assault, even by whichever group of parasites seems most likely to do it this week (Masons, Jews, Scientologists, Democrats, Negroes). Our society had to first weaken itself from within before the seeds of collapse could be sowed; for this reason, it is clear that design errors exist. Other observable correlations support this idea.

What this means is that when we speak of change, we cannot speak of fixes to the existing order, but designing a new order; however, our pragmatic minds remind us that this can be done be re-arranging the parts which compose this whole, and orienting them around healthier ideas than those which created the failing design of our present society. We work toward a new order. No single fix or idea can represent this new order. It must represent itself as all things which are not illusion do: by being a body of values which address reality, and find a sensible way of adapting and harmonizing to it, in dramatic contrast to our collapsing civilization built on illusion.

World collapse has been visible for some centuries now, but only to those with the foresight to predict the paths people will take in the grips of its concepts. It is not the concept itself that can be analyzed, in the present tense, but its effects in the coming iterations of its idea, because ideas grow as villages become cities, with each new generation adding its own layer of interpretation and creation to a core concept. To most people, until now, these concepts have been things on paper or in speeches, but now we are seeing not only how they have developed, but what effects they have brought.

In the West, the native ethnic populations of Indo-Europeans are breeding themselves into dysfunction. Those who embrace a world of ten-hour workdays, credit cards and trying not to offend others are well-adapted to a modern society, and breed, but by their nature, these people are not leaders; they are not creators; they are not able to think on the level of the whole. Rather, they succeed because they think only in terms of what is immediately before them, and thus are blithely unconcerned with the apocalyptic nature of the course upon which the West has embarked. It is not that they do not care. They are unable to see what lies ahead, and thus cannot care.

The intelligent are driven mad by this situation, as are those who would make good leaders, and so they tend to suicide or become so socially unacceptable that they do not breed and thus, as part of our society, die out; there are fewer geniuses than, but more "brilliant" people who can do one task well without a thought for its holistic consequences, than ever before. Years of this has weakened our values, and replaced our cultures with television, popular music, movies and the kind of sage wisdom that is necessary to turn off one's mind and focus on making money. After many generations, this consequence has become obvious.

Finally, our industries begin to collapse, having for years made money off of an expanding population of capable people; through several bad breeding practices, these have been replaced with the less competent, and thus the free growth has ended. All the new jobs are for drones, and the opportunities that were once abundant are now concentrated into corporate monopolies that value allegiance more than ability. We have finally taken up the open land, killed off the free-ranging game, and polluted our seas and air to such a degree that we are prisoners in our own technological world. We require its filtered air and water, but even that can't keep out climate change and a lack of natural beauty.

Even worse, our lives are without meaning. There is no community consequence as to what is "good" except obedience to social regulation itself, and therefore there is no way to create something great and have it be praised, since no one recognizes it. There is only serving in schools, jobs, churches, government. As our lives lack any meaning other than comfort and wealth, we have nearly nothing to talk about. There are no heroic goals, except perhaps the creation of an order to replace this antiheroic one. Since we must keep up this happy illusion while denying our deepest-laid problems, we even censor our own thoughts, more effectively than a totalitarian government could.

There is a lack of hope, as well. Most people are drones, so if we develop something exceptional in ourselves, they will at least fail to recognize it, but more likely will detest us for it. Finding people with whom a thinking being could fall in love has become a Holy Grail, one for which most people substitute a compromise, and content themselves with manipulating this person until the inevitable divorce or murder. Changing the system, even for small fixes, requires getting a vast crowd of voters to agree, and that never happens, in the case of complex issues. Depression is so prevalent it has become sublimated, and we cover our vehicles and office cubicles with inspirational slogans.

Such is the face of our reality at this time. When we recognize these factors as a collection, it becomes apparent that our error is fundamental and far-reaching; it is deep within. We are lost. The only glimmer of spirit lies in taking that first precarious step and recognizing this problem, then resolving ourselves to do something about it. In this, we become more cheerful, as there is a thought that it will not always be this way. We even consider the problems that were once invisible to someday be commonplace recognitions of the failure of this time, so that in the future someone might say, "Back then, everyone was depressed because there was no meaning, nothing left to conquer, and we were all tied to one another by a need for self-validation through wealth."

