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"Why so hard!"- said to the diamond one day the charcoal; "are we then not near relatives?"- Why so soft? O my brothers; thus do I ask you: are you then not- my brothers? Why so soft, so submissive and yielding? Why is there so much negation and abnegation in your hearts? Why is there so little fate in your looks? And if you will not be fates and inexorable ones, how can you one day- conquer with me? And if your hardness will not glance and cut and chip to pieces, how can you one day- create with me? For the creators are hard. And blessed must it seem to you to press your hand upon millenniums as upon wax,- -Blessed to write upon the will of millenniums as upon brass,- harder than brass, nobler than brass. Entirely hard is only the noblest. This new table, O my brothers, put I up over you: Become hard!-

- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, "On Old and New Tablets" 29

In Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche compares people to diamonds and kitchen coal; he called for us as individuals to become sharp like diamonds, to cut and be beautiful. There were several things that he mentioned in this instance that did not work in my eyes. He was saying that the coal should become diamonds, that we should all become overmen; it is true that we should all be trying to become diamonds, but we must realize that there will always be the people that will act as the coal in society until we are technologically advanced to the point where we no longer require a lower class of laborers in order for society to function. We could not set our geniuses to digging graves or cleaning elementary school floors; those that cannot become diamonds must realize their place as coal in society, it is their job to keep the house warm, while diamonds may not be nearly as useful in the immediate sense of survival; they cut beyond all else, they are stunning and beautiful, they are incredibly valuable beyond just their rarity. How could any lover of beauty heat his home with diamonds (assuming that for the sake of the analogy it is possible)? There are some that would choose to risk freezing before doing such a thing.

So what does that mean to me? You ask, well the answer is obvious, you do your best to become a diamond (not in the sense of what the modern world sees as diamonds (rich, popular, etc.)), and if you fail you must then accept your place in life as coal, as a laborer that can and will be expended when necessary, to become more is to hurt the system with your inability. This is the true way to help the world, to find your own place and do your best to fit to the most desirable job for your abilities. There shall be three social classes, not divided by money but ability and what is expected of you in your community (the job that you are placed into); there will be the nobility, who will act as scholars, scientists, philosophers, politicians, etc.; there will be the workers who do the basic labor, this shall be the normal class of anyone who does not have a job of very noticeable significance; then there are the parasites, a beautiful society shall shun parasites, they will be cast out to die in the cold since they could not survive without feeding off of the strength of others, but they cannot just be killed, they shall be given their chance to prove themselves in survival; their challenges may be far harder than those who make better choices in their early life but if they truly are fit for a beautiful society than this experience will reform them.

These solutions are to be found from many sources, but Satanism is wrong in many respects that Hessians and Nihilists tend to miss, they assume that all instincts are holy and shall lead us into the world of overmen; they are wrong about this. Our instincts, like our morals of olde, are not fit for a modern technological society. The true moral that our society should be based upon is to hold all other morals loosely, re-analyze your ideals and what they mean to the world constantly; this is the only way that we can truly apply them effectively. Our instincts are responsible for leading us to pity and morality; these things come from our core to help our species survive by relying on one another. We are no longer in need of the survival instincts for the wild, morality must be replaced by logic but ideals that are rampant in such things as Christianity causes us to stray from this with their instinctual ideas of what is holy, the difference is that when our ideas of holiness are written and established officially then it becomes that which is supposed to be true in all respects, we can no longer adapt our morals like the religious beliefs of the ancient pagans; they are stuck because the holiness no longer resides in what we as individuals see as beauty but what the ancient Christians have written as beauty.

Cast away all that you have been taught away, let your mind be the universe, let nihilism clear the slate of your consciousness until it is simply black and empty. Now you know what is real, if you cannot judge nor think then you are enlightened to what is completely true; from here you must re-evaluate what life means to you and how you must manage your priorities to reach your goals; it is likely that you will come to the same logical conclusions as the other nihilists that frequent these such sites as Anus. We are the ones who are truly wise as to what must happen; THE Revolution, the great mental change that shall make us see life in a totally different light; that of truth, that of nothingness and what can be done to bring our true organic visions of holiness, not what those above you have claimed to be holy.

In our new world we will cast away entertainment and luxury and replace it with art, culture, and education. We can no longer come home after ten hours of work to plop onto the couch and turn on the zombie tube. This will not be a rule forced by the government. A key to maintaining a productive people without crossing the line into a mechanical oppression, is to keep our freedoms, but to cast these things out of society based on a cultural ideal. When we come into power, a new breed of philosophers will rise up, screaming for the people to cast parasitic filth from their lives, it will be the responsibility of the individual on a local level and the collective whole on a planetary basis. Society will shun those that live in decay (entertainment and luxury), clinging onto the feet of the overman, desperately trying to convince you to slow your pace so that he might maintain his grip! Together as a people we will rise above, not being forced by our government or else we will cry of oppression. We cannot oppress ourselves, only build upon our body and mind with an iron will towards success in this Earthly life (the only life that we are guaranteed).

There is little more to say; the Great Mental Revolution will be the point when everyone begins to understand the nature of reality, hopefully a good number of idiots will turn to the route of fatalism and take their own lives so that the overpopulation is fixed (slightly) and evolution can still play its part. But when we all see what must be done and that there will be no consequences apart from what happens in this physical, three-dimensional realm, we can begin to look at logical solutions. Nihilism must become a more outspoken philosophy; it appears to be the only one that holds any truth in a universe governed by the laws of reality. The solution lies not in overthrowing the government and controlling the people; that cannot be permanent without the support and understanding of those that you are governing. This must be a revolution for humanity; the government will just adapt itself to a changing population. The solution lies in the spread of this philosophy.

September 26, 2006

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