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Zionism - the mere mention of this word drives people crazy. Jews who consistently claim it's a way of "protecting themselves against nazi violence", nationalists who condemn it as being racist, and common people who say there is no Zionism - that's something the neo-nazis is making up to gain votes in right-extremist parties!

Whatever your view is on Zionism, one thing is for sure: unmistakably some sort of misunderstanding is going on. There are right now lots of groups and organizations in this world, that every day try to use Zionism as a means to a political end, whether it is selfish or not. Common people recognize the Jewish lobby organizations, but as these are entangled into state affairs, they become a decentralised way for the top elite to yet again rule by hidden messages such as "We must remember the Holocaust, so here's another monument that we built" or "Jews all over the world are being threatened and attacked by vicious extremists - this must stop (vote for us)!"

As one can guess, all of these statements and actions create confusion and debate in public, as well as private, media and many people are starting to wonder: What is up with the Jews? What is Zionism? How many Nazis are trying to take over our country? An immediate answer to this is: nationalism. Put in simple terms, Zionism is nationalism for Jews. This means that Zionism serves to act in the best interest of Jews values, Jewish culture and the Jewish people (I here use the term 'people' instead of race, as large segments of the Jews today are mixed. The ancient Hebrews, from which the Jewish people originate from, were of Oriental/Arabian subrace to the Mediterranean race).

In that sense, Zionism in its core is positive, as it affirms and wishes to preserve the culture and unique genetic traits of a people. So, why is there such a large controversy going on around the world, when the word Zionism is mentioned? First of all, the Jewish people are today a very fragmented group. They have settled down in different parts of the world and in many places gained high political positions. As such, the Jews in the multicultural world today, at distant, face an eventual genetic extinction, if they do not recollect their people, settle down in a common area, and begin to create a nation of their own.

For very long, Israel has been regarded as the place for this. Constantly engaging in civil wars with the Palestine Muslims, peace seems as distant as any other long-term solution to large and complicated issues. Many think the problem never will be solved. This may, or may not, be true, but the focus on this article is not on Israel, but on Europe. Today, nationalists, both democratic and national socialist, rage against Israel as a legitimate state, and Jews in general. While sympathy is shed for the Palestines who have to deal with constant terror and violence executed by the Israelis, Jews are portrayed as the scapegoat of many internal problems in the European countries.

What we can expect from this, is of course conflicts, but the question one immediately comes to think of is: why, do European nationalists even care about the conflicts that go on in Israel? From a nationalist view, it should not be of their business to take a stand whether Israel belongs to the Palestines or the Israelis. So why do European nationalists actively engage in debate, news discussions etc about the subject of Israel?

The answer to this is of course: it's about the Jews. Right now, there is an enormous political industry building up around Jews and their mischief with the German national socialists, including Germans that are not NS. With this, I mean that Jews have globally started to grow hate against nationalism of other people, and nationalism for Germanic people in specific. By reaching out to leftwing parties and both directly as well as indirectly, forcing them to start up 'Holocaust projects', publishing 'anti-anti-Semitism' books, holding 'WW2 lectures' and setting up 'Holocaust statues' and other forms of "history memorabilia", money is rolling in to the Jews, while the nationalists in each nation feel that resources are taken away from healing the damages caused by modern multicultural society, and instead put on a group of people that do not even belong in their nation in the first place.

So far, we find the nationalists to act in good manner: they point out that Jews do not belong in European countries, and that they need to move out. So, what is the problem? The problem at large, is that, while Jews have integrated themselves at many times top positions within mass- and news media, multicultural centres and political instances, they have also made sure that 'anti-Semitism' is forbidden, which today has become an excuse for something much larger. In the crusade against all forms of nationalism (except Zionism, of course, which is only meant to "protect Jews against racism"), the Jews seem to forget the fact that they are hunting down the very same thing which they for their own people actively are supporting: nationalism.

At the other end, the European nationalists are growing angrier, not only because Jews are demonizing national socialism and WW2 history (and as all serious nationalists know, Adolf Hitler's NS was simply an extremely pragmatic form of nationalism, hence why most European nationalists are more or less NS-friendly), but also because they refuse European nationalism to continue. This causes frustration within the nationalist camps, and the end result comes out as any form of criticism against Jews when possible, while that criticism translates into 'anti-Semitism' in the democratic massmedia, reinforcing the public belief that "neonazis are taking over our country".

The criticism against Jews grows larger and becomes one of the main positions within European nationalism. This means a total rejection of Israel as a legitimate state. This means judgements made upon Judaism as religion and why it is negative. This means support for all individuals who dear to oppose the official version of the Holocaust, including support for the current Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And this also, by default it seems, means support for White Nationalist groups, who practice a "multicultural" form of "nationalism"; interbreeding of white races.