If this writer could convey one thing to you, the reader, it would be to grasp this hope and never let go. Hope should not be passive; when this is called a hope, it is meant as a hope-through-action, or in other terms, a goal. Focus on the future and on what beauty it will bring. Concentrate on how this would be brought about. You feel better already -- ? This alone turns you away from the resignation and boredom of the present time. But here you must be careful.

The tendency in exhausted people is to look for a quick fix, or a single change that will somehow liberate this world. Some find egalitarianism; others find racialism; others find environmentalism, and still others, any number of even more granular issues that can be easily changed, but will offer no change to the whole. Something both more comprehensive, and less dramatic is needed: this new order will be based, as said, upon reality, in contrast to our time based on unreality. For this reason, it is as threatened by the unreality of a single-topic approach in change as it is by the unreality of a stagnant present.

(Words of an Archangel: What we can do now is to establish a comprehensive system of belief, and to work for our own power. Cheer your adversaries, as they make you stronger. Relish victory, but also struggle, and the affirmation of larger dreams. What kind of assertive person would be content with only a career? Higher, bigger, better, more powerful! You can have it all: sustenance, a family, success and a future society that is not so broken. Leave behind your depression and the world opens before you.

It is an eternal truth eternally forgotten that life is basically good, and nothing is yet lost; we are on the downward swing of many centuries of error, but it is better to reign in Hell, than to content oneself with Heaven - a fractured, wrecked, poisoned, and sickening vision that is obviously a fraud to the thinker, but a paradise to the whore and idiot. The signs of ruin are written on the wall; the prophet weeps blood and ocean water; the howls from the forest penetrate even the most solid skyscraper. We are the future. We are victory. If we can concentrate our thoughts, find solutions and then begin applying them, we will build a better system.

There are no Utopias. One would not want them! Nor is there freedom from war, from suffering, from death and from struggle - similarly, we would not want them! What we wish is a chance for greatness, not in the sense of being on Heaven's television network, but in our own hearts and minds, doing what we know to be real, and in sacrifice. Our lives originated in nature, and to natural death we go. All that can give us enjoyment is found in doing what is not "right" in a moral sense, but what is "right" in a natural sense - continuing growth, heroic acts, endless forests, untouched wilderness. This is what our spirits claim!

For now, there is depression enough to cheer a Priest, but to be assertive is to cast off this final slavery, and to attack the world's challenge with all of your might! Poets, write! Musicians, create! You cannot both settle for something mediocre and have enjoyment of life. You must stretch beyond what you know to be yourself, you must exceed what you expect, casting aside the doubt that reigns happily over a humble, resigned and mentally helpless population. We each are the transcendence of that, and a victory for nature in doing so. Cast out from a Heaven of ill creation, we recognize its error, and we cannot - will not - go back; ours is the way of the lonely path.

While some look to the Absolute for a sign, and for approval of their deeds, the independent spirit knows the individual is transitory, as is the universal. There is no determination of life except life itself. All else is error and illusion. Thinking machines like humans become trapped in our own heads, and from this error arises, so we abandon heroism. The opposite is what we should do: we must embrace the world in all of its ugly and beautiful detail. All that we create is ours. Illusion is dying and the world is renewed for us to conquer. Destruction is creation.)

We must convert all of our present ideas, and all of our desires for the coming years, into a single hopeful vision of future. That which exists now can be organized so that its destructive elements are deprecated, and its other elements re-arranged around realistic, idealistic concepts. Those things which hit our personal fear and anger buttons, whether of a political or social nature, must come second to the task of designing a sensible order for the whole. There is one world, and we all live in it; we can create only one order for ourselves, and by doing so, remove our negative influence on this world. The rehabilitation of the West depends on this type of change, and from this renewal can come future creation without the errors that now restrict us.

This alone can be our mantra. There is one reality, and one world - one chance for us to get it right. All that adapts to this world, and recognizes it, and works with what we have is good; all else is error. That which deals in illusion, or singular focus toward unrealistic "idealism" that promises great things but makes us empty inside, is an artifact of the present time and not a direction toward the future. Action is needed, yet it cannot take the same form as our past. Although this seems like more work to accept, it is liberation from the illusion that fogs our brains, and represents a future by which we can as one be healthy again.