This has today gone so far, that most European nationalist groups and organizations almost entirely focus on Jews, Jewish lobby groups and the conflicts in Israel. While doing this, they automatically forget the reason to why they are to call themselves nationalists in the first place: their countries are a mess, screwed up and down by modern society, and one of the ways to solve multiculturalism, is to immediately reintroduce healthy nationalism. On the way, while chasing Jews and Zionists, the European nationalists, just like the White Nationalists, forget their main goal and instead start to hunt down the wrong people.

Today one can overlook the result of this witch-hunt: European nationalists deny Zionism, while Zionists in turn deny European nationalism, especially national socialism. Further, the Democratic parties use this situation cleverly. Firstly they help Jews build up Holocaust centres etc, which grants them a first page in the largest news papers, where they smile and go "My party fights racism and anti-Semitism, the Jews are on MY side". Votes gained. Secondly they team up with Jewish lobby groups in order to strengthen multicultural propaganda. Power gained. Thirdly, they reinforce people's fear of nationalists and national socialists. Lies gained.

How funny isn't that, when taken into holistic context: both are still different forms of the same thing. All European nationalists that right now are cursing Zionism, ask yourselves this simple question: if you had the power, what would you do to solve the 'Jewish problem'? Gas them? Would take too long and there's too many of them, some have even interbred with people of your race. Chase them away? Where to? Israel obviously is not the place, and Europe most definitely is not, so where to?

It quickly becomes obvious that the only sensible solution, for all people on this planet, is to become nationalist, including Jews. Jews have become a despised people, because they have throughout history through the Jewish notion of pity, managed to gain growing political power, only to hunt down other nationalists and open up countries for mass immigration. Today both Europeans and Jews can witness the massive effects of this: declining cultures, growing violence, growing racial hatred between people and unbelievable damages made to irreparable ecosystems. The solution to this is surely not MORE hate, MORE confusion, and MORE multiculturalism - even in the form of White Nationalism or worse.

When European nationalists claim that Jews have taken over the massmedia, this is partly true. In many countries the Jews have gained such a strong political power, that it nowadays can't be disguised. Jews, of course, claim they don't, but facts show us otherwise. But again, the main problem is not found, neither by Jews nor European nationalists. Massmedia itself is an issue, as it serves to destroy actual culture, whether it is Jewish or European. Really, not even the most naive of European nationalists can seriously believe that a "Danish massmedia", "British massmedia" or "French massmedia", would be better than a "Jewish Massmedia"? It's time to grow up and face the truth: the massmedia is a direct product of the democratic state, and if people think that morons spending their lives by the TV will get any smarter by watching "European" McDonalds commercials or digging "European" hit songs by the latest pop artist, they are misinformed and deluded.

To put it simple: the problem is not Jewish massmedia (even if it spreads multicultural dreams through TVs every day). The real problem is that Zionism, and pro-Jewish groups in general, is proclaimed, supported and maintained in the wrong nations. Zionism does not belong in Denmark, does not belong in Sweden, and most definitely does not belong in the United States of America. Zionism belongs to the Jews, in a Jewish nation. Whether that is Israel or not, is not something this writer is willing to take a stand for, as he's not Jewish himself, although he fully recognizes the destructive path Zionism has taken in European countries.

The only sensible solution for both parts, is global nationalism. Jews need to let go off European nationalists and seriously start to care for its people. Zionism needs to become nationalist and not racist, as it has become today. Chasing old NS generals in Germany, setting up Holocaust statues and giving out pamphlets on anti-Semitism, will never save the Jews from their eventual racial extinction, for the very multicultural dream they actively support, will one day become their eventual death. As such, most Jews and Zionists are as misguided as the common White Nationalist fool. Hate, in this case, will get us nowhere. Multiculturalism is a disease that will normalize everything in its way, for the benefit of greedy companies, that only see cash, but are blind to what once made ancient civilizations so great.

Jews need to stop hating other people, and instead focus on loving its people. European nationalists need to stop hating Jews, and work for the total benefit of its own people. Zionism needs to become nationalist and focus only on the issue on how to preserve the Jewish people and where the Jewish groups can settle down and again build up their culture around more sane and healthy values. And for those of you, who still feel that Jewish nationalism is wrong, I ask you: what made you become a nationalist? The recognition of your people and your culture being unique, or the realization that you are not the only people on this planet, and that richness in difference is what finally matters, and make this world a better place to live in?

June 28, 2006

